“How My Brain Works” by Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin

Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin has provided a book for us lay-people to read, understand, and process the magnitude that our mental and emotional wellbeing plays with each other. People are familiar with cognitive tests such as MRI, EKG, etc, but do they know that those results are only one aspect of the human brain that should be studied and taken seriously? – probably not. Dr. Koltuska-Haskin has outlined the concept of Neuropsychology and neuropsychological evaluations for the many people who aren’t aware or familiar with this topic. … More “How My Brain Works” by Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin

“Stretching Your Way to a Pain-Free Life” by Aaron Taylor

…as I sit here now—foot up on a pillow, looking at the bruises that came from breaking three bones—and feeling beyond annoyed that no machine, cane, crutch, or anything else helps me simply walk to the next room; I saw this title, opened the cover, eyed the easy-to follow pictures, and NOW I can’t wait until this foot is better so I can throw myself into all of these stretches instead of just the ones for the body’s upper half. … More “Stretching Your Way to a Pain-Free Life” by Aaron Taylor

“Learning to Dance in the Rain II” by Shelby Wagner

Shelby Wagner opens the door to her life. Everything from the tragic to the happy moments are unveiled to readers as she puts together a book that is, quite literally, a self-help guide. This guide is something a great many people need, especially when it comes to dealing with the confusing social media world loaded with dishonest romantic partners who prey on the bereaved and lonely. … More “Learning to Dance in the Rain II” by Shelby Wagner

“Edu-Chameleon” by Lili-Ann Kriegler

Author Lili-Ann Kriegler does not do things halfway, whether it be her love of golf or passion for education. Using the foundations of other scholarly work, she has created a model for play using seven learning zones. Targeting early educators and administrators alike she provides readers an in-depth immersion into structuring play for learning. … More “Edu-Chameleon” by Lili-Ann Kriegler

“Healthcare Heroes” by Mary Choy, Michele B. Kaufman

“Healthcare Heroes: The Medical Careers Guide,” covers information about 28 different careers in the medical profession. These positions require education ranging from certifications to doctoral degrees. Each career is featured in its own chapter with contributions made by an expert in that field. … More “Healthcare Heroes” by Mary Choy, Michele B. Kaufman

“What is Consciousness?” by Vipin Gupta

Vipin Gupta’s “What Is Consciousness? The Factor Creating the Law of Limitation” is a unique, introspective analysis of the nature of the human mind and our ability to perceive the world around us, make decisions and engage in critical thinking, and, overall, an investigation into what truly makes us ‘aware.’  In essence, how do humans use their conscious minds and thoughts to fill the “void” that is our futures, while all the while unknowingly limiting ourselves and prospects in the process. … More “What is Consciousness?” by Vipin Gupta