“Blue Fire” by Raymond J. Mikelionis

Blue Fire is an interesting and compelling novel by Raymond Mikelionis. As the author states in his introduction, this story is a “journey” for the main character, Jon Cameron. It is definitely that, a story that is full of loss and learning about oneself. It is a bit confusing at times and must be read all the way through in order for the reader to understand what this man is going through, but the tale, at least in my opinion, is riveting as Jon attempts to find himself. … More “Blue Fire” by Raymond J. Mikelionis

“The Guest House: Stories of a Nervous Mind” by Shannon Terrell

In The Guest House: Stories of a Nervouse Mind author Shannon Terrell has given the reader an in-depth and very personal look into a life filled with anxiety disorders and how to deal with them, and she has done it in a very honest and well-written manner. … More “The Guest House: Stories of a Nervous Mind” by Shannon Terrell

“An Optimist by Degrees” by John E. Madigan

“An Optimist by Degrees” is an emotional fictional work by John E. Madigan, that tells of Tom’s quest to uncover secrets and lies that dissipated the company he so selflessly worked for. Full of devastation and anger as he overlooks the old factory, Tom is unable to cope with his biggest challenge of negative emotions, since now he has to piece together a part-time, contract, or temporary job to keep afloat financially. … More “An Optimist by Degrees” by John E. Madigan

“The Wisdom of Winter” by Annie Seyler

“The Wisdom of Winter” by Annie Seyler is a beautifully written story about a young lady who tragically loses her mother in a car accident. Beatrice is the light of her mother’s life. Lily and Beatrice spend their days playing outside and creating works of art. Beatrice is an eccentric child that runs around partially dressed and dirty while acting out make-believe adventures. She loves nature and hates taking a bath. Lily becomes pregnant again to revitalize her marriage, only to develop a debilitating case of postpartum depression.  … More “The Wisdom of Winter” by Annie Seyler

“A How Pretty Town” by Bruce Evans

“A How Pretty Town” by Bruce Evans follows Wayne, an aging, privileged white man who is quite happy with how things are, thank you very much. He does not necessarily understand that constant changes in technology and social media, or in shaking up the history books, or in replacing old town relics with shiny new chain restaurants or fancy buildings. He has lived in his hometown of Edmonds, Washington, his entire life. Now, as he passes his 80th birthday, all he really wants is to train hard so he can achieve his current dream: Win the gold medal in softball at the Huntsman Senior Games. … More “A How Pretty Town” by Bruce Evans

“Mystic and the Secret of Happiness” by Anne-Claire Szubaniska

“Mystic and the Secret of Happiness” by Anne-Claire Szubaniska is the heartwarming tale of a cat that embarks on a journey of self-discovery in search of a lost friend and finds true happiness. Mystic, an ordinary house cat, befriends an elephant named Bumpa at the local zoo. Spending most nights talking as they star gaze. Mystic, and Bumpa become inseparable until one-day Bumpa is missing. Severely depressed and stricken with grief, Mystic makes it his sole purpose to discover what happened to his friend. With the help of Freedom, an enlightened wild cat, he learns to change his thoughts and find peace within himself.  … More “Mystic and the Secret of Happiness” by Anne-Claire Szubaniska

“Leave a Mark” by Gary MacKnight

Feeling propelled by a force he cannot articulate, Jonathan knows he must leave New York and head for India at once. After insisting the trip could mean life or death, his adult children acquiesce. Jonathan, a successful architect, feels it in his bones—he lived and then perished in India in a past life. He starts speaking in another language and reliving deaths from his previous lives, including being run over by a train and drowning. The memories are foggy and scattered, but the one thing they have in common is a small stone with a cryptic inscription. … More “Leave a Mark” by Gary MacKnight

“The King and Me” by Joe Badalamente

The King and Me: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy is a debut novel and just a really fun read for anyone, whether you are an Elvis fan or not. I assure you that you will laugh, you will fondly remember your past and the King (at least if you are old enough to remember), and you will cry just a little bit. And it is all worth it. There are a lot of humorous moments and really deep thoughts in this book, and you won’t want to miss any of them.s … More “The King and Me” by Joe Badalamente

“How Deep the Ocean” by Gloria Lucas

“How Deep the Ocean” is a story about suicide and the long-term effects it has on loved ones left behind. Mia, a young mother overwhelmed by the sudden loss of her husband, relentlessly tries to mask her pain for the sake of her child Isaiah. With group therapy leaving her feeling forever broken, she relies on friends and family for support as she begins the healing process. Anger and sadness plague Mia as she struggles to understand the reasons that drove her husband Austin to take his life. Isaiah is tormented by nightmares overrun by fear of losing another parent. Hoping to regain some sense of normalcy to life, Mia starts to date again, bringing up an entirely new set of concerns.  … More “How Deep the Ocean” by Gloria Lucas

“The Silence in the Sound” by Dianne C. Braley

Desperate for the chance to escape her tumultuous past, including life with an alcoholic father, Georgette moves to idyllic Martha’s Vineyard. She has fond memories of travelling there with her father when she was a teen—perhaps the only time she felt close to him. So she accepts the opportunity to be the caretaker for a highly regarded author. Now grumpy and frail, the once-powerful man takes his time warming up to Georgette. But ultimately, the pair form a strong bond, and Georgette looks forward to their daily encounters.

After a long, lonely winter on the island, Dock is a sight for sore eyes. At first, Georgette is put off by his aggressive disposition. Still, there is just something about him that makes her heart flutter. Maybe it’s his green eyes—resplendent and intoxicating, or how sure he is of himself when they’re together. Still, deep beneath the spark that ignites the pair, is something darker. Georgette senses Dock might be trouble. But how bad can it be? … More “The Silence in the Sound” by Dianne C. Braley