“What is Self Awareness” by Vipin Gupta

“What is Self Awareness: Looking Beyond the Law of Attraction,” is the seventh book in the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature (Project VIPIN) series. The first six books extensively discuss how our conscious decisions help create the law of attraction. They cover the critical factors that are involved with manifesting. The foundation has been laid and this text can now take us on to the next level where we can move on into understanding how to become a multiplier of our potential. … More “What is Self Awareness” by Vipin Gupta

“Encountering Technology” by George Gerstman

“Encountering Technology” by George Gerstman will take you on an intriguing journey through eighty years of innovation. Televisions, radios, computers, cellphones, telephones, even credit cards have evolved very quickly over the last several decades. Mr. Gerstman offers a unique perspective of technology from its origins to the present day. He not only used the majority of the tech he describes, but throughout his law career, he also helped inventors patent their ideas and protect their intellectual property rights. … More “Encountering Technology” by George Gerstman

“Stories for My Sons” by Marko Vukosavovic

“Stories for my Sons” by Marko Vukosavovic is a history of his Montenegrin family from the 15th-century beginnings of their village Sotonici to his own autobiography. He illustrates how the region’s history was shaped by war throughout the years. Some of the more memorable stories Vukosavovic shares are those which he and his father Rasko experienced. … More “Stories for My Sons” by Marko Vukosavovic

“The Mystery of Barbara Fritchie: A True Patriot” by Tamara Louise Thayer

Tamara Louise Thayer tells the story of a true patriot in “The Mystery of Barbara Fritchie.” Born in 1766, Barbara Fritchie led a full and meaningful life for 96 years. She appeared to be an intelligent woman who was friends with some notable historical figures from the Civil War era, including George Washington and Frances Scott Key. The mystery that surrounds her, actually had been caused by a bit of a scandal during her time. … More “The Mystery of Barbara Fritchie: A True Patriot” by Tamara Louise Thayer

Finding St. Lo by Ted Neill

“Finding St. Lo: A Memoir of War and Family” is a story from World War II, told by Robert Lewis Fowler and Gordon Edward Cross. They are a soldier and a medic, respectively, who served alongside each other in the 134th US Army Regiment. In this book, Fowler’s grandson Ted Neill collects their journal entries together into one cohesive format, alongside essays of his own. … More Finding St. Lo by Ted Neill