“Sink or Swimwear” by Jennifer Berk Weisman

The phrase “sink or swim” was a hard truth to stand on for this author. While she was in the process of starting a business, she was struck by a distracted driver, turning her life upside-down. The result of her struggle is “Sink or Swimwear: My Crazy Days as an Entrepreneur Surviving Life, PTSD, and a Cutthroat Industry” by Jennifer Berk Weisman.  This is the inspiring story of one woman’s fight to survive her injuries as well as the competitive and fierce fashion industry. … More “Sink or Swimwear” by Jennifer Berk Weisman

“The Foster Wife” by Cindy Dorminy

Amelia Day has made a name for herself as a foster wife. (Yes, you heard that right.) While unconventional, the quirky business plan has garnered tons of street cred and boasts great success in transforming unlucky-in-love bachelors into well-rounded gentlemen ready for marriage. When Amelia agrees to work with handsome but annoying bachelor Phin Baxter, she has no idea how difficult he plans to make it for her. … More “The Foster Wife” by Cindy Dorminy

“There is No Shrimp” by Kenny Loui

“There is No Shrimp…And Other Lies My Mother Told Me (UFO Catcher Ken Presents)” is an autobiographical manga and a congenial medley of narrative and intertwined visual sequences written by Kenny Loui and illustrated by Yamawe. Here, Loui transcends his quirky adult life stories and this time sheds light on some of his fondest childhood memories that he shared with someone significant in his life, his mother. His reminiscences are funny to read especially his mother’s unique parenting mode including her approach of managing her son’s questions with vivid and well-thought-of answers. … More “There is No Shrimp” by Kenny Loui

“We’ve Got This” by Ritu Bhasin

“We’ve Got This: Unlocking the Beauty of Belonging” features Author Ritu Bhasin’s factual struggles with racial prejudice and self-acceptance. These struggles inspired her to become an accomplished expert in assisting people from distinct environments in creating a solid sense of belonging and finding inner satisfaction across their journeys in life. … More “We’ve Got This” by Ritu Bhasin

“Glory Bishop” by Deborah L. King

“Glory Bishop” introduces readers to Glory, a teenage girl who is trying to figure out who she is while living with her overly religious mother, working with a fabulous hair salon owner, and dealing with teenage love, especially with her boyfriend, J. T leaving for the service. Glory has the dreams most teenagers have, going off to college and being her own self. But her abusive mother has other plans and is beyond happy when Glory starts dating Malcolm, the preacher’s son. Glory’s life with Malcolm is not at all what she expected it to be. … More “Glory Bishop” by Deborah L. King

MEET THE AUTHOR! Getting to Know Alexandra J. Kuisis, Author of “Truth Matters Love Wins: A Memoir of Choosing Faith Over Fear in the Face of False Accusations”

Alexandra J. Kuisis is currently living a life she loves in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee, with her incredible husband, James, and their perfect dog, Simon. … More MEET THE AUTHOR! Getting to Know Alexandra J. Kuisis, Author of “Truth Matters Love Wins: A Memoir of Choosing Faith Over Fear in the Face of False Accusations”

“Dark Green” by Lif Strand

“Dark Green” is an excellent first book in what is to be a new series by author Lif Strand. The story is set in New Mexico, making it a fun read for me as I live in the state and loved reading the descriptions of places that I felt I could recognize. While the story is fiction, the incidents the author used in the book are real events that have happened in New Mexico and Arizona. Thanks to her background in writing about the wolf issues in the West, Ms. Strand was able to create a great mystery surrounded by fact. … More “Dark Green” by Lif Strand

“Saint Bloodbath” by Frederick Douglass Reynolds

n 2008, a round of shots tore through a homeless embankment, killing five people. Long Beach Homicide Detectives McGuire and Cortes set out to find the perpetrator of this gruesome bloodbath. They are quickly immersed in the perilous reality of street culture, including homelessness, gang activity, and drug addiction in Long Beach, California. When days turn to months, the detectives struggle to find answers, making it near impossible to provide the victims’ families with closure. But pieces begin coming together when detectives from another jurisdiction find a fully dismembered body in the desert near the embankment crime scene. Follow McGuire and Cortes as they unearth the details of the most gruesome mass murder case of their careers. … More “Saint Bloodbath” by Frederick Douglass Reynolds