“Sink or Swimwear” by Jennifer Berk Weisman

The phrase “sink or swim” was a hard truth to stand on for this author. While she was in the process of starting a business, she was struck by a distracted driver, turning her life upside-down. The result of her struggle is “Sink or Swimwear: My Crazy Days as an Entrepreneur Surviving Life, PTSD, and a Cutthroat Industry” by Jennifer Berk Weisman.  This is the inspiring story of one woman’s fight to survive her injuries as well as the competitive and fierce fashion industry. … More “Sink or Swimwear” by Jennifer Berk Weisman

“We’ve Got This” by Ritu Bhasin

“We’ve Got This: Unlocking the Beauty of Belonging” features Author Ritu Bhasin’s factual struggles with racial prejudice and self-acceptance. These struggles inspired her to become an accomplished expert in assisting people from distinct environments in creating a solid sense of belonging and finding inner satisfaction across their journeys in life. … More “We’ve Got This” by Ritu Bhasin

“Recovery Hardware” by Gina Schaefer

Most people who go into business have no idea what kind of experience it will turn out to be. For Gina Schaefer, it was the experience of a lifetime. In her book, “Recovery Hardware: A Nuts and Bolts Story About Building a Business, Restoring a Community, and Renovating Lives,” her experience owning a hardware store turned into one that transformed her life and those of others. This memoir shares her battle as a woman trying to find her footing (and respect) in a field dominated by men. It also shares how she managed to change the lives of so many people who were in recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction simply by hiring them – thus the title, “Recovery Hardware.” … More “Recovery Hardware” by Gina Schaefer

“Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages” by Melissa Alvarez

“Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages” by Melissa Alvarez is an indispensable guidebook that deeply inspires and highly educates its audience on the importance of developing one’s intuition for a better understanding of how the elements of the universe are connected, and how they communicate to human beings through repetitive numbers, for greater self-realization, development of psychic self, and growth of their spiritual path. … More “Raise Your Frequency Through Number Messages” by Melissa Alvarez

Meet the Author! A Conversation with Nancy Major, Author of “A Wretch Like Me: A Modern Day Mary Magdalene Saved by Grace”

Nancy Major is an award-winning nonprofit and business executive with more than thirty years of professional experience. She’s also a professional speaker and certified Christian trauma coach. Her primary area of focus is helping women overcome sexual shame and trauma. … More Meet the Author! A Conversation with Nancy Major, Author of “A Wretch Like Me: A Modern Day Mary Magdalene Saved by Grace”

“So Now What?” by Alexandra McGroarty

Grief is inevitable. At some point in our lives—often unexpectantly—it will come knocking at our door. For the author Alexandra McGroarty, it didn’t tap lightly. She was completely blindsided by the death of her beloved husband, who was only thirty-nine when he passed. Though she is candid about nearly being leveled by the experience, Alexandra found a way to persevere. Through her lived experience, she created a guidebook to help individuals navigate the foggy, often solitary journey through grief. … More “So Now What?” by Alexandra McGroarty

“We Need to Talk” by Suzanne Seifert Groves

Effective communication requires the communicator to be clear and audible in what they are trying to express. This is what author Suzanne Seifert Groves seeks to impact on her audience through this revolutionary read, “We Need to Talk: Communicating Through Difficult Situations in Four Easy Steps.” Readers will learn how to effectively disseminate information, the benefits of possessing communication skills, and the requisite aptitudes that will make their message be received and understood with clarity and purpose, leaving both the sender and receiver satisfied. … More “We Need to Talk” by Suzanne Seifert Groves

“Mindset Unlocked” by Cici Castelli

Are you struggling with your career? Do you face obstacles when you try to achieve goals in your personal life? If so, then “Mindset Unlocked: Do What Others Can’t, Won’t, or Don’t Do for a Successful and Balanced Career and Life” by Cici Castelli is about to shake things up for you. This book offers innovative and forward-thinking insights that can help you break through barriers in both your work and personal life. … More “Mindset Unlocked” by Cici Castelli

“Root, Rise, Roar” by Dawn King

“Root, Rise, Roar: Transforming Trauma into Your Brave and Beautiful Life” unveils author Dawn King’s life episodes. She has risen from tolerating a fragile upbringing that saw her master self-protection strategies as a result of negligent parenting to becoming a renowned writer and inspirational figure for thousands of emotionally anguished victims, therapists, and coaches, as well as trauma-informed professionals. … More “Root, Rise, Roar” by Dawn King