“A Brutal Justice” by Jess Corban

“A Brutal Justice” once again showcases the raw talent of author Jess Corban’s writing abilities. The fast-moving plot is filled with danger, startling detail, and perfectly timed comedic interludes. Most importantly, though, is her continued ability to lace such important themes throughout the story. In “A Brutal Justice,” we see a figurehead, Teera Pierce, as a Matriarch of a powerful, well-advanced female society. She is a woman who has put the rule of her realm above everything, even her own flesh and blood. But how much power is too much power? And what happens when it is left unchecked for too long? … More “A Brutal Justice” by Jess Corban

“Chambers of the Heart: Speculative Stories” by B. Morris Allen

Although this heartfelt collection is categorized as “speculative” or abstract fiction, I have to say the author has hit every emotion and done so in such a unique way that I felt as if some stories were pure, factual, truth—truth that resonated to my very core. … More “Chambers of the Heart: Speculative Stories” by B. Morris Allen

“No Such Thing as Evil” by Andrew Hunkins

Laura & Ben Richards, college professors, and members of the lucky, employed class find themselves the parents of a friend’s orphan baby boy, Chris Lumiére. A very unusual boy who defies modern medicine’s attempts to scan him, and who somehow exudes an aura of comfort and leadership. The boy’s life runs parallel to, yet inevitably entangled with, the efforts of a dark cult plotting mankind’s next evolutionary leap. Their efforts seem directed by supernatural forces that speak to their leaders during sadistic rituals involving torture and pain. … More “No Such Thing as Evil” by Andrew Hunkins

“Light of Darkness” by Ebenezer O. Makinde

This is a story of good versus evil, and the continual questions we have that have been discussed, argued, and have caused confusion since the very beginning of time. While the reader may still be befuddled and not have any clear resolutions when they are finished, it is certainly a unique way of putting forth those questions to a reader. … More “Light of Darkness” by Ebenezer O. Makinde