“The FBI Accomplice of 9/11” by Patrick Pasin

“The FBI Accomplice of 9/11” by Patrick Pasin not only explores the various functions and inner workings of the Agency but asks some very serious questions as to what really happened on 9/11. Specifically, did the FBI know in advance of all the details leading up to 9/11 before it occurred? Did they know the actual perpetrators involved beforehand?

“At War with Mars” by Jim Fuxa

“At War with Mars” by Jim Fuxa is a historical fiction novel that takes place in 17th Century Europe around the time of the Thirty Years War. The story is narrated for the most part by Giovanni Battista Senno, a strappy servant boy who uses his quick wit and determination to not only survive this tumultuous time period, but to rise high above his station.

Happy in Adversity by Guillermo Cordero

HAPPY IN ADVERSITY: A GUIDE TO BEING WELL NO MATTER WHAT Guillermo CorderoBalboa Press (2018)ISBN: 9781982210762Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (07/2020) In my opinion, happiness is an underrated trait in people. If people across the globe were able to be happier, then life would go much smoother for everyone; people would enjoy their... Continue Reading →

The Aspen Grove by Jane Fulkerson

"The Aspen Grove," by Jane Fulkerson, is a western family saga in the tradition of a Louis L'Amour novel. Fulkerson writes about an Irish family, the O’Neal’s, who make their home and run their ranch in 1883 Colorado.

22 Dutch Road by T.C. Schueler

22 DUTCH ROAD T. C. SchuelerPeebles Press (2020)ISBN: 9781678134822Reviewed by Timea Tokes for Reader Views (06/2020) “22 Dutch Road” by T.C. Schueler is the story of a young man whose predicament (mental illness and lack of money) forces him to fulfill his late father’s unusual request, where he has to stay in an abandoned mansion... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Luke Fellows – Author of Snatch 2&20

SNATCH 2&20 Luke E. FellowsIndependently Published (2020)ISBN 9798639785795Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (05/20) Luke Fellows is a forty-something recovering hedge fund manager. Born in London, and educated at St. Paul’s School and Oxford University, he sacrificed his love of Classics for a Wall Street career, moving to New York City in 2000. After... Continue Reading →

“From Depression to Contentment” by Bob Rich, PhD

How we feel physically and mentally can make or break us. Dr. Bob Rich understands this and has the experience and expertise to solicit his advice unto our eager ears. In his book, “From Depression to Contentment: a Self-Therapy Guide,”

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