“Why Everything You Know About Robin Hood Is Wrong” by K.C. Murdarasi

"Why Everything You Know About Robin Hood Is Wrong" by K.C. Murdarasi is akin to a humorous research project explaining eight key ways in which the facts from the "Robin Hood" we know of today, are false.

Finding St. Lo by Ted Neill

“Finding St. Lo: A Memoir of War and Family” is a story from World War II, told by Robert Lewis Fowler and Gordon Edward Cross. They are a soldier and a medic, respectively, who served alongside each other in the 134th US Army Regiment. In this book, Fowler’s grandson Ted Neill collects their journal entries together into one cohesive format, alongside essays of his own.

The Caribou Hotel by John Firth

John Firth’s “The Caribou Hotel” is a remarkable book. It introduces the owners of the hotel throughout the years, an ill-tempered (male) parrot named Polly, and the many changes made to keep the building going. It is a wonderfully written history of the hotel.

46 Union Street: The Untold Story of Rho Upsilon by Bruce Kesselman

“46 Union Street: The Untold Story of Rho Upsilon,” edited by Bruce A. Kesselman, is the history of the Rutgers Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi, Rho Upsilon. The fraternity was established for Jewish college men, but open to anyone committed to the mission.

Darwin’s Second Voyage by John Dahl

For five dedicated years Charles Darwin traveled throughout South America in the 1800's. His now famous travel to the Galapagos Islands is well-known to many in the scientific community, as well as many people at large. The five years that he traveled on a ship called “The Beagle” was the last trip he had taken during his life. He returned to England and wrote extensively about what he learned on his odyssey. But imagine if Darwin could have made a second trip, not just to South America again but maybe some other locale? What else could he have possibly observed and learned about the world? Would he have concluded something else as important as natural selection?

“One Mush: Jamaica’s Dogsled Team,” by John Firth

Despite having seen the movie “Cool Runnings,” which was about the Olympic Jamaican bobsled team, I was still surprised to see a book about a Jamaican dogsled team! “One Mush: Jamaica's Dogsled Team,” by John Firth tells their story.

“The Discovery of Troy and Its Lost History” by Bernard Jones

THE DISCOVERY OF TROY AND ITS LOST HISTORYBernard JonesTrojan History Press (2019)ISBN 9781916499201Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (01/2020) “The Discovery of Troy and Its Lost History” is a comprehensive historical reference about the city of Troy resulting from a thirty-year investigative journey by author and historian, Bernard Jones. The first image conjured by... Continue Reading →

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