“Till We All Win” by Kelechukwu Nnabuike Onwukamike

“Till We All Win: We Are All a Work in Progress,” by Author Kelechukwu Nnabuike Onwukamike, begins to ask one question; is or should one attempt to have a successful vocation or career by themselves? “Themselves” meaning without any help or assistance from anyone! Should you try? Is it a good method for success? … More “Till We All Win” by Kelechukwu Nnabuike Onwukamike

“Make Me the Boss” by Emily Tsitrian

Author Emily Tsitrian nails management advice in the age of Millennial leaders in her book “Make Me the Boss.” playing to her audience through the use of creative memes, non-traditional career advice, and a re-write of the outdated corporate career ladder. Her experiences as a first-time manager across various teams, industries, and leadership positions held, allows her to offer actionable advice, useful tips and tricks, and much needed reassurance for Millennials at this stage in their career. … More “Make Me the Boss” by Emily Tsitrian

“The Human Sales Factor” by Lance Tyson

“The Human Sales Factor” is a nonfiction self-help reference book aimed at business leaders and salespeople, which focuses on the human aspect at the core of every component of the sales process. The author highlights the fact that “every single one of us is a salesperson” and mentions that investors or clients don’t necessarily choose the best idea or product but instead, they invest in a person. … More “The Human Sales Factor” by Lance Tyson

“Lift: Fostering the Leader in You Amid Revolutionary Global Change” by Faisal Hoque, Jeff Wuorio, and Shelley Moench-Kelly

“Lift: Fostering the Leader in You Amid Revolutionary Global Change” markets itself as a book for leadership amongst a backdrop of revolutionary global change. Despite its daunting promises, the author and all contributors have succinctly delivered a three-part read gracefully outlining the causes of global change, the opportunity these changes provide and where, as well as the transformational abilities they offer.  … More “Lift: Fostering the Leader in You Amid Revolutionary Global Change” by Faisal Hoque, Jeff Wuorio, and Shelley Moench-Kelly

“Tackling Complexity” by Anu Rathninde

Author Anu Rathninde has dedicated his life to understanding why some leaders are successful and others seem destined to fail. Recognizing that there is an abundance of literature on leadership, Rathninde takes a different approach. Leaders must embrace complexity, understanding that the very nature of complexity is uncertainty and that a leader’s mindset is what is standing in their way. … More “Tackling Complexity” by Anu Rathninde

“The Intrepid Brotherhood” by Gordon Graham

“The Intrepid Brotherhood” is a memoir of a long running bureaucratic knife fight between the author, an IT systems manager, and his organization’s CEO, who was trying to demote and eventually fire him. As Gordon Graham notes in his epilogue, the story has larger implications, and perhaps will be studied by historians who try to make sense out of the changes that the computer revolution wrought for society. … More “The Intrepid Brotherhood” by Gordon Graham

“Becoming the Bank” by Chad Robinson

In “Becoming the Bank,” author Chad Robinson seeks educate and offer solutions to investors beyond the traditional sense. Creating a guide to operating in the private lending space, Robinson provides definitions, insights, and expert knowledge for others to gain comfort in diving into this investment opportunity, well beyond that of the stock market and other passive investment vehicles. … More “Becoming the Bank” by Chad Robinson

“The DAP Strategy” by Raj Sundarason

Digital transformation has become our everyday reality. Distilling from years of experience in the business world along with empirical evidence, Sundarason deftly covers topics such as infusing technology into areas like marketing, branding, accounting, supply, and the general management of an organization. The result is an exhaustive tapestry with personal experiences that hold the potential to empower people, organizations, and leaders alike to go from barely functioning to propelling themselves, ultimately exceeding expectations. … More “The DAP Strategy” by Raj Sundarason

“Indirect Work” by Carol Sanford

“Indirect Work” offers fundamental ideas housed amongst the backdrop of coach Phil Jackson’s legacy, coaching the Chicago Bulls during their championship runs. Within an otherwise reflective and immersive read stemming from the author’s concern towards the ways societies are currently pursuing change, author Carol Sanford shows us how transforming ourselves and the way we see, be, and act in the world is the only way true change can occur. … More “Indirect Work” by Carol Sanford