The Causality Loop by Wendy Nikel

“The Causality Loop: A Place in Time” by Wendy Nikel is a delightful story in a small book, the fourth in the series. Leaping over centuries to save his family, Dodge Greenley is a young man on a mission, and breaking the rules is just part of his day.

Quest of the Staff and the Sword by T.K. Kohl

“Quest of the Staff and the Sword” is an epic fantasy adventure by T.K. Kohl. While relaxing at home with his wife, world-renowned archaeologist Dr. Henry Jedidiah answers the phone to his good friend Mike Gideon, who hurriedly requests he take an important trip to the country of Peru. Dr. Jedidiah and his wife are well-respected around the globe as experts on ancient artifacts.

“Rise of Serpents” by B.A. Vonsik RISE OF SERPENTSB.A. VonsikCelestial Fury Publishing (2019)ISBN 9780578220031Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (1/2020) “Rise of Serpents,” by B.A. Vonsik, begins in the future, where some humans have incorporated technology into their bodies making them transhuman. This gives them higher levels of strength and special capabilities. While transhumans have evolved physically, many of... Continue Reading →

“The God Child” by Stuart Rawlings

THE GOD CHILDStuart RawlingsSierra Dreams Press (2019)ISBN 9781792306969Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/19) “The God Child,” by Stuart Rawlings brings historically famous people back to life in the present time to deal with the serious issues that we are facing today. Each person involved (Eleanor Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Adolf Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, William... Continue Reading →

“Below the Moon” by Alexis Marie Chute

BELOW THE MOONAlexis Marie ChuteSparkPress (2019)ISBN 9781684630042Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (10/19) “Below the Moon” is the second book in The 8th Island Trilogy, by Alexis Marie Chute, following on the heels of “Above the Star.” Picking up where the first book left off, the author takes us back to the island of... Continue Reading →

“The Enchanters’ Child” by Navya Sarikonda

THE ENCHANTERS’ CHILDNavya SarikondaIndependently Published (2018)ISBN 9780998025612Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader View (10/19) “The Enchanters’ Child” by Navya Sarikonda is the story of three unlikely partners as they venture on a common quest to defeat the Sorcerer. Each of the main characters have had their lives affected by this mastermind, and with multiple deaths... Continue Reading →

“The Last Seer King” by S.J. Hartland

THE LAST SEER KINGS.J. HartlandDark Blade Publishing (2019)ISBN 9780648437239Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (8/19) “The Last Seer King” is the second book in the Shadow Sword series, an epic fantasy saga by S.J. Hartland. Having read the first book, “The 19th Bladesman,” earlier this year, I was thrilled to continue this journey. “The... Continue Reading →

“A Foreign Shore: The Company of Women” by Forrest Johnson

A FOREIGN SHORE: THE COMPANY OF WOMEN Forrest JohnsonIndependently Published (2019)ISBN 9781095816943 Reviewed by Adrienne Johnston for Reader Views (07/19) “A Foreign Shore: The Company of Women” by Forrest Johnson opens with Raeesha, a warrior woman leading a company of other warrior women.  The action begins almost immediately with a raid on the camp Raeesha... Continue Reading →

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