“Wraith” by Raymond Bolton

“Wraith” is a supernatural novel involving Warren Sumner, a successful San Francisco entrepreneur whose professional acumen and ability to predict the market do not successfully transfer to his personal life—he drinks too much. A night out with his family and his business partner, Jordan, leaves him too inebriated to find his car. After several wrong turns, the Sumners wander into the wrong part of town and thugs attack. He and his two children are killed; Brandi, his wife, is hospitalized. Warren dies and heads toward “the white light.” Knowing that his drinking and his pride are the reasons his family has been destroyed, fury engulfs him, so through sheer force of will, he resists the afterworld’s white light to stay in ours. … More “Wraith” by Raymond Bolton

“Primeval Waters” by William Burke

Riveting, to say the least, “Primeval Waters” took a slight turn that once again unleashed an unforgettable plot, told at a breathtaking pace. Here we meet Dr. Micah Clarke—a planetary geologist—along with his young daughter, Faye, and Catalina Abril, who is Dr. Clarke’s assistant. When this trio meets up with some seriously bad people, with guns aimed at them, they are kidnapped and forced to join a fanatic’s quest. … More “Primeval Waters” by William Burke

“Pivot” by L.C. Barlow

“Pivot” by L.C. Barlow, introduces readers to Jack Harper, a young girl who becomes an apprentice for Cyrus… a leader who isn’t all what he cracks up to be. During Jack’s young life (age 7), Cyrus begins training her how to kill and brings back her “victim” every time. Like with most cult leaders, Cyrus has many secrets, many hiding spots. Jack becomes determined to learn them all… or at least what is behind Cyrus’ dark power. Jack got more than what she bargained for. Eventually evil versus evil must take place but who will survive? … More “Pivot” by L.C. Barlow

“The Dark Land” by DM Shepard

I loved reading “The Dark Land.” I had goosebumps through most of it! Seriously. My husband even asked me if I was cold. While I will admit the winter descriptions of the wilderness helped contribute to the goosebumps, the griping story about the ancient evil creatures were the main source. The description of the creatures plus their supernatural capabilities of moving around added a great deal to the suspense. It was also clear that they had some form of intelligence. When the secrets about them are revealed, and the protagonist truly gets an understanding of their evil ways, I felt like I was held captive while she was. … More “The Dark Land” by DM Shepard

An Interview with TC Schueler, Author of “22 Dutch Road”

Tim “T.C.” Schueler lives with his wife and two children in Cary, an incorporated area just outside of Raleigh, NC. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in civil engineering and has spent his professional life pursuing solutions to ecological problems, such as wetland loss.  He grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. A boyhood fascination with Chesapeake Bay rivers still lives within him. He swims regularly (in pools, not  rivers) and enjoys the outdoors. He is an omnivorous reader who took up writing at the age of 50. … More An Interview with TC Schueler, Author of “22 Dutch Road”