“A Lifetime of Men” by Ciahnan Darrell

Author Ciahnan Quinn Darrell creates three extraordinary women, each with their own multifaceted backgrounds and struggles. Successfully weaving these exceptionally unique women together, making the reader emotionally aware of their feelings as they grow up and live in hardship. Readers are left asking all the tough questions right alongside Bo, Sarah, and Tolan as they work to uncover the truth within the story housed between the pages. … More “A Lifetime of Men” by Ciahnan Darrell

Interview with Britt East – Author of “A Gay Man’s Guide to Life”

Today, Reader Views talks with Britt East about his book, A Gay Man’s Guide to Life – “A personal growth and development manual that combines memoir with practical and pragmatic advice to challenge and inspire gay men to live their best lives.” … More Interview with Britt East – Author of “A Gay Man’s Guide to Life”

“A Gay Man’s Guide to Life” by Britt East

Coming out isn’t always easy for men, so this guide is perfect for those that struggle with who they are, the rejection they may face, and the discrimination that exists. But more than that, this book shows gay men how to go beyond just coming out. It’s a lifestyle map that offers real-world, practical advice on how to get the most out of life, work, family, and meaningful relationships. … More “A Gay Man’s Guide to Life” by Britt East

“Honor Bound” by Athena Ryals

“Honor Bound” by Athena Ryals is an action novel following a family going up against a crime syndicate who has kidnapped one of their own. It takes place after the United States has collapsed into anarchy and most people live at the mercy of these syndicates. In addition to being the first book in a new series, “Honor Bound” is also the author’s debut novel. … More “Honor Bound” by Athena Ryals

Skyler’s Sophomore Soundtrack by Michael C. Barrett

Michael C. Barrett’s “Skyler’s Sophomore Soundtrack” is the second installment in the Little Bram Series. Skyler is facing her sophomore year of high school, but there are still more changes coming her way. Her arch enemy half-sister is now her best friend and confidant. She has entered into and suffered through deciding to end her first romantic relationship. Most importantly, Skyler learns to accept herself, her desires, and her family as the blessings they are and how to not crumble under the forces of peer pressure. … More Skyler’s Sophomore Soundtrack by Michael C. Barrett

“Collision Course” by Frank Lowe

COLLISION COURSE Frank LoweOutskirts Press (2019)ISBN 9781977204264Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (7/19) “Collision Course” by author Frank Lowe is fast-paced thriller, full of twists and turns. It will keep you guessing until the very end, while also making you curious about secrets we all keep. The story follows Scott Dennis and Bentley Thornton, … More “Collision Course” by Frank Lowe