“Full Circle: Covert Invasion” by Alfred R. Taylor

I found the tale to be fast-paced and exciting. I loved being able to see historical events taking place through the eyes of androids from the future. Their secret use of modern technology really enhanced the story. I liked being able to jump from the 1860s to another world with strange alien creatures, and then back to old London. … More “Full Circle: Covert Invasion” by Alfred R. Taylor

“The Ring of Truth” by Peter Pactor

Eddie Andrews is fifteen years old and dealing with typical teenage angst. Unfortunately, he often lets his anger get out of hand when dealing with common issues. Without intending to, Eddie attracts the attention of a mischievous wizard named Murkles. The wizard sees promise in Eddie and is determined to help him overcome his anger and discover some magical talents in which he was unaware that he had. … More “The Ring of Truth” by Peter Pactor

“Albobonnae’s Way” by Bella Rayne

I have to say that I was drawn into this story right from the start. When Serena spoke of Castle Fay, it always sounded magical. Once she arrived to spend an indefinite amount of time with Aunt Sylvie in hopes of finally being able to move on with her life, I felt that Castle Fay may very well be the key to help Serena finally heal her broken heart. It wasn’t until one crazy occurrence after another started happening, I had to wonder if staying at Castle Fay was the smartest move after all. … More “Albobonnae’s Way” by Bella Rayne

“War Bunny” by Christopher St. John

“War Bunny” is a spectacular fantasy novel written by Christopher St. John. Set in a dystopian world where humans are non-existent, a female bunny called Anastasia begins questioning the ways of Yah in her home, Bloody Thorn Warren. It was believed that prey should not fight back and should accept their fate of being devoured by predators (Blessed Ones). This was known as Glorification. That was the will of Yah and was never to be questioned. … More “War Bunny” by Christopher St. John

“Moon and Shadow” by J. Steven Lamperti

“Moon & Shadow” differs from the typical epic fantasy books that I have read in the past. It features the characteristic hero, who must go on a quest to fight a great evil, but this hero is ambiguous and a little goofy. He is not sure why he is going on such a journey, or why he suddenly feels like he has a great responsibility to maintain the safety of his town on his own, but he knows that if he sticks to his guns and keeps following his instincts, they will keep leading him in the right direction. What is unique about it, however, is that instead of being filled with sword fights and battles between sorcerers, dragons or other mythical creatures, the hero uses the weapon he knows how to wield best: compassion. … More “Moon and Shadow” by J. Steven Lamperti

“On the Trail of the Wind’s Tears” by Lynne Armstrong-Jones

The author did a beautiful job of weaving magic into this story. She brings the characters alive as she takes us inside their thoughts. We see both their strengths and weaknesses. I loved being able to get wrapped up into what was happening and the magical elements are a wonderful addition. … More “On the Trail of the Wind’s Tears” by Lynne Armstrong-Jones