“Encountering Technology” by George Gerstman

“Encountering Technology” by George Gerstman will take you on an intriguing journey through eighty years of innovation. Televisions, radios, computers, cellphones, telephones, even credit cards have evolved very quickly over the last several decades. Mr. Gerstman offers a unique perspective of technology from its origins to the present day. He not only used the majority of the tech he describes, but throughout his law career, he also helped inventors patent their ideas and protect their intellectual property rights. … More “Encountering Technology” by George Gerstman

“The Conscious Marketer” by Jim Joseph

onscious Marketer” by Jim Joseph is every business person’s guide to enhancing their advertising practices in today’s world. Mr. Joseph leverages his expert knowledge and experience to teach you the tips and tricks most successful marketing companies are using today to help you decide whether or not these techniques are something you should start implementing in your business. … More “The Conscious Marketer” by Jim Joseph

“Tireless: Key Principles that Drive Success Beyond Business School” by Kim Lorenz

Kim’s story, and the story of his business success, is not the typical story you read about in your MBA case studies. Kim’s story is as simple as solving a customer’s problem, a problem they often don’t even recognize they have, and yet while this concept may be “simple” it is so much more challenging than we can even begin to imagine, something he outlines extraordinarily well throughout this book. … More “Tireless: Key Principles that Drive Success Beyond Business School” by Kim Lorenz

“Mean People Suck” by Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner speaks the truth when he says that “Mean People Suck.” As a successful public speaker and a speaker from multiple personal experiences with 50+ jobs on his resume, Brenner has some advice to give businesses and its employees. “Mean People Suck” is written from a business perspective; Brenner includes research statistics and relevant stories from well-known companies that have either been successful or have gone under due to their business choices. … More “Mean People Suck” by Michael Brenner