“In the Heart of the Linden Wood” by Ekta R. Garg

In Ekta R. Garg’s “In the Heart of the Linden Wood,” King Christopher, along with the whole kingdom of Linden, loses their beloved queen and infant heir to the throne. King Christopher plunges into his grief, letting bitterness and grief squeeze his heart until only a spoiled, angry shell remains. On top of these searing losses, the pride of Linden, its trees, begin to lose their magic. When a surprise coup rips Christopher from his brooding, he is pushed toward a quest to restore the trees’ magic with the unlikeliest of companions, including the last person in the world that he wants to see—the person he holds responsible for ruining his life. … More “In the Heart of the Linden Wood” by Ekta R. Garg

“Viila and the Doomsday Affair” by Roger Danchik

It’s the end of this eternity—the world can be remade in the image of whoever reaches the holy place first. Rabbi Benjamin is part of a secret Jewish sect that has been preparing to protect the world from this for eons. His ragtag team includes his son; an ancient, snarky head; and a beautiful vampire who only wants to die.  Together they journey to the holy place to prevent a cult of nose bashers and a death cult from destroying life as we know it. … More “Viila and the Doomsday Affair” by Roger Danchik

“Master of Music” by Marla Himeda

In “Master of Music” the reader follows the journey of a boy named Kaelin, who has been given the gift of music. This is a gift that has not been seen in the village for over two hundred years. Kaelin is terrified by his gift as he is sure that it is the reason that horrible things happened so long ago. He chooses to play his music in hiding and not let anyone else know that it is a part of him. So long ago all the Bards disappeared from this remote group of islands under mysterious circumstances and Kaelin fears that music is a large part of the reason why. … More “Master of Music” by Marla Himeda

“Kings of Unitas” by Kyle Cox

“Kings of Unitas” by Kyle Cox pivots around the world of Hemel, whose wizard domination has disseminated much-needed vibrancy, security, and magnificence to the region. Among the most treasured natural entities are the invaluable exotic vegetables that provided wizards with a sharp mental focus, which was critical for the sustenance of Hemel’s outstanding plenitude. … More “Kings of Unitas” by Kyle Cox

“The Royal Matchmaking Competition: Prince Zadkiel” by Zoiy Galloay

“The Royal Matchmaking Competition: Prince Zadkiel” is the second book in Zoiy Galloay’s series, “The Royal Matchmaking Competition.” As the heir to the throne, Zadkiel must participate in a special competition specifically designed to bring together twelve beautiful, talented girls for the express purpose of competing to be Zadkiel’s bride and, beyond that, the next Queen.  While everything seems like fun and games at first, he soon realizes that love is not easily won.  Not to mention that amidst forming special connections with several of the contestants, Zadkiel starts to get the feeling that someone is out to get his family – perhaps even hoping to assassinate one of them.  All becomes fair in love and war when both hearts and the kingdom itself may be at stake. … More “The Royal Matchmaking Competition: Prince Zadkiel” by Zoiy Galloay

“Tales of Asterra” by Michael Frank Rizzo

In “Tales of Asterra,” Penniforth Octavius Rodgers, otherwise known as Penny, narrates stories about different places, times, and people of this mystical land which is comprised of 50 different realms. The unique characters are not all mundane; some have very special gifts and abilities. Unfortunately for some, the gifts come from dark magic. In this world, there are magical serpents, trolls, dwarves, fairies, pirates, man-eating plants, and other mystical beings, some of which were previously unknown to me. … More “Tales of Asterra” by Michael Frank Rizzo

“Kill Your Darlings” by L.E. Harper

“Kill Your Darlings” by L.E. Harper is one of the most unique books I have ever read.  In this book our protagonist is both the hero and the creator.  Kyla Starblade is the main character in a bestselling young adult fantasy series and is named for the author herself.  Where Kyla Starblade is a strong leader who is helping save her realm from an evil dragon lord, Kyla the author, feels like she is the complete opposite.  She feels hopeless, devoid of motivation, and alone.  The fictional Kyla, and the world of Solera, in fact, were created as a way for human Kyla to cope with debilitating mental illness and suicidal tendencies.  Now, Kyla Starblade and Kyla-the-author appear to have merged – with human Kyla’s soul now inhabiting Kyla Starblade’s body.  At first a dream come true, human Kyla realizes quickly that meeting her characters face-to-face is dampened when, first, she is suspected of being a spy, and also Kyla-the-author has devised terrible fates for all of them.  Kyla will have to trade her pen for some armor and a trusty dragon to help her beloved characters change the outcome of the war she made up.  If she can find the courage within herself to keep fighting, then maybe she can save them all, and Solera, with them. … More “Kill Your Darlings” by L.E. Harper

“Mage World: Renaissance” by Matti Silver

In the first two volumes of Matti Silver’s Mage World series, the focus was more on discovery among the different races, and then finding alliances while dealing with conflict. In “Mage World: Renaissance,” the third volume, we still have the Aerials, the Pyros, the Aqueous, the Kryos, the Spectros, the Terran, and the Plainwalkers, and each group continues to work with their special talents. … More “Mage World: Renaissance” by Matti Silver