“Tortillera: Poems” by Caridad Moro-Gronlier

This compelling collection of poems focuses on what it’s like to be a Cuban lesbian. When it comes to the word “tortillera,” it means lesbian, but as the poet explains in her works, this word is a loaded gun…a verbal assault. However, it doesn’t mean that the poet takes it to heart. She wears the label proudly, in fact, like a badge of honor. … More “Tortillera: Poems” by Caridad Moro-Gronlier

“Resignation” by David Colin

“Resignation” by David Colin is a dark psychological drama about a slow descent by a human being—from hope and optimism to despair and disillusionment. It follows an idealistic college grad ready to launch himself into a career in human services. But he discovers there is much more to the job than he bargained for. He wrestles against politics, society, and the way things in life just are when it comes to morals and beliefs. But he finds solace in a mysterious mentor who offers the dreamer a respite of sorts. … More “Resignation” by David Colin

“Boys’ Secrets and Men’s Love” by David A.J. Richards

This is a powerful, moving memoir that shines a light on the history of patriarchy and its impact on gay men, boys, women, and girls. Although the focus of this memoir is a personal story of a gay law professor, it’s also an education on how a male-dominated society has affected principal and influential forces in our world, from culture to literature, art, family relations, psychology, and much more. Besides being a compelling life story, it stands as a support system and resource for gay rights and feminism.  … More “Boys’ Secrets and Men’s Love” by David A.J. Richards

“Who Killed Coriolanus?” by Ron Fritsch

Having grown up in a Greek orphanage after the Trojan War, Timon and his companion Lukas are living a good life in Sparta. Timon’s mysterious past has been revealed, and he now knows his full identity. Life with Lukas is peaceful, until one day when Marco, the son of the Commander of the Royal Army and Navy, shows up at his home. … More “Who Killed Coriolanus?” by Ron Fritsch

“Promised Valley Conspiracy” by Ron Fritsch

In this saga, agriculture is new and the farmers have settled in a fertile valley. The hunters in the barren hills believe that the gods want them to have the fertile land in the valley as well. This has ignited a war between the people of the hills and the people of the valley. It also causes problems with the hill people among themselves. Many of them try to escape to the valley to avoid starvation. … More “Promised Valley Conspiracy” by Ron Fritsch

“Promised Valley War” by Ron Fritsch

It is the story’s prehistoric setting that provides the basis for the intellectual question which binds the Promised Valley books together: “Could civilization and history, with their countless heaven-sanctioned wars and genocides, have begun differently?” With that as his touchstone, Fritsch thoughtfully and compassionately offers answers through the story and its characters. “Promised Valley War” and the ironic relationship of its two central characters, one a farmer, one a hunter, are charged with Fritsch’s passion and exuberance for  literary, historical and LGBTQ fiction. … More “Promised Valley War” by Ron Fritsch

“Take Me With You” by Vanessa Carlisle

From scenes that delve into first-class living where Kindred has to keep control over the sexual dynamic at all times in order to keep charge of the situation; to the harsh communities and low-class, dirty streets of the city, where a person could get lost in the drug scene or simply taken out because of their sexual preferences—this author touches upon everything you can think of and more as Kindred grows up and then works her butt off to find facts and the truth in a world led by ‘The Man’. … More “Take Me With You” by Vanessa Carlisle

“This Too Shall Pass…A mother will do anything to save her son…” by Marisa Billions

Not very often does a book take readers on such an emotional rollercoaster than that within “This Too Shall Pass” by Marisa Billions. A little bit coming of age and finding one’s self, and a little bit familial drama, the life of Eva is packed into this fast-paced read. … More “This Too Shall Pass…A mother will do anything to save her son…” by Marisa Billions

“Comfrey, Wyoming: Birds of a Feather” by Daphne Birkmyer

Everyone has their demons, whether a wandering husband or a taste for too much alcohol, but ultimately “Comfrey, Wyoming: Birds of a Feather” by Daphne Birkmyer is a story of a mother’s love and the lengths she will go in her grief to renew life, the beauty of beginning again. … More “Comfrey, Wyoming: Birds of a Feather” by Daphne Birkmyer