“The Living Legend” by Dan E. Hendrickson

Mr. Hendrickson has written an extremely interesting book about two completely different people, from two completely different worlds, who join together to fight for their families and for the freedoms in which all people are entitled. … More “The Living Legend” by Dan E. Hendrickson

“A Slippery Shadow” by Gary D. McGugan

“A Slippery Shadow” is the latest international thriller by Gary D. McGugan. This story picks up where his previous novel, “A Web of Deceit” leaves off, and is a treacherous tale of mystery, mayhem and betrayal as a covert mastermind wreaks havoc across the globe at the highest levels of power. Nobody writes international intrigue like Gary D. McGugan, so I’m always beyond excited when I learn of an upcoming release. … More “A Slippery Shadow” by Gary D. McGugan

“A Slippery Shadow” by Gary D. McGugan

McGugan brings his top-tier writing skills to this powerful crime drama full of conspiracy, mystery, and intrigue. He doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to bringing the reader immediately into the plot. The story opens on Fidelia’s jet, and the descriptions of the action taking place are crisp and clean, each word and phrase deliberately chosen to drive you through each scene. I like that the author has drawn strong characters that can handle such a bold plotline. … More “A Slippery Shadow” by Gary D. McGugan

“The Quantum Effect: Mission COVID-19” by Nicklois Leonard

The Quantum Effect: Mission COVID-19 Nicklois LeonardGatekeeper Press (2021)ISBN: 9781662904912Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/2021) “The Quantum Effect: Mission COVID -19,” is the first book in the exciting new Quantum Effect series by Nicklois Leonard. In this first episode readers meet a Navy SEAL Team as it is merging into QSTCC: Quantum Space-Time … More “The Quantum Effect: Mission COVID-19” by Nicklois Leonard

“Bluff” by John DeDakis

In “Bluff” by author John DeDakis, we see Lark Chadwick setting out on a new adventure, where everywhere she turns, trouble finds her. In Book 2 of this ongoing series, Lark will stop at nothing to get some real answers people are looking for regarding how real estate mogul Shane Duran is swindling retirees out of their retirement land they purchased from him years ago. As Lark peels back the layers of this entangled web of lies and deceit, she finds herself in some deep, hot water. Unfortunately, she may not be able to get out of this mess unscathed. … More “Bluff” by John DeDakis

“Walks with the Wind” by Steve Physioc

Physioc masterfully combines this character-driven drama into an unforgettable saga of family, loss, culture, war, and redemption. I especially like the way Native American culture is incorporated, and the way the lives of the main characters collide and work off of each other. The pacing is even, the plot intriguing, and the dialogue dynamic. You will become invested in the story and can’t guess what may lie around the next corner. … More “Walks with the Wind” by Steve Physioc