“Encountering Technology” by George Gerstman

“Encountering Technology” by George Gerstman will take you on an intriguing journey through eighty years of innovation. Televisions, radios, computers, cellphones, telephones, even credit cards have evolved very quickly over the last several decades. Mr. Gerstman offers a unique perspective of technology from its origins to the present day. He not only used the majority of the tech he describes, but throughout his law career, he also helped inventors patent their ideas and protect their intellectual property rights. … More “Encountering Technology” by George Gerstman

“Will Computers Revolt?” by Charles J. Simon

Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly embedded in many of the things we interact with and use daily. “Will Computers Revolt?: Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence” is a timely and informative text by Charles J. Simon, a software expert, and a neural network pioneer. This book is a revised and expanded edition. … More “Will Computers Revolt?” by Charles J. Simon