“Not Your Job” by Pierce Brantley

If a company employee sees a book with a title, “Not Your Job,” they may think, ‘Finally! Something I can use to get out of my boss’ quiet hiring strategy!’ But that’s not what this book is about. And, actually, “Not Your Job: Discover the Surprising Way to Save Time, Avoid Burnout and Do What you Love Forever” by Pierce Brantley is a book specifically written for entrepreneurs, business owners, and business managers. This book tackles the issue of such people taking on more work than they should, losing valuable time they should be spending on more important tasks, and suffering burnout from stretching themselves too thin. This book gives a solution to all that, by offering advice about delegating tasks to employees and making sure they actually do the job they have been entrusted with.

I do not have any experience as a manager, but I am the “owner” of my own home-based business. I have had the experience of delegating tasks to other people who claimed to be the right person for the job. Sadly, there were cases in which they were not, and there were either delays because of this or the final product was not as good as it should have been. If you’re going to delegate tasks to individuals, you have to make sure they are the right person for the job. And not only must you ensure they are the right person for the job, but you must also ensure they will actually do the same kind of work you would do yourself. … More “Not Your Job” by Pierce Brantley

“An Optimist by Degrees” by John E. Madigan

“An Optimist by Degrees” is an emotional fictional work by John E. Madigan, that tells of Tom’s quest to uncover secrets and lies that dissipated the company he so selflessly worked for. Full of devastation and anger as he overlooks the old factory, Tom is unable to cope with his biggest challenge of negative emotions, since now he has to piece together a part-time, contract, or temporary job to keep afloat financially. … More “An Optimist by Degrees” by John E. Madigan

“Captain Communicator” by Blaise Hunter

Connection is so innately human, yet we find ourselves struggling to facilitate effective communication, ultimately resulting in the opposite of what we need. We are quick to judge others, negatively react when things don’t go our way and commit “identity fraud” when we mask our authentic selves. Blaise Hunter, the author of “Captain Communicator,” has provided readers with an invaluable gift—the skills necessary to become a next-level communicator. … More “Captain Communicator” by Blaise Hunter

“Visible Strengths” by Mary Mosope Adeyemi

“Visible Strengths: Capitalize on Strengths, Contribute Value, and Communicate Results to Accelerate Your Career” is a vital career guide by Mary Mosope Adeyemi that explores three essential steps to professional fulfillment, fruitful endeavors, and success in one’s career: capitalizing on your strength, contributing value to these strengths, and communicating results to those who matter. … More “Visible Strengths” by Mary Mosope Adeyemi

“Humony Leadership” by Steven Howard

Great leaders are role models in the corporate world. They kindle our desire to bring out the best in us. When we try to reflect on their strategy for ensuring effectiveness, we often attribute it to pure vision or their innovative blueprints to steer companies to a higher level. But the core actuality is much more about a culture based on human connections in the world force.

In “Humony Leadership: Mindsets, Skills, and Behaviors for Being a Successful People-Centric Leader”, Steven Howard, an award-winning author, takes a straightforward and sure-footed look into a people-centric leadership approach that will enable managers to accost and deal with unpredictability and ambivalence. … More “Humony Leadership” by Steven Howard

“Leadership with a Servant’s Heart: Leading in Your Workplace” by Kevin Wayne Johnson

“Leadership with a Servant’s Heart: Leading in Your Workplace” is a handbook for any person in a leadership capacity, whether it be utilized within a professional office or community outreach. The lesson plans taught are biblically based backed with quoted scripture. Author Kevin Wayne Johnson incorporates a foolproof plan to build a strong team atmosphere of camaraderie within the workplace. Multi-cultural and multi-generational differences are addressed to encompass a wide range of mindsets. Post pandemic workplace challenges are acknowledged, enabling the reader to find solutions to today’s issues of employee shortages by way of flexible work schedules and remote work opportunities. Principals are strategically laid out in a step-by-step plan to become a leader that coaches as they inspire their coworkers to achieve goals as they grow into leaders themselves. … More “Leadership with a Servant’s Heart: Leading in Your Workplace” by Kevin Wayne Johnson

“The Money & Meaning Journey” by Jeff Bernier

Almost everyone, at some point in their life, might have asked themselves about the sense of their being, their God-given purpose, and the goals that they would like to pursue. These questions, if left unanswered, keep posing distress to the individual and may lead to vexation and dejection.

“The Money & Meaning Journey: A Guide to Clarity, Financial Confidence, and Joy” by Jeff Bernier is an elegant read that seeks to help individuals seek answers to these questions while inspiring hope, impacting wisdom, and transforming mindsets, as cleverly divvied up in its fifteen meritorious chapters. … More “The Money & Meaning Journey” by Jeff Bernier

“Sell Yourself” by Dr. Cindy McGovern

“Sell Yourself: How to Create, Live, and Sell a Powerful Personal Brand” is an iconic and impactful strategy text written by best-selling author Dr. Cindy Mc. Govern. Here, the author fashions out practical skills of attaining a personal brand, developing it, and championing it into a reality. Dr. Cindy begins by defining a personal brand and guides readers through a fresh approach to amplify one’s brand through life choices, applying professional skills, and building a powerful reputation and, in turn making better sales and bagging more profit in business. … More “Sell Yourself” by Dr. Cindy McGovern

“Click and Grow Rich: Escape the Rat Race, Work Online, and Live Anywhere” by Paul Browning

“Click and Grow Rich: Escape the Rat Race, Work Online, and Live Anywhere” by Paul Browning is a powerful prerequisite tool with priceless course-altering information and explicit instructions, gathered by an author with a rich digital business experience and presence. He, a policeman turned IT guru, is a marketer par-excellence who has been a digital online sensation parading an undeniable record of success and accomplishment in the sphere. The text’s introduction hints at an all-exclusive read that seeks to give rare skills that will spiral readers’ income upwards, with little to no programming or marketing know-how. … More “Click and Grow Rich: Escape the Rat Race, Work Online, and Live Anywhere” by Paul Browning

“Hidden Cash Uncovered” by Christian Bishop

Christian Bishop, who is a Certified Financial Planner and an Enrolled Agent, is the author of “Hidden Cash Uncovered: Tax Tales, Tips, and Truths That Could Save You Thousands.” He refers to it as a tax-mentality book, not a tax code book.

Instead of overwhelming us with tax code, Bishop teaches us how to look for ways in which we can legally save money on taxes. In addition to providing easily understandable definitions of terms, he also illustrates his points with actual case studies. Arranged in short stories, readers can look for topics that apply to their personal needs. It addresses every phase of adulthood, from college years to retirement. I personally enjoyed reading it the whole way through, because I was astounded at the often-overlooked ways in which taxpayers can save money. Having read it, I plan on going back and using it as a reference. I also appreciate how well the information is organized. He selects important topics and then breaks them down in a concise manner with definitions, examples, and case studies. I believe readers will find it interesting and easy to follow. … More “Hidden Cash Uncovered” by Christian Bishop