“Break Up With Yourself” by Rish Mitra

“Break Up with Yourself” by Rish Mitra is a must-read personal guide, written for men to help them “un-mask” and “un-become” who society directs them to be. It is especially helpful for survivors of abuse and trauma. … More “Break Up With Yourself” by Rish Mitra

“The Multitude of Personalities Made Simple” by A.A. Hadi White

“The Multitude of Personalities Made Simple” by A.A.Hadi White is a revolutionary new approach to correctly categorize personality attributes with time-tested religious resources as the defining backbone. This book is not the birth date-based astrological sign personality chart of the past, but a precise technique that measures multiple factors and combinations to define a person’s true self. The author created eight factors to determine the foundation of a person’s personality. Each of these eight factors has positive and negative traits and other intricate defining elements. … More “The Multitude of Personalities Made Simple” by A.A. Hadi White

“Mission Possible: How to Graduate from College Debt-Free” by Dr. Juan Phillip Chisholm

In Mission Possible: How to Graduate from College Debt-Free, Dr. Chisholm is able to share with his readers some excellent ideas on how to obtain their college education without having to take out numerous loans that they will then have to pay back after graduation. He shares his own personal story, using much-needed guidelines and tips for any student and their family about to embark on a college journey. … More “Mission Possible: How to Graduate from College Debt-Free” by Dr. Juan Phillip Chisholm

“Life Skills” by Marian K. Volkman

“Life Skills: Improve the Quality of Your Life with Applied Metapsychology, 2nd Edition,” is part of the Explorations in Metapsychology five book series. In this updated edition, author Marian Volkman provides readers with steps to use to enrich the quality of their lives. This will help them relieve pain from past traumatic events and move forward into a more fulfilling life. The techniques presented will enable us to help ourselves and also improve our relationships. The Applied Metapsychology (AMP) techniques are person centered. It is up to the reader to do the work that is presented in the exercises. … More “Life Skills” by Marian K. Volkman

“Hair Loss: Options for Restoration and Reversal” by Gustavo J. Gomez

Since time began, humans have felt pride, envy, and vain over their or another’s appearance. The way in which someone portrays themselves outwardly toward others strongly impacts first impressions and brings about judgment regarding everything about them. The styles of clothing, hair, makeup, etc. have changed much over the centuries, with the changes being either subtle or severe, but noticeable and capable of changing. … More “Hair Loss: Options for Restoration and Reversal” by Gustavo J. Gomez

“Captain Communicator” by Blaise Hunter

Connection is so innately human, yet we find ourselves struggling to facilitate effective communication, ultimately resulting in the opposite of what we need. We are quick to judge others, negatively react when things don’t go our way and commit “identity fraud” when we mask our authentic selves. Blaise Hunter, the author of “Captain Communicator,” has provided readers with an invaluable gift—the skills necessary to become a next-level communicator. … More “Captain Communicator” by Blaise Hunter

“Mystic and the Secret of Happiness” by Anne-Claire Szubaniska

“Mystic and the Secret of Happiness” by Anne-Claire Szubaniska is the heartwarming tale of a cat that embarks on a journey of self-discovery in search of a lost friend and finds true happiness. Mystic, an ordinary house cat, befriends an elephant named Bumpa at the local zoo. Spending most nights talking as they star gaze. Mystic, and Bumpa become inseparable until one-day Bumpa is missing. Severely depressed and stricken with grief, Mystic makes it his sole purpose to discover what happened to his friend. With the help of Freedom, an enlightened wild cat, he learns to change his thoughts and find peace within himself.  … More “Mystic and the Secret of Happiness” by Anne-Claire Szubaniska

“Visible Strengths” by Mary Mosope Adeyemi

“Visible Strengths: Capitalize on Strengths, Contribute Value, and Communicate Results to Accelerate Your Career” is a vital career guide by Mary Mosope Adeyemi that explores three essential steps to professional fulfillment, fruitful endeavors, and success in one’s career: capitalizing on your strength, contributing value to these strengths, and communicating results to those who matter. … More “Visible Strengths” by Mary Mosope Adeyemi

“Knowing You” by Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland

You cannot affect what’s going on around you until you start working on what’s going on within you. As George Bernard Shaw famously said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot work on their mindset cannot change anything.”

“Knowing You: The Difference That Makes The Difference” is a brisk and absorbing read by international keynote speaker, Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland. It’s a deft invitation to a more elevated form of living. Thoughtful, comprehensive, and encouraging, the text offers applicable approaches to a journey of self-discovery and attaining positive change from within through the change management approach to neurology. Through this, the mind and heart are engaged, and this helps achieve extraordinary personal change that is swift and permanent. … More “Knowing You” by Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland

“Quiet Hour” by Heather Chase and Ken Beller

“Quiet Hour: An Easy Way to Reduce Stress and Feel Inner Peace Outside” is a concise guide that helps teach both individuals and groups the benefits of using time in nature to relieve stress. It is through a four-step approach participants learn to disengage, unwind, relax and regather their calm. This program is designed to be suitable for everyone, no matter their physical or economical limitations. This handy guide provides all the necessary know-how you need to turn off the stress and enjoy the healing sights, sounds, smells and feeling nature provides.  … More “Quiet Hour” by Heather Chase and Ken Beller