“You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It” by Ray Catania

“You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It: Empower, Elevate, and Enlighten Your Consciousness,” is the second book in Ray Catania’s Awakening Series. It follows, “The Atheist and the Afterlife – an Autobiography.” Continuing his studies, the author is also now a metaphysical teacher and coach. In “You are Still Alive, Now Act Like It,” Catania continues to share his personal experiences while discussing his thoughts on metaphysical and scientific principles. He seamlessly blends the concepts together and presents them in a way that readers will be able to understand. As with his first book, his life experiences are fascinating! … More “You Are Still Alive, Now Act Like It” by Ray Catania

“Life Skills” by Marian K. Volkman

“Life Skills: Improve the Quality of Your Life with Applied Metapsychology, 2nd Edition,” is part of the Explorations in Metapsychology five book series. In this updated edition, author Marian Volkman provides readers with steps to use to enrich the quality of their lives. This will help them relieve pain from past traumatic events and move forward into a more fulfilling life. The techniques presented will enable us to help ourselves and also improve our relationships. The Applied Metapsychology (AMP) techniques are person centered. It is up to the reader to do the work that is presented in the exercises. … More “Life Skills” by Marian K. Volkman

“Trust Your Intuition” by Robin Pollak

“Trust Your Intuition” by Robin Pollack is a beautifully written guide to awakening the spiritual gifts we all have inside us, but often ignore. Once a person learns to listen to their internal voice, they begin to grow in physical, mental, and spiritual awareness. This is accomplished by trusting one’s inner knowledge, dismissing hang-ups of self-doubt and fear from past experiences in order to receive love. As Ms. Pollack so eloquently states, “love holds infinite possibilities”.  These possibilities allow the reader to find their truth, discover their true value, and become an authentic version of themself.  … More “Trust Your Intuition” by Robin Pollak

“Quiet Hour” by Heather Chase and Ken Beller

“Quiet Hour: An Easy Way to Reduce Stress and Feel Inner Peace Outside” is a concise guide that helps teach both individuals and groups the benefits of using time in nature to relieve stress. It is through a four-step approach participants learn to disengage, unwind, relax and regather their calm. This program is designed to be suitable for everyone, no matter their physical or economical limitations. This handy guide provides all the necessary know-how you need to turn off the stress and enjoy the healing sights, sounds, smells and feeling nature provides.  … More “Quiet Hour” by Heather Chase and Ken Beller

“The 6 Phase Meditation Method” by Vishen Lakhiani

“The 6 Phase Meditation Method” is a comprehensive guide which employs both the physical and emotional health benefits of meditation in an updated manner to fit today’s lifestyles. Lakhiani’s straightforward approach takes away the intimidation behind an ancient practice, modernizing it into a program anyone can follow. … More “The 6 Phase Meditation Method” by Vishen Lakhiani

“Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts” by C.K. Sobey

In these pages, Ms. Sobey has been able to give the reader insight into her everyday life. She shows us how so many things that one sees or feels on a daily basis have the ability to turn someone’s life around and twist them inside out. Life is always a jumble, at least in my opinion. It can make you happy, sad, fearful, confused, traumatized, and joyful at any given moment. It can also turn you upside down and make you feel more than one of the emotions at the same time. With her poems, Ms. Sobey has shown us that her own journey has been full of observations about her life, other’s lives, our planet, and our beliefs, and I absolutely loved it. … More “Musings, Woolgathering, & Ghosts” by C.K. Sobey

“Beyond the Money: 8 Lifestyle Shifts for Entrepreneurs with 8 Figures or More” by Chad Willardson

So, you’ve made it! You are part of a rare species—the elite, the top one percent, the creme de la crop. As a highly successful CEO or founder of a booming business, you’ve achieved more than most entrepreneurs could ever dream of. You’ve reached the metaphorical peak of the mountain, which feels great, but looking down also fills you with anxiety. There is so far to fall. But worry not, “Beyond the Money: 8 Lifestyle Shifts for Entrepreneurs With 8 Figures or More” by Chad Willardson was written to meet you where you are and inspire a growth mentality, so falling is not an option. There are always more mountains to climb. … More “Beyond the Money: 8 Lifestyle Shifts for Entrepreneurs with 8 Figures or More” by Chad Willardson

Meet the Author! A Conversation with Ray Catania – Author of “The Atheist and the Afterlife”

Today Author Ray Catania visits Reader Views to talk about his book, “The Atheist and the Afterlife,” his autobiography of his spiritual awakening. Learn how he went from being an atheist to finding spiritual and scientific evidence of an afterlife and so much more. … More Meet the Author! A Conversation with Ray Catania – Author of “The Atheist and the Afterlife”