“Thunder, AZ” by Ari Loeb

Jimmy Johannsen is attending Columbia University when he receives a call that his twin sister was killed by a city transit bus that ran her over. Returning home to Thunder, AZ, he notices that the town has drastically changed. The townsfolk don’t know it yet, but a portal to Hell has opened. … More “Thunder, AZ” by Ari Loeb

“The Brain Drips Yellow” by Burn Moor

“The Brain Drips Yellow,” is an outstanding horror/fantasy novel. The author Burn Moor is an amazing writer. He brings this story to life with his vivid descriptions using a lot of simile and metaphors. His words are so smooth, I felt like he was gliding me down a path from which I could not escape. I had to keep reading! The dark psychological aspects of the storyline blend perfectly with supernatural horror. … More “The Brain Drips Yellow” by Burn Moor

“Wraith” by Raymond Bolton

“Wraith” is a supernatural novel involving Warren Sumner, a successful San Francisco entrepreneur whose professional acumen and ability to predict the market do not successfully transfer to his personal life—he drinks too much. A night out with his family and his business partner, Jordan, leaves him too inebriated to find his car. After several wrong turns, the Sumners wander into the wrong part of town and thugs attack. He and his two children are killed; Brandi, his wife, is hospitalized. Warren dies and heads toward “the white light.” Knowing that his drinking and his pride are the reasons his family has been destroyed, fury engulfs him, so through sheer force of will, he resists the afterworld’s white light to stay in ours. … More “Wraith” by Raymond Bolton