“Trauma’s Labyrinth” by Laura K. Kerr

Laura Kerr is a former psychotherapist who specializes in sensorimotor psychotherapy. She is a woman who has experienced trauma in her life. Her degrees, professional work, and life experiences led to a conviction to write “Trauma’s Labyrinth.” … More “Trauma’s Labyrinth” by Laura K. Kerr

“Rue’s Butterfly” by Donna McCartWelser

Are you that person who makes huge promises to yourself to do that thing, whatever it is, before you die and then doesn’t give it a second thought? Or maybe you are so immersed in the everyday grind that having a silly list has never entered your realm of thinking. Donna McCart Welser wants readers to not only think about this list but start actively pursuing it. … More “Rue’s Butterfly” by Donna McCartWelser

“Go Forward, Support! The Rugby of Life” by Rosemary A. Schmidt

“Go Forward, Support!” looks, at first glance, like its purpose is to inform, educate, and possibly gather new fans who will “support” the game of rugby. That’s when you keep reading and notice the tagalong, “the Rugby of Life,” which might confuse you as you wonder how your life can be compared to a sport that you might have never heard of before, let alone know anything about. After reading Rosemary A. Schmidt’s words, however, it’s clear how rugby and the game of life have many similarities. Schmidt is a seasoned veteran of the sport with an evident passion for its past, present, and future. … More “Go Forward, Support! The Rugby of Life” by Rosemary A. Schmidt

“Values First” by Laura Eigel

Through the framework that Dr. Eigel provides in her book “Values First” we are given something both personal and important to managers and organizations as we get to know ourselves and understand the best way to align our work with our values. Dr. Eigel asks us hard questions surrounding what we value, how we prioritize our week around these values, and how our actions align, etc. … More “Values First” by Laura Eigel

“Steps to Happiness” by Mona Hassan-Alaali

Chock full of many well thought out offerings readers could adapt to their own situation and start working toward finding their inner peace and happiness. The style the author presented in her short book was the perfect way for readers to read and digest her advice. Her writing was clear and concise and I found myself stopping and thinking about a few nuggets of information that really resonated with me as I continued reading. … More “Steps to Happiness” by Mona Hassan-Alaali

“Birdsong: A Musical Field Guide” by Alexander Liebermann

Alexander Liebermann’s “Birdsong: A Musical Field Guide” is a fascinating read because it is universal – it appeals to readers of all interests. When one sits back, clears the mind, and truly focuses on the rich and pure melody heard right outside your home from animals that are thought of as simple, it is mindboggling. … More “Birdsong: A Musical Field Guide” by Alexander Liebermann

“101 Tips to Lighten Your Burden” by Jennifer Bonn

In “101 Tips To Lighten Your Burden,” Jennifer Bonn enlightens her readers with plenty of tips, 101 to be exact, in helping us try to deal with the obstacles we are facing and burdens we may be carrying on our shoulders throughout our life journey. She sets out to help her readers discover new coping techniques to help make their difficulties more manageable. In supplying these tips, she also has reassured us that we are not alone in our journey. Just to know that others may be going through similar situations is comforting. … More “101 Tips to Lighten Your Burden” by Jennifer Bonn

“Bold: Rein In Your Mind, Reign in Your Career” by Audrey D. Lloyd

“Bold: Rein in Your Mind, Reign in Your Career,” by Audrey D. Lloyd, helps readers discover their inner boldness so that they can discover their gifts and talents, maximize their potential, and live authentically—professionally and personally. It’s an empowering concept to know that you already have the recipe for success inside you—you just have to dig it out, cultivate it, and make it work for you in the world. … More “Bold: Rein In Your Mind, Reign in Your Career” by Audrey D. Lloyd

“The Satisfied Introvert” by Benjamin Plumb

“The Satisfied Introvert: A Memoir About Finding Safety in an Extroverted World,” by
Benjamin Plumb takes a deep, satisfying dive into the world of the introvert, explaining the introvert’s characteristics, wants, needs, motivations, and more, by recounting his own experiences growing up as one, and entering adulthood as one. … More “The Satisfied Introvert” by Benjamin Plumb

“How My Brain Works” by Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin

Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin has provided a book for us lay-people to read, understand, and process the magnitude that our mental and emotional wellbeing plays with each other. People are familiar with cognitive tests such as MRI, EKG, etc, but do they know that those results are only one aspect of the human brain that should be studied and taken seriously? – probably not. Dr. Koltuska-Haskin has outlined the concept of Neuropsychology and neuropsychological evaluations for the many people who aren’t aware or familiar with this topic. … More “How My Brain Works” by Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin