“ORBS: The Energy Around Us” by Sandy Mayberry

In 2013, Ms. Mayberry captured her first large orb in one of her photos. Not knowing exactly what this anomaly was or why it happened, she set out on a physical and spiritual journey to find some answers. Along the way, she was met by plenty of skepticism, but she did not let that discourage her on her continued journey of knowledge and answers. … More “ORBS: The Energy Around Us” by Sandy Mayberry

“The Jester’s Dance” by Leslie Hachtel

THE JESTER’S DANCE Leslie Hachtel CreateSpace (2017) ISBN 9781545056875 Reviewed by Shoshana F. Regos for Reader Views (11/18) The premise of “The Jester’s Dance” by Leslie Hachtel was intriguing and the writing overall seemed fair. Lady Margaret has left her home after the sudden death of her husband and has decided to disguise herself as … More “The Jester’s Dance” by Leslie Hachtel

“Pokergeist” by Michael Phillip Cash

POKERGEIST Michael Phillip Cash CreateSpace (2015) ISBN 9781512074963 Reviewed By Michel Violante for Reader Views (9/15) Article first published as Book Review: ‘Pokergeist’ by Michael Phillip Cash on Blogcritics. “Pokergeist” by Michael Phillip Cash called my attention immediately as I am a big fan of poker and mystery/thrillers. The story begins with Clutch Henderson, a … More “Pokergeist” by Michael Phillip Cash