“Kings of Unitas” by Kyle Cox

“Kings of Unitas” by Kyle Cox pivots around the world of Hemel, whose wizard domination has disseminated much-needed vibrancy, security, and magnificence to the region. Among the most treasured natural entities are the invaluable exotic vegetables that provided wizards with a sharp mental focus, which was critical for the sustenance of Hemel’s outstanding plenitude. … More “Kings of Unitas” by Kyle Cox

“Hidden Shifters” by David Dann

After aliens from planet B3 invade planet A7, much of the indigenous population is declared dangerous and locked away.  More dangerous than any of the animal hybrids are the shapeshifters, who can take on any form.  “Hidden Shifters” is the story of Adrian Walker, one such shifter.  Since he was a kid, he has pretended to be an innocuous sheep hybrid to escape the notice of the aliens.  Working as a janitor at the prison for the dangerous hybrids, he is suddenly thrust into the role of warden after the previous warden is discovered to be part of the rebels against the aliens.  To further complicate matters, his girlfriend—another shapeshifter—is captured at a rebel protest.  In order to rescue his girlfriend, Adrian falls into the rebellion, despite his misgivings.  … More “Hidden Shifters” by David Dann

“Dark School: Work of the Magus” by Matti Silver

“Dark School: Work of the Magus” is the final book in the pick your path paranormal fantasy adventure series by Matti Silver.

At this point in the series, there are only masters and servants. The masters are busy commanding loyalties – astral powers and dark forces – for a higher purpose, The Great Work. The main character’s (the reader’s) development over the course of the books, from neophyte to adept, and beyond, culminates in the ultimate test of attaining mastery to join the esteemed ranks of the enlightened elite. By the time we get to “Work of the Magus” you have evolved into a master of your own right as compared to some humans, but you feel like there is more for you to learn. There’s a catch though –  in order to continue, you must somehow attract the attention of the great ones and prove you are worthy. … More “Dark School: Work of the Magus” by Matti Silver

“Designed by Destiny: Fairy Godmother’s Incorporated #1” by Maya Tyler

Maya Tyler’s “Designed by Destiny” is the first book in her Fairy Godmothers Incorporated series.

Nicholas (Nick) Grey, the CEO of Grey and Company, craves recognition from his family and is tired of being constantly portrayed by the tabloids only as a billionaire playboy. Thus, when an irresistible opportunity from a potential client comes his way, he vows to do everything in his power to win the contract—and finally prove to the world that he is more than just a loaded pretty boy—even if it means lying about being in a serious and committed relationship. And he does just that. He tells a potential client that he has a fiancée, and later asks Bethany (Beth) Clarke, an architect intern and employee of his company, to go along with his charade. What follows is a drunken night in Las Vegas that leads to a shocking yet hilarious turn of events that prolongs their fake relation. As these two struggle to keep their fake romance from leaking to the media, they simultaneously jungle their sizzling physical attraction to one another. … More “Designed by Destiny: Fairy Godmother’s Incorporated #1” by Maya Tyler

“Dark School” by Matti Silver

“Dark School” is the first book in a paranormal fantasy adventure series created by Matti Silver. It’s a fascinating tale that is quite unlike anything you’ve ever read.

The story opens with an elderly man completing his will and placing it in a handcrafted wooden box along with a key chain holding five keys, a pocket watch, a vial, a small pouch, and a leather bound black book. Reminiscing over days gone by, and considering past achievements and failures, his final thoughts deliver him to a slumber from which he will not awaken. … More “Dark School” by Matti Silver

“The Forever Young Prisoner” by Marcus Lessard

“The Forever Young Prisoner” is a superbly atypical debut that boasts ample literary strengths. With its sharp social observation and incisive dialogue, the book occasionally brings readers to a gasp-worthy surprise, inevitably leading them to stop and catch their breath before proceeding to the next phase. Intense and affecting hooks, and vividly drawn world-building rove towards a climactic level, while reflections about the meaning of life, human relationships, and amplitude intrigues make for an engrossing and assured read. … More “The Forever Young Prisoner” by Marcus Lessard

“The Paranormal Christian: Book II: The Quickening” by Richard D. Lewis

“The Paranormal Christian: Book II: The Quickening” by Richard D. Lewis is an in-depth look at paranormal phenomena with quoted scripture from the Christian Bible as supporting evidence. With author Richard D. Lewis’ help, gone are the days of being shunned for believing in otherworldly spirits. … More “The Paranormal Christian: Book II: The Quickening” by Richard D. Lewis

“Dark School: Mark of the Adept” by Matti Silver

Dark School: Mark of the Adept is the second book I’ve read in the Dark School interactive adventure series by author Matti Silver.
A gate has opened. We can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened or even why. What we do know is that the world is permanently altered by some obscure alterations to the norm. Mankind exists in a new reality where, due to a pandemic, even the basic laws of nature are compromised and people are quite literally losing their minds. As an Adept, readers are charged to combat this invasion that threatens humanity at its very core. Will you rise to the challenge as a powerful leader in a new world order or succumb to the forces of your enemies?
More “Dark School: Mark of the Adept” by Matti Silver

MEET THE AUTHOR! Getting to Know Matti Silver, Author of Dark School: Path of the Neophyte

Meet the Author! Getting to Know Matti Silver, Author of Dark School: Path of the Neophyte

Matti Silver has been storytelling for most of his life. He loves working, reading, writing books and creating worlds for himself and others to immerse themselves within. 
More MEET THE AUTHOR! Getting to Know Matti Silver, Author of Dark School: Path of the Neophyte