“Winterset Hollow” by Jonathan Edward Durham

“Winterset Hollow” is like “Alice in Wonderland” meets “Cabin in the Woods.” On one hand, our main characters are achieving the dream of a lifetime by not only traveling to Addington Isle, but learning that the characters of their favorite book are, in fact, frighteningly, fantastically alive and real. On the other, they are not the sweet, innocent group that the book portrays them to be. … More “Winterset Hollow” by Jonathan Edward Durham

“Hamlet in Baltimore” by Pavel Cerny

This author has utilized pure fiction to create a take on Poe’s life that no one ever thought about. He uses riveting descriptive prose to describe each and every scene, making the reader feel as if they are walking the streets of Baltimore and viewing “the two- and three-story red brick buildings” with “smoke rising out of the many chimneys as the cold chills the bones inside the rooms at night.” And when it comes to illustrations, Manuel Wittman is given credit for bringing to life Cerny’s story with his incredible drawings that add to the already great story ten-fold. In fact, the combination of author and illustrator on this particular piece deserves high praise, considering the combination entices the imagination and gives all readers a wealth of ideas to think about long after they close the cover. … More “Hamlet in Baltimore” by Pavel Cerny

“The Brain Drips Yellow” by Burn Moor

“The Brain Drips Yellow,” is an outstanding horror/fantasy novel. The author Burn Moor is an amazing writer. He brings this story to life with his vivid descriptions using a lot of simile and metaphors. His words are so smooth, I felt like he was gliding me down a path from which I could not escape. I had to keep reading! The dark psychological aspects of the storyline blend perfectly with supernatural horror. … More “The Brain Drips Yellow” by Burn Moor