“Verelyn the Dastardly” by Brandon Baltes

“Verelyn the Dastardly” by Brandon Baltes is an epic battle in a fantasy world of good versus evil that takes place between The Risen and The Fallen of death. The story begins with Casimir having a drunken nightmare. In this vision, an intense battle rages between a grotesque one-eyed creature and Verelyn as he slays the beast while wielding lightning bolts as spears. Upon awakening, Casimir finds himself deep within the caverns of Elixer’s Touch. Unable to recall how he arrived in such a predicament, Casimir shares details of his dream with Verelyn. Verelyn is destined to become Lord of the Fallen and requires the assistance of an apprentice, therefore, hiring Casimir. Casimir learns how to use mystors to build strength, speed, stamina, and how to fight. … More “Verelyn the Dastardly” by Brandon Baltes

“Don’t Pine for the Moonshine” by Che Sauntioga

Che Sauntioga’s “Don’t Pine for the Moonshine” is a new, different kind of fantasy. Instead of wizards and faeries or vampires and werewolves, we have a parallel-like universe with humans—some of whom possess magic and some who do not. Ten and Ginger are two non-magical individuals who have been selected by a famous moonshiner for a very important job: engineer a fake ghost of another musician. There’s just one complication: as far as they know, this other moonshiner is not yet dead. … More “Don’t Pine for the Moonshine” by Che Sauntioga

“Shadows Under the Shade” by Wil Chan

Shadows Under the Shade – Elysia Dayne: Book Two is the second in this exciting series by Wil Chan and it should not be missed by fans of the series. Wil Chan has created a captivating and exciting second installment featuring this wonderful protagonist that I am sure will be as much of a hit with readers as the first book. In addition, book two is one that can stand alone and enchant readers who are new to the series as well as those returning for their second ride. … More “Shadows Under the Shade” by Wil Chan

“Shadebringer: The Land of Irgendwo” by Grayson W. Hooper

Shadebringer: Book One: The Land of Irgendwo, is a very entertaining first book in this new series which is set during the Vietnam War. During the first part of the book, the reader finds themselves in the real world following the main character through his tour of duty in Vietnam. After his death, the reader is taken to the land of Irgendwo, in another realm, to follow this character through his “next assignment.” … More “Shadebringer: The Land of Irgendwo” by Grayson W. Hooper

MEET THE AUTHOR! Getting to Know Matti Silver, Author of Dark School: Path of the Neophyte

Meet the Author! Getting to Know Matti Silver, Author of Dark School: Path of the Neophyte

Matti Silver has been storytelling for most of his life. He loves working, reading, writing books and creating worlds for himself and others to immerse themselves within. 
More MEET THE AUTHOR! Getting to Know Matti Silver, Author of Dark School: Path of the Neophyte

“Blood of the Hunted” by Marc R. Micciola

“Blood of the Hunted ” is a fast-paced fantasy set within the mystical world of Kosavros where humans are tyrants and non-human creatures are struggling to survive. From the opening sentence, darkness slips through the pages, building a sense of fear and dread as a war is brewing. We bear witness to a horrific execution led by the unimaginably cruel King Louis. This event in turn entices a riot to unfold between the humans and non-humans referred to as Torain, the hunted. As time passes, we follow the leader of the resistance, Weylan and his friends Olwen, and Rosalie, as they are relentlessly pursued by witches set to eradicate the non-humans. Once an alliance is formed under Queen Sophia, the Resistance and Tudrose band together to overthrow the monarch and bring justice back to the lands. … More “Blood of the Hunted” by Marc R. Micciola

“Orabelle” by J. Barrett

Orabelle is a fiery, volatile woman who is quick to anger and unable to forgive. As Queen of Lahar and the Keeper of the water element, she has a duty to maintain control over all forms of water in Imbria and to work with the other three elemental Keepers for the safety and prosperity of their people within the four realms. Her vicious and power-hungry father betrothed her to the Fire King. Water and Fire never mix well. Orabelle rebels against this union, knowing that the King is a brutal man who seeks only his best interest and not that of his subjects. Her failure to obey her father’s command has Imbria on the brink of chaos and heading toward war. … More “Orabelle” by J. Barrett

“Dark School: Path of the Neophyte” by Matti Silver

Dark School: Path of the Neophyte is the first book in the Dark School series by author Matti Silver, an interactive adventure about a school of the occult arts and sciences.

Told in second person, the reader, as a student at the Dark School, takes the lead as protagonist – or antagonist, depending on the choices you make. Study prudently to amass great power through trial and error, but be warned, those choices will determine the fate of the world and any wrong move could be your last! Learn wisely and your power will reign supreme. With a clever cast of demons, spirits, and other supernatural beings, it’s a dark story that unfolds in the most unexpected manner and it is impossible to predict where your next move will take you, so enjoy the ride and be mindful of the hour! … More “Dark School: Path of the Neophyte” by Matti Silver