“Mother Blues” by Owen Thomas

“Mother Blues” is a killer mystery set against both the background and foreground of motherhood. This story links the past with the future, and a childhood omen to adulthood danger. Mothering can come in many forms. Even if you don’t have a biological mother, there can be maternal forces that shape you, from your past and present. Maybe it’s a grandmother from long ago; or a godmother, aunt, or some other mother “figure” not related by blood. The title is perfect for this story because, much like a blues tune, the tale’s pace feels like it’s infused with an almost hypnotic pulse. … More “Mother Blues” by Owen Thomas

“A Thing with Feathers by J. John Nordstrom

“A Thing With Feathers” takes me back to those novels reviewers used to categorize as “sweeping.” Why is that? Because every scene is written so deftly, so vividly, that I felt like I was quite literally standing by the side of the character at the time and living these moments with them. To say this is unforgettable would be an understatement. A litany of emotions are written to the nth degree; heartbreak, longing, hatred, tragedy – you name it, it’s in here. … More “A Thing with Feathers by J. John Nordstrom

“The Sound of Wings” by Suzanne Simonetti

The amount of emotion this debut has is enthralling. Honestly, there are not many firsts that can deliver so much love, secrets, friendship, risks, pain, betrayals… and the list goes on, that hold your attention from beginning to end. The author wrote a tale that literally allowed me to move through time. She allowed me to cry, laugh, and feel the goosebumps grow as I read and waited for the next thing to be unveiled. … More “The Sound of Wings” by Suzanne Simonetti

“Beyond the Song” by Carol Selick

In Ms. Selick’s autobiographical novel, “Beyond the Song,” readers are introduced to the author’s alter ego as she carves her niche into the music industry during the sixties and seventies. We meet people she casually encounters and people that are truly her friends—all helping her try to carry out her dream of becoming a successful singer-songwriter. … More “Beyond the Song” by Carol Selick

“Shared Sorrows” by Vincent Panettiere

Frank’s life changes one day while participating in a Columbus Day parade for the Knights of Columbus in New York. With his sword sheathed at his side, like the rest of his brothermen, he instinctively draws upon it to stop a would-be assassination of the church’s Cardinal as they pass by. Frank is pronounced a hero and immediately becomes newsworthy and something of a local icon. But, while this split-second decision is the catalyst sparking “Shared Sorrows,” the true turning point is later that night in the emergency room when he meets a doctor that shares in his grief of a mid-October night decades before. … More “Shared Sorrows” by Vincent Panettiere