“Mission Possible: How to Graduate from College Debt-Free” by Dr. Juan Phillip Chisholm

In Mission Possible: How to Graduate from College Debt-Free, Dr. Chisholm is able to share with his readers some excellent ideas on how to obtain their college education without having to take out numerous loans that they will then have to pay back after graduation. He shares his own personal story, using much-needed guidelines and tips for any student and their family about to embark on a college journey. … More “Mission Possible: How to Graduate from College Debt-Free” by Dr. Juan Phillip Chisholm

“Delaware Before the Railroads” by David L. Tabler

“Delaware Before the Railroads” takes the reader on a stroll through nearly two centuries of Delaware history, visiting key moments in time from 1638 to the arrival of the railroad system in 1832.

Author David L. Tabler celebrates Delaware’s glorious history through a handsomely rich pageant of photographs and informative text. The book’s chapters are arranged chronologically following the Swedish settlement to the establishment of the state’s first free public school. Highlights include the area settlement, commerce and trade routes, industry expansion, construction of places of worship and courthouses, the foundation of banking systems, and the opening of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canals. … More “Delaware Before the Railroads” by David L. Tabler

“#MINDSET: A Research-Based Approach to Understanding Motivation” by Mary Kovach

Have you ever wondered why you have such great confidence in achieving certain goals or succeeding in certain situation in your life, yet in others, they seem so unattainable or out of your control? If so, Dr. Mary Kovach’s “#MINDSET” can give you the answer you are searching for. … More “#MINDSET: A Research-Based Approach to Understanding Motivation” by Mary Kovach

“Sell Yourself” by Dr. Cindy McGovern

“Sell Yourself: How to Create, Live, and Sell a Powerful Personal Brand” is an iconic and impactful strategy text written by best-selling author Dr. Cindy Mc. Govern. Here, the author fashions out practical skills of attaining a personal brand, developing it, and championing it into a reality. Dr. Cindy begins by defining a personal brand and guides readers through a fresh approach to amplify one’s brand through life choices, applying professional skills, and building a powerful reputation and, in turn making better sales and bagging more profit in business. … More “Sell Yourself” by Dr. Cindy McGovern

“Biomechanics of Your Body” by Tracy L. Markley

Tracy L. Markley has written and received awards for many books of her books centering on health and the human body; much of her background and education revolves around fitness education with a mile-long resume to serve as her credentials. With a clear passion for the field of physical fitness, “Biomechanics of Your Body: A Simplified Way to Learn Human Movement and Muscles” reads similar to a textbook (but much more interesting!), with the facts, science, and helpful diagrams displayed alongside advice and suggestions given by the author to ensure proper form and safety are followed, to prevent harm to the individual. The information covers nearly every part of the inner workings of the human body, mainly separated into two main categories of skeletal bones and muscles, but branching into specific areas, such as where the muscles are located (i.e., abdominal, upper body, spine, back, hips, legs, etc.).

So the reader isn’t left in the dark, confused, and wondering what various terms mean, helpful definitions are provided that cover slightly more than two pages. Following the definitions are some movement illustrations with detailed instructions on how to perform the movement and the muscles that are activated while doing each one to learn their importance and relevance to either your specific and targeted health goals or your goals overall for general physical health (that *bonus* can improve mental and emotional health as well!). … More “Biomechanics of Your Body” by Tracy L. Markley

“How My Brain Works” by Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin

Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin has provided a book for us lay-people to read, understand, and process the magnitude that our mental and emotional wellbeing plays with each other. People are familiar with cognitive tests such as MRI, EKG, etc, but do they know that those results are only one aspect of the human brain that should be studied and taken seriously? – probably not. Dr. Koltuska-Haskin has outlined the concept of Neuropsychology and neuropsychological evaluations for the many people who aren’t aware or familiar with this topic. … More “How My Brain Works” by Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin

“Stretching Your Way to a Pain-Free Life” by Aaron Taylor

…as I sit here now—foot up on a pillow, looking at the bruises that came from breaking three bones—and feeling beyond annoyed that no machine, cane, crutch, or anything else helps me simply walk to the next room; I saw this title, opened the cover, eyed the easy-to follow pictures, and NOW I can’t wait until this foot is better so I can throw myself into all of these stretches instead of just the ones for the body’s upper half. … More “Stretching Your Way to a Pain-Free Life” by Aaron Taylor