“The Truth Effect” by Anne Mortensen

“The Truth Effect” is the story of a fearless woman journalist, Kelly, who’s trying to warn England of the government’s plan to impose an artificially intelligent-powered thought control regime in 2030. Set in London, it extrapolates about the advances of IT-biometric technology, particularly the potential connections between human consciousness and the digital information systems that are sure to be developed. … More “The Truth Effect” by Anne Mortensen

“Hall of Skulls” by Jamie Eubanks

The graphic image of a human skull on the cover of this book was what initially captured my attention. The title and the cover had me assuming it would be a horror novel. Boy…was I wrong. “Hall of Skulls” is actually a science fiction novel with romantic elements that add to the story. The characters are complex and well-developed, and they continue to evolve throughout the pages. … More “Hall of Skulls” by Jamie Eubanks

“The Masada Affair” by Michael J. Metroke

The central theme of the novel is a question often asked in science fiction: what makes someone a free and sentient being with their own rights and freedoms? It is a question struggled with throughout human history, from the ancient times to the American Civil War to the modern world. The novel even takes its title from the days of the First Jewish-Roman War when Jewish defenders had to make a terrible choice, a life of enslavement or death. … More “The Masada Affair” by Michael J. Metroke

“Helio Tropez” by C.M. Rieger

C.M. Rieger is a masterful writer who knows how to capture her reader’s attention immediately, and then not let go. While this amazing science fiction novel has over 700 pages, it is still a very fast read. The characters go through a tremendous amount of development as the story unfolds. In order to step into their full power, they must work through some very deep rooted issues. … More “Helio Tropez” by C.M. Rieger