“Tales of Asterra” by Michael Frank Rizzo

In “Tales of Asterra,” Penniforth Octavius Rodgers, otherwise known as Penny, narrates stories about different places, times, and people of this mystical land which is comprised of 50 different realms. The unique characters are not all mundane; some have very special gifts and abilities. Unfortunately for some, the gifts come from dark magic. In this world, there are magical serpents, trolls, dwarves, fairies, pirates, man-eating plants, and other mystical beings, some of which were previously unknown to me. … More “Tales of Asterra” by Michael Frank Rizzo

“Paladins: A Phantom Pilot Comes of Age” by Thomas Shaw

Thomas Shaw, a former Marine Corps Phantom and Hornet Pilot, uses his experiences in the field and in life to pen his debut novel, “Paladin’s: A Phantom Pilot Comes of Age.” It’s a thrilling, coming of age story of as a young man navigates love, life, and his service in the military. … More “Paladins: A Phantom Pilot Comes of Age” by Thomas Shaw

“Nine Bear Lodge” by Keith A. Hamilton

Two men who fled the Fall of the Berlin Wall come face-to-face with their horrific past when, out of pure coincidence, they end up vacationing at the same lodge. One was a smuggler who was ruthlessly beaten and tortured by the other, who was an officer. Set in the lush forests of the Bella Coola Valley in beautiful British Columbia, the men struggle to immerse themselves in the idyllic setting due to the past rearing its ugly head. What will happen when the ex-smuggler approaches his biggest adversary? Read and find out! … More “Nine Bear Lodge” by Keith A. Hamilton

“Dark School: Mark of the Adept” by Matti Silver

Dark School: Mark of the Adept is the second book I’ve read in the Dark School interactive adventure series by author Matti Silver.
A gate has opened. We can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened or even why. What we do know is that the world is permanently altered by some obscure alterations to the norm. Mankind exists in a new reality where, due to a pandemic, even the basic laws of nature are compromised and people are quite literally losing their minds. As an Adept, readers are charged to combat this invasion that threatens humanity at its very core. Will you rise to the challenge as a powerful leader in a new world order or succumb to the forces of your enemies?
More “Dark School: Mark of the Adept” by Matti Silver

“The American Outsider: A Novel” by Homa Pourasgari

“The American Outsider” by Homa Pourasgari showcases a passionate and relentless veterinarian Tessa Walker, who won’t stop until suffering animals get justice from merciless killers in the land of Taiji, Japan. She holds memories of brutal dolphin murders in Japan, which she had visited as a teen. Her pleading cries for help had fallen on her parents’ deaf ears. Tessa tries hard to push the memories back, but her strength to fight wears off at forty. … More “The American Outsider: A Novel” by Homa Pourasgari

“Salmon in the Seine” by Norris Comer

“Salmon in the Seine,” by Norris Comer, is a memoir of the author’s Alaskan adventure. Norris is an eighteen-year-old from Portland, Oregon, looking for an exciting way to earn cash in the summer of 2008. He hears there is good money in working fishing boats in Alaska. With optimism but no experience, he flies north, reaching Cordova, a small town south of Anchorage on Alaska’s coast. Cordova is a remote fishing “village” with an insular but generally friendly population of longtime locals, visitors like Comer, and Native Americans. The town is Norris’s destination based on the recommendation of a high school teacher where he has a temporary place to stay but no leads on where or how to become a fishing vessel crew member. … More “Salmon in the Seine” by Norris Comer

“A Slippery Shadow” by Gary D. McGugan

“A Slippery Shadow” is the latest international thriller by Gary D. McGugan. This story picks up where his previous novel, “A Web of Deceit” leaves off, and is a treacherous tale of mystery, mayhem and betrayal as a covert mastermind wreaks havoc across the globe at the highest levels of power. Nobody writes international intrigue like Gary D. McGugan, so I’m always beyond excited when I learn of an upcoming release. … More “A Slippery Shadow” by Gary D. McGugan

“A Slippery Shadow” by Gary D. McGugan

McGugan brings his top-tier writing skills to this powerful crime drama full of conspiracy, mystery, and intrigue. He doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to bringing the reader immediately into the plot. The story opens on Fidelia’s jet, and the descriptions of the action taking place are crisp and clean, each word and phrase deliberately chosen to drive you through each scene. I like that the author has drawn strong characters that can handle such a bold plotline. … More “A Slippery Shadow” by Gary D. McGugan