“Winterset Hollow” by Jonathan Edward Durham

“Winterset Hollow” is like “Alice in Wonderland” meets “Cabin in the Woods.” On one hand, our main characters are achieving the dream of a lifetime by not only traveling to Addington Isle, but learning that the characters of their favorite book are, in fact, frighteningly, fantastically alive and real. On the other, they are not the sweet, innocent group that the book portrays them to be. … More “Winterset Hollow” by Jonathan Edward Durham

“Twilight’s Fall” by J. Steven Lamperti

“Twilight’s Fall” was quite an exciting, fast-paced adventure. The characters of King Twilight, Corentin, Blaine and Aela blended well together, and their banter and companionship was believable and enheartening. I thought the addition of Aela as a strong, young female presence served the story well, by showing that no matter what our backgrounds or gender, each of us has the power to make a difference in our own “kingdoms”. … More “Twilight’s Fall” by J. Steven Lamperti

“Chambers of the Heart: Speculative Stories” by B. Morris Allen

Although this heartfelt collection is categorized as “speculative” or abstract fiction, I have to say the author has hit every emotion and done so in such a unique way that I felt as if some stories were pure, factual, truth—truth that resonated to my very core. … More “Chambers of the Heart: Speculative Stories” by B. Morris Allen

“Prophecy of Love” by T. Satterfield

It’s winter solstice—the darkest day of the year—and Gabe is having a dreadful day. He has realized there’s a stain on his bedroom ceiling; his ex is standing him up again and he cracked his phone screen when hanging up on her after screaming at her in frustration. The big meeting at work has been moved up, and he’s spilled water all over. He realizes his pants don’t even match his jacket, and he’s sweaty and smelly with stress. Just as it looks like things can’t get any worse, he accidently slams a door into his boss’s nose. All he can think about is how he just wants to feel loved; he just wants to feel like he matters to somebody. Anybody. … More “Prophecy of Love” by T. Satterfield