“Break Up With Yourself” by Rish Mitra

“Break Up with Yourself” by Rish Mitra is a must-read personal guide, written for men to help them “un-mask” and “un-become” who society directs them to be. It is especially helpful for survivors of abuse and trauma. … More “Break Up With Yourself” by Rish Mitra

“The Multitude of Personalities Made Simple” by A.A. Hadi White

“The Multitude of Personalities Made Simple” by A.A.Hadi White is a revolutionary new approach to correctly categorize personality attributes with time-tested religious resources as the defining backbone. This book is not the birth date-based astrological sign personality chart of the past, but a precise technique that measures multiple factors and combinations to define a person’s true self. The author created eight factors to determine the foundation of a person’s personality. Each of these eight factors has positive and negative traits and other intricate defining elements. … More “The Multitude of Personalities Made Simple” by A.A. Hadi White

“LingerLust” by Matt Smart

LingerLust Matt SmartIndependently Published (2022)ISBN: 979-8766289203Reviewed by Megan Weiss for Reader Views (2/2/2023) “LingerLust” by Matt Smart is a witty read filled with time traveling, futuristic technology, immortality serums and dubious governmental agendas and agencies. Charlie Anderson stepped into the office one normal day in 2019, but instead of going about his normal workday, he … More “LingerLust” by Matt Smart

“The Kylie Android” by Michael J. Metroke

“The mid-day heat of the Australian Outback desert scrubland did little to distract the two Arrernte hunters from tracking a kangaroo mob. Crouching in a dry creek bed, they searched the ground for signs of their nearby prey… ‘The bloody weaver birds must’ve decorated this mulga,’ Alawa said. ‘But where did they find all this metal?’ The answer to Alawa’s question laid a short distance from the acacia. Pointing to a badly damaged humanlike head and its detached torso, an alarmed Waru said, ‘Something very bad has happened here.’” – The Kylie Android … More “The Kylie Android” by Michael J. Metroke

“Blue Fire” by Raymond J. Mikelionis

Blue Fire is an interesting and compelling novel by Raymond Mikelionis. As the author states in his introduction, this story is a “journey” for the main character, Jon Cameron. It is definitely that, a story that is full of loss and learning about oneself. It is a bit confusing at times and must be read all the way through in order for the reader to understand what this man is going through, but the tale, at least in my opinion, is riveting as Jon attempts to find himself. … More “Blue Fire” by Raymond J. Mikelionis

“Black Heart Words & Poems” by Nikki Rawnsley

“Black Heart Words and Poems” is a collection of forty-two poems by marketing business leader and prolific writer, Nikki Rawnsley. It is the first volume in Rawnsley’s anthology series. This bittersweet yet beautifully woven collection explores themes of love (in all its shapes and forms), desire, heartbreak, solitude, and nature. … More “Black Heart Words & Poems” by Nikki Rawnsley

“Verelyn the Dastardly” by Brandon Baltes

“Verelyn the Dastardly” by Brandon Baltes is an epic battle in a fantasy world of good versus evil that takes place between The Risen and The Fallen of death. The story begins with Casimir having a drunken nightmare. In this vision, an intense battle rages between a grotesque one-eyed creature and Verelyn as he slays the beast while wielding lightning bolts as spears. Upon awakening, Casimir finds himself deep within the caverns of Elixer’s Touch. Unable to recall how he arrived in such a predicament, Casimir shares details of his dream with Verelyn. Verelyn is destined to become Lord of the Fallen and requires the assistance of an apprentice, therefore, hiring Casimir. Casimir learns how to use mystors to build strength, speed, stamina, and how to fight. … More “Verelyn the Dastardly” by Brandon Baltes

“Einstein in the Attic” by Dana Dargos and Said Al Bizri

Einstein in the Attic is a novel that tackles the long-written question of evolution in terms of the age-old argument between religion and science. I began reading with the expectation that the topic had been overdone and, therefore, it would be the same-old-thing. Boy, was I wrong! This debut novel is absolutely wonderful and well worth reading as the question is tackled in a completely new and mesmerizing way. … More “Einstein in the Attic” by Dana Dargos and Said Al Bizri

“Mission Possible: How to Graduate from College Debt-Free” by Dr. Juan Phillip Chisholm

In Mission Possible: How to Graduate from College Debt-Free, Dr. Chisholm is able to share with his readers some excellent ideas on how to obtain their college education without having to take out numerous loans that they will then have to pay back after graduation. He shares his own personal story, using much-needed guidelines and tips for any student and their family about to embark on a college journey. … More “Mission Possible: How to Graduate from College Debt-Free” by Dr. Juan Phillip Chisholm

“Not Your Job” by Pierce Brantley

If a company employee sees a book with a title, “Not Your Job,” they may think, ‘Finally! Something I can use to get out of my boss’ quiet hiring strategy!’ But that’s not what this book is about. And, actually, “Not Your Job: Discover the Surprising Way to Save Time, Avoid Burnout and Do What you Love Forever” by Pierce Brantley is a book specifically written for entrepreneurs, business owners, and business managers. This book tackles the issue of such people taking on more work than they should, losing valuable time they should be spending on more important tasks, and suffering burnout from stretching themselves too thin. This book gives a solution to all that, by offering advice about delegating tasks to employees and making sure they actually do the job they have been entrusted with.

I do not have any experience as a manager, but I am the “owner” of my own home-based business. I have had the experience of delegating tasks to other people who claimed to be the right person for the job. Sadly, there were cases in which they were not, and there were either delays because of this or the final product was not as good as it should have been. If you’re going to delegate tasks to individuals, you have to make sure they are the right person for the job. And not only must you ensure they are the right person for the job, but you must also ensure they will actually do the same kind of work you would do yourself. … More “Not Your Job” by Pierce Brantley