“Nine Bear Lodge” by Keith A. Hamilton

Two men who fled the Fall of the Berlin Wall come face-to-face with their horrific past when, out of pure coincidence, they end up vacationing at the same lodge. One was a smuggler who was ruthlessly beaten and tortured by the other, who was an officer. Set in the lush forests of the Bella Coola Valley in beautiful British Columbia, the men struggle to immerse themselves in the idyllic setting due to the past rearing its ugly head. What will happen when the ex-smuggler approaches his biggest adversary? Read and find out! … More “Nine Bear Lodge” by Keith A. Hamilton

“The Guest House: Stories of a Nervous Mind” by Shannon Terrell

In The Guest House: Stories of a Nervouse Mind author Shannon Terrell has given the reader an in-depth and very personal look into a life filled with anxiety disorders and how to deal with them, and she has done it in a very honest and well-written manner. … More “The Guest House: Stories of a Nervous Mind” by Shannon Terrell

“Regrets, Love, Sex, and Life Lessons” by Melissa Owens

“Regrets, Love, Sex and Life Lessons” by Melissa Owens is a blend of bristling, real-life short stories chock full of prudent life lessons and guidance. The narration starts with an emotional recount of the author’s health journey in and out of psychiatric hospitals due to the euphoric and unusually irritable effects of her bipolar disorder condition. Her mental agitations would cause her tormenting problems and a break from reality for a long time. In one of the psychiatric hospitals, she meets a man whose interests and chemistry are undeniably beatific, but the relationship is short-lived when a tragic occurrence happens. … More “Regrets, Love, Sex, and Life Lessons” by Melissa Owens

“The Man Who Screams at Nightfall and Other Stories” by Rush Leaming

In this collection of eclectic short stories, author Rush Leaming takes the literary world by its reins by diving into the supernatural, the unsettling, and even the daring human scenarios to present readers with a unique panorama of a world most intriguing. Based on true events, Leaming’s short stories transverse across continents in countries such as The Democratic Republic of Congo, Thailand, Greece, Spain, and America bringing together experiences that range from themes such as loneliness, guilt, redemption, nostalgia, loss and love. … More “The Man Who Screams at Nightfall and Other Stories” by Rush Leaming

“The Exact Likeness of Living Persons” by Margaret J. McMaster

“The Exact Likeness of Living Persons” by Margaret J. McMaster is an eclectic collection of free writing assembled into a book you’ll want to visit again and again.

The collection is a mix of prose, short stories, poetry and even a play. As a reader, I could not figure out an identifiable sequence based on which its content was structured, but the heart of the book is people. As such, readers will find stories about characters, situations people get into, places where people lived, and things people do, among others; all reflected within the array of different artistic writing styles the author expressed herself with. From ‘the end of a marriage,’ ‘Breakfast in the Garden…,’ to a play about old age love, and ‘What Was left at The End.’ Some of these stories are complemented with cute images and pictures which makes the read even more enjoyable. … More “The Exact Likeness of Living Persons” by Margaret J. McMaster

“This Distance We Call Love” by Carol Dines

In Ms. Carol Dines book, “The Distance We Call Love” we embrace different people going through varying situations that life throws at them. With each story, the characters learn to either accept what’s happening in their lives or to adapt to change because of their changing circumstances. Each story presents the adaptability or lack of adaptability people must face in their individual lives and what the ultimate outcome is based on how they react to their unique situation. … More “This Distance We Call Love” by Carol Dines

“Tree S.T.A.R.S.: Dominion” by Edward Morrow

“Tree S.T.A.R.S: Dominion” is an exquisite read by Edward Morrow, a skilled arborist who has been affirmed by the International Society of Arboriculture. His delight and ardor for modern arboriculture has motivated him to pen this collection in an effort to appreciate and bring awareness to the uninformed populace about tree care heroes whose valuable science, art, and practice stays requisite to the modern society.   … More “Tree S.T.A.R.S.: Dominion” by Edward Morrow

“The Margo Chronicles” by CJ MacKinnon

“The Margo Chronicles” by CJ MacKinnon introduces readers to Margo and Michael, a married couple who have just retired and moved from the city to Wannatoka Springs, a fictitious, tiny, rural community in British Columbia. Margo and Michael try to figure out who they are while navigating how to fit in within a small community where most people travel via ATV or golf cart. They need to figure out who they are outside of having a job and how to live in the country. It is a collection of short stories instead of a narrative fictional novel. … More “The Margo Chronicles” by CJ MacKinnon

“A Colossal Injustice” by Miguel Angel Hernandez, Jr.

“A Colossal Injustice” is the second book in the fascinating Griffin Knight crime series. Griffin Knight is back with his slick moves and investigative prowess to avenge the murder of Dylan Walker, whose strong moral compass ultimately got him killed. Like the first book, each chapter provides an alternate perspective, allowing readers to glean insight and experience the unraveling of the case. … More “A Colossal Injustice” by Miguel Angel Hernandez, Jr.

“Last Chance” by Darren E. Watling

Earth is facing imminent doom in the form of an asteroid. Seeking to save mankind, the world’s best and brightest have formulated a plan to send a remnant of humankind into space. The Americans have their own ideas. What follows is a farcical, snarky, and outrageous series of bizarre events brought about by bad decisions and utter deceit.  … More “Last Chance” by Darren E. Watling