“Reform: Combating the Algorithmic Mutation” by Scott Bollens

“ReForm: Combating the Algorithmic Mutation” by Scott Bollens is a fascinating and unique dystopian novel. The United States no longer exists. Only those in power have any level of wealth or comfort. Worse yet, people are no longer in control, having abdicated power to the supercomputer that was their greatest achievement. This ultimate power by machinery crept in slowly, seemingly benign at first. But as the computer learned and recognized the negative traits of humankind, it gradually rewrote its own program. Now the vast majority of humans are implanted with a chip in their brains where the machine feeds them its own version of reality. People are no longer citizens, no longer inhabitants with the rights, privileges, and protections of their government. They are now denizens. They are aliens admitted to residence and adapted to new conditions. They are not in Kansas anymore. … More “Reform: Combating the Algorithmic Mutation” by Scott Bollens

“Hidden Shifters” by David Dann

After aliens from planet B3 invade planet A7, much of the indigenous population is declared dangerous and locked away.  More dangerous than any of the animal hybrids are the shapeshifters, who can take on any form.  “Hidden Shifters” is the story of Adrian Walker, one such shifter.  Since he was a kid, he has pretended to be an innocuous sheep hybrid to escape the notice of the aliens.  Working as a janitor at the prison for the dangerous hybrids, he is suddenly thrust into the role of warden after the previous warden is discovered to be part of the rebels against the aliens.  To further complicate matters, his girlfriend—another shapeshifter—is captured at a rebel protest.  In order to rescue his girlfriend, Adrian falls into the rebellion, despite his misgivings.  … More “Hidden Shifters” by David Dann

“Periodic East” by Gabriel L. Rodriguez

Earth has entered Nuclear Winter. Few have survived. Tiberius, a man from Louisiana, made his way to what was once the Brazilian rainforest and now leads a small group of survivors. For six years, they’ve managed to cobble together some semblance of a life until the death of one of their people by an unknown entity. Following this tragedy, Tiberius and a small group opt to travel to join up with a larger settlement for safety. Meanwhile, right before the world fell apart, the spacecraft Icarus was sent into space, containing some of the brightest minds on Earth, in an attempt to preserve humanity. Now, more than six years later, Sam Ng is having strange dreams and believes that there may be someone new on board. 

“Periodic East” by Gabriel L. Rodriguez is one of the most unique stories I’ve come across in a long time. … More “Periodic East” by Gabriel L. Rodriguez

“The First Olympians” by Graeme Falco

“The First Olympians” is an incredibly well-written science fiction story that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages. While the story initially appears to be directed at Young Adult readers, the author quickly captured my attention with the uniqueness of this story and his exceptional gift for writing. He provides intricate details that help bring the settings to life, whether they be in the underground oxygen-deprived tunnels or up in a rocket ship that is a technical masterpiece. … More “The First Olympians” by Graeme Falco

“Co-Exist: Rise of the Zombies” by Cyra King

Imagine a world where people are horrifically affected by a man-made virus, which was initially transmitted by animals. Well, I guess that part is not too hard to imagine. In this case, the virus turns people into Zombies!

This virus has wiped out 80 percent of the American population. Humans are now transmitting it to each other through bites and scratches. What the humans do not know is that the living zombies are sentient. They have speech and can communicate with each other, but the non-infected do not know this and consider them all savages. The sentient zombies call the dead zombies “empties,” because they have no humanity left in them. Some of the sentients are Zegans, in that they do not eat human flesh. While the world is falling apart, people start showing their true nature, whether they are infected or not. This leads to suffering on both sides. The protagonist is this tale is a Zegan with a good heart. When she hears rumors of a cure, she sets out on a mission to try getting it so that people can recover. Unfortunately, there are players on both sides who do not want her to succeed. … More “Co-Exist: Rise of the Zombies” by Cyra King

“Intergalactic Exterminators, Inc.” by Ash Bishop

Russ Wesley is a wanderer at heart. He travels around doing odd jobs to support himself. Devoted to his grandmother, he returns to his hometown to be there for her at his grandfather’s funeral. Discovering that her bookshop is falling apart, Russ decides to stay longer and help her fix it up before the creditors take it away. In a storeroom, while looking through his grandfather’s collection of oddities, Russ finds an artifact that sets things in motion that will change his life completely. … More “Intergalactic Exterminators, Inc.” by Ash Bishop

“LingerLust” by Matt Smart

LingerLust Matt SmartIndependently Published (2022)ISBN: 979-8766289203Reviewed by Megan Weiss for Reader Views (2/2/2023) “LingerLust” by Matt Smart is a witty read filled with time traveling, futuristic technology, immortality serums and dubious governmental agendas and agencies. Charlie Anderson stepped into the office one normal day in 2019, but instead of going about his normal workday, he … More “LingerLust” by Matt Smart

“The Kylie Android” by Michael J. Metroke

“The mid-day heat of the Australian Outback desert scrubland did little to distract the two Arrernte hunters from tracking a kangaroo mob. Crouching in a dry creek bed, they searched the ground for signs of their nearby prey… ‘The bloody weaver birds must’ve decorated this mulga,’ Alawa said. ‘But where did they find all this metal?’ The answer to Alawa’s question laid a short distance from the acacia. Pointing to a badly damaged humanlike head and its detached torso, an alarmed Waru said, ‘Something very bad has happened here.’” – The Kylie Android … More “The Kylie Android” by Michael J. Metroke

“Einstein in the Attic” by Dana Dargos and Said Al Bizri

Einstein in the Attic is a novel that tackles the long-written question of evolution in terms of the age-old argument between religion and science. I began reading with the expectation that the topic had been overdone and, therefore, it would be the same-old-thing. Boy, was I wrong! This debut novel is absolutely wonderful and well worth reading as the question is tackled in a completely new and mesmerizing way. … More “Einstein in the Attic” by Dana Dargos and Said Al Bizri

“Unfettered Journey” by Gary F. Bengier

“Unfettered Journey,” by Gary. F. Bengier, is a science fiction novel exploring philosophic questions of artificial intelligence; it also delves into the nature of freewill and whether we have it or not. The protagonist, Joe Denkensmith, a leading researcher on artificial intelligence (AI) is trying to answer what is, in the future, still an unresolved question; has AI achieved true self-consciousness? He doesn’t think so but isn’t completely sure, suspecting that the answer involves philosophic theory. He takes a sabbatical at a small college to research a possible AI/philosophy link.

The world-scape: after a planet-wide “climate war”, technology, including the synthesis of IT with living tissue, has evolved for the general betterment of mankind. For example, a corneal implant called the NEST taps directly into the Internet; peoples’ eyes function as screens for useful tasks like finding one’s way to a new location. Helpful drugs are automatically administered; people are healthier and live much longer. … More “Unfettered Journey” by Gary F. Bengier