“LingerLust” by Matt Smart

LingerLust Matt SmartIndependently Published (2022)ISBN: 979-8766289203Reviewed by Megan Weiss for Reader Views (2/2/2023) “LingerLust” by Matt Smart is a witty read filled with time traveling, futuristic technology, immortality serums and dubious governmental agendas and agencies. Charlie Anderson stepped into the office one normal day in 2019, but instead of going about his normal workday, he … More “LingerLust” by Matt Smart

“The Kylie Android” by Michael J. Metroke

“The mid-day heat of the Australian Outback desert scrubland did little to distract the two Arrernte hunters from tracking a kangaroo mob. Crouching in a dry creek bed, they searched the ground for signs of their nearby prey… ‘The bloody weaver birds must’ve decorated this mulga,’ Alawa said. ‘But where did they find all this metal?’ The answer to Alawa’s question laid a short distance from the acacia. Pointing to a badly damaged humanlike head and its detached torso, an alarmed Waru said, ‘Something very bad has happened here.’” – The Kylie Android … More “The Kylie Android” by Michael J. Metroke

“Einstein in the Attic” by Dana Dargos and Said Al Bizri

Einstein in the Attic is a novel that tackles the long-written question of evolution in terms of the age-old argument between religion and science. I began reading with the expectation that the topic had been overdone and, therefore, it would be the same-old-thing. Boy, was I wrong! This debut novel is absolutely wonderful and well worth reading as the question is tackled in a completely new and mesmerizing way. … More “Einstein in the Attic” by Dana Dargos and Said Al Bizri

“Unfettered Journey” by Gary F. Bengier

“Unfettered Journey,” by Gary. F. Bengier, is a science fiction novel exploring philosophic questions of artificial intelligence; it also delves into the nature of freewill and whether we have it or not. The protagonist, Joe Denkensmith, a leading researcher on artificial intelligence (AI) is trying to answer what is, in the future, still an unresolved question; has AI achieved true self-consciousness? He doesn’t think so but isn’t completely sure, suspecting that the answer involves philosophic theory. He takes a sabbatical at a small college to research a possible AI/philosophy link.

The world-scape: after a planet-wide “climate war”, technology, including the synthesis of IT with living tissue, has evolved for the general betterment of mankind. For example, a corneal implant called the NEST taps directly into the Internet; peoples’ eyes function as screens for useful tasks like finding one’s way to a new location. Helpful drugs are automatically administered; people are healthier and live much longer. … More “Unfettered Journey” by Gary F. Bengier

“Just City” by Olga Tymofiyeva

Nathan is in need of $10,000 to enter his idea into a startup incubator competition. Alongside his friends, he agrees to be a tester for his neuroscientist grandmother’s new virtual reality game, Just City. In what he hoped would help him make a quick buck, Just City changes the trajectory of his friendships, his life motto, and his relationships. Through the game, Nathan is placed in the body of a homeless man. This experience changes his perspective, teaching him empathy and causing him to reassess his friendships and views on the world, and ultimately leading him to change directions on his startup idea. … More “Just City” by Olga Tymofiyeva

“The Catalyst” by Anttimatti Pennanen

“The Catalyst” is a deeply imagined science fiction novel and the third installment in the Black Table Series by Anttimatti Pennanen. The text follows Jon and Gus, science fiction fans from Finland and part of the Unity crew, who accidentally activates an alien structure, Black Table, that transports them to a strange world. While there, they discover a destructive entity called The Swarm is following them. With a broken structure that diminishes their hope to get back home, they turn to The Light to guide them home, and their skills in science fiction to fight for their lives and stabilize the equilibrium of the galaxy. … More “The Catalyst” by Anttimatti Pennanen

“CRISPR Evolution” by Charis Jones

“CRISPR Evolution” is a heart-in-your-throat page-turner in the Sci-Fi genre by award-winning author Charis Jones. The narrative follows Howard Wake, a virtuoso in heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics in a futuristic world, who is determined to defy the government regulations and laws that have been put in place to tame genetic engineering that goes beyond the usual research scope. … More “CRISPR Evolution” by Charis Jones

“SPVCE” by A.W. Karen

Anxiety is an issue which is coming more and more to the forefront of discussion in our modern world. Previously, it would have been glossed over and dismissed; however, today, with external influences over which we have no control, like COVID and the chance of nuclear war, being very much a part of our day-to-day lives, a novel about a person with anxiety issues can only resonate.

In her book, “SPVCE,” A.W. Karen is keen to show how anxiety can exert formidable power on our psyche and sets out from the start to provide a fictional representation of its debilitating properties. This is shown through the eyes of her narrator, Macy, as Karen’s narrative is centred on her journal entries as well as information that she has gleaned from her fellow space travellers. But they are an unusual bunch, a crew of space academy rejects who are given a second chance at graduation and are allotted a space station where they have to perform daily activities set remotely. … More “SPVCE” by A.W. Karen