“Glory Bishop” by Deborah L. King

“Glory Bishop” introduces readers to Glory, a teenage girl who is trying to figure out who she is while living with her overly religious mother, working with a fabulous hair salon owner, and dealing with teenage love, especially with her boyfriend, J. T leaving for the service. Glory has the dreams most teenagers have, going off to college and being her own self. But her abusive mother has other plans and is beyond happy when Glory starts dating Malcolm, the preacher’s son. Glory’s life with Malcolm is not at all what she expected it to be. … More “Glory Bishop” by Deborah L. King

“All That is Sacred” by Donna Norman-Carbone

“All That is Sacred” written by Donna Norman-Carbone is a stirring, thought-provoking piece of literature that I can only describe as art. At one time, Lynn and her four best friends were a mismatched bunch of teens who bonded over their love of beaches, E.T., and eighties’ music. Nineteen years later, the girls are all women with adult lives, husbands, children, and careers of their own. Sadly, they’ve all lost touch; in spite of the promise they all made to remain sisters forever, some of them are little more than acquaintances now. Lynn regrets the way their close bonds of friendship have faded, even as she struggles to maintain a connection with her husband, Scott, who works too much. She wants her life and everyone in it to be perfect, and decides a private getaway with Scott can help mend her marriage. Unfortunately, Lynn and Scott get in an accident and Lynn doesn’t survive. How can she find peace after death when her friends, family, and two young girls are all so fractured? Can her death somehow be the catalyst to bring them back together again? … More “All That is Sacred” by Donna Norman-Carbone

“Where the Grass Grows Blue” by Hope Gibbs

“Where the Grass Grows Blue” by Hope Gibbs is a charming story about heartbreak and resilience with a bit of romance sprinkled in. Penny Crenshaw has been thrust into this new life as a divorced mother of three, and her strength is being tested on every level. The story’s landscape changes between Atlanta (her current home) and Kentucky, where she endured a complicated childhood. Readers are quickly brought up to speed with her past through cleverly woven flashbacks. … More “Where the Grass Grows Blue” by Hope Gibbs

“Stone Heart” by Susan K. Hamilton

Most of us have them: the one that “got away.” The former flame we think about and wonder what if… For legendary rock star Lauren Stone, that ex is Danny Padovano, the one person who loved her before she was a star. Her high school sweetheart and soul mate. The one who just crossed her path through a series of unforeseen events. The one who just admitted he never got over her. Is it getting hot in here?? … More “Stone Heart” by Susan K. Hamilton

“Don’t Poke the Bear” by Robin D’Amato

“Don’t Poke the Bear” by Robin D’Amato takes us inside the lives of Allie, Natia, and Rihanna. Although the three women come from very different backgrounds, now in the amazing city of New York, they have found each other for friendship and support. We follow the three in their daily lives, which are full of challenging careers and boyfriends that are, on a good day, a bit difficult. … More “Don’t Poke the Bear” by Robin D’Amato

“Last Liar Standing” by Danielle M. Wong

“Last Liar Standing” is a spooky, exhilarating novel that will keep you spellbound from the first to the last page. Veronica Kwan wakes up in the hospital having no memories from the past nine years of her life. Her relationships are shattered, she has no idea who this older version of herself even is, and she’s now being questioned about her husband’s murder. The thing is, Vonny doesn’t even remember meeting her husband, let alone marrying him. Will her lost memories reveal a side of her that is too sinister to contemplate, or will she awaken to a past that will continue to haunt her future? … More “Last Liar Standing” by Danielle M. Wong

“Comfort Zone” by Kimberly Fish

“Comfort Zone” by the award-winning author Kimberly Fish, is a highly entertaining and absorbing novel about Anna and Jack, who’s “running” eventually leads them smack into a brick wall that they, themselves, have built. But by letting a friendship grow, and working together with common interests, they find satisfaction in one another. … More “Comfort Zone” by Kimberly Fish

“The Sound of Wings” by Suzanne Simonetti

The amount of emotion this debut has is enthralling. Honestly, there are not many firsts that can deliver so much love, secrets, friendship, risks, pain, betrayals… and the list goes on, that hold your attention from beginning to end. The author wrote a tale that literally allowed me to move through time. She allowed me to cry, laugh, and feel the goosebumps grow as I read and waited for the next thing to be unveiled. … More “The Sound of Wings” by Suzanne Simonetti

“Beyond the Song” by Carol Selick

In Ms. Selick’s autobiographical novel, “Beyond the Song,” readers are introduced to the author’s alter ego as she carves her niche into the music industry during the sixties and seventies. We meet people she casually encounters and people that are truly her friends—all helping her try to carry out her dream of becoming a successful singer-songwriter. … More “Beyond the Song” by Carol Selick