“House of Bastiion (The Haidren Legacy, Book 1)” by K.L. Kolarich

Brought into court politics, Luscia has a lot to adjust to. And the string of murders occurring isn’t making her life any easier. Nor are they making life easier for Zaethan, who vehemently hates Luscia and believes her to be a threat. As the two circle around each other like wild animals, they eventually must enter into an uneasy alliance. … More “House of Bastiion (The Haidren Legacy, Book 1)” by K.L. Kolarich

“Gatekeepers of Eden” by Lanie Mores

In what is the fourth, and final, book of the series written by Ms. Mores, we find a United States government that has been taken over by a newly formed Army who wants to terrorize and transform America—followed by the rest of the world—into their idea of what is important and what should be believed. In order to move this plan along quicker, a group of ex-cons, each with a certain skill, are gathered together and sent to a remote island in order to find an ancient wonder that has the ability to make the new regime’s plans come together perfectly. … More “Gatekeepers of Eden” by Lanie Mores

“Blade Lord (The Decallion Series, Book 1)” by S.J. Hartland

Set in a fantastical world, kingdoms are at stake. To save them, these kingdoms need a blade lord—the only one not already tethered to a ruler of one of the Circle Kingdoms. Sinnabar sets out to make Decallion, her lover, remember her and free him from the citadel. But her work doesn’t go according to plan. … More “Blade Lord (The Decallion Series, Book 1)” by S.J. Hartland

“Return to Kiluemar” by Kimberly Marraffino

“Return to Kiluemar” begins with its two main characters, James and Rhiannon, who are both experiencing very weird phenomena in their lives and are trying to understand what is going on. Both characters know, or at least wish, that there is something else out there in the world that will make their lives more complete, and far more exciting. Little do they know that their excitement is only beginning. … More “Return to Kiluemar” by Kimberly Marraffino

“Sam the Chosen” by Wally Jones

This fantastical world is one that takes the breath from your lungs. I have never experienced such a wild ride before, leading me to be even more shocked when I found out this writer is not only a debut author but he’s also dyslexic, and the challenge for him to read and write is something he had to overcome in order to gift this book to the world. Do not miss this one, readers! This is a thrill ride of mammoth proportions and is worth reading over and over again! … More “Sam the Chosen” by Wally Jones

“Full Circle: Covert Invasion” by Alfred R. Taylor

I found the tale to be fast-paced and exciting. I loved being able to see historical events taking place through the eyes of androids from the future. Their secret use of modern technology really enhanced the story. I liked being able to jump from the 1860s to another world with strange alien creatures, and then back to old London. … More “Full Circle: Covert Invasion” by Alfred R. Taylor

“The Ring of Truth” by Peter Pactor

Eddie Andrews is fifteen years old and dealing with typical teenage angst. Unfortunately, he often lets his anger get out of hand when dealing with common issues. Without intending to, Eddie attracts the attention of a mischievous wizard named Murkles. The wizard sees promise in Eddie and is determined to help him overcome his anger and discover some magical talents in which he was unaware that he had. … More “The Ring of Truth” by Peter Pactor