“Casadora Island” by John Wilde

“Casadora Island” is the latest novel by John Wilde.

Jamey Johnson, a widowed man, 37 and still grieving, is burnt out. He has been working 50-60 hours a week as a broker for a company run by a guy named Madoff. He confides his troubles to Mr. Madoff, who holds Jamey in high regard, and who tells Jamey to take a long vacation. Jamey gradually decides he needs more than just a vacation. … More “Casadora Island” by John Wilde

“Joe Peas” by Sam Newsome

Enigmatic and diminutive Joe Peas doesn’t attract a lot of attention. Unless he opens his mouth to speak. It’s not just that unmistakable Italian accent, but the humor and wisdom that seems to simply flow from him. No one knows much about Joe, but the stories he bothers to share with others are memorable, often outrageous, and generally profound. What’s the deal with Joe Peas and his silly name? … More “Joe Peas” by Sam Newsome

“Driving Toward Destiny” by Tim Scott

“Driving Towards Destiny” forces readers to take stock of their own mortality through the main character’s experiences. This isn’t a story infused with action sequences or startling revelations; it’s a reflective narrative about one’s man’s quest toward self-discovery and examining what it means to be human. It is about having the confidence to embrace your dreams without fear of failure or being reprimanded. … More “Driving Toward Destiny” by Tim Scott

“A Hundred Sweet Promises” by Sepehr Haddad

On the eve of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, a beloved grandmother opens her grandson’s eyes to his family history. His head is filled with the story of his grandfather, a Russian princess, Tsar Nicholas, and previous Shahs of Persia. A tale of love, loss, fame, and family, the history she told expanded the young man’s perspective of life. … More “A Hundred Sweet Promises” by Sepehr Haddad

“Healing Strings” by Manmohan Sadana

In “Healing Strings” by Manmohan Sadana, readers are introduced to Raj Singh, an expatriate from India working in Japan. When an earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan in 2011, Raj, who was working at Trinity Advertising Agency, could only think of his wife and two daughters in New Delhi India, as he wondered whether he would see them again. … More “Healing Strings” by Manmohan Sadana

“To Pay Paul” by Michael Scott Curnes

“To Pay Paul” is a nuanced and complex snippet in time of Seamus Quinlan’s life. Set primarily on the Quinlan farm, the story runs readers through the gauntlet of emotions as Seamus loses his last living relative. In the process of burying his father, he makes new friends, becomes closer to those he already knows, and discovers himself and his voice in the process. … More “To Pay Paul” by Michael Scott Curnes

“Surviving Anorexia” by Mimi Louise

“Surviving Anorexia” is a labor of love written by Mimi Louise. Although the book is fictional, Abby’s story is heavily influenced by the author’s own excruciating struggle with anorexia. Equal parts poignant and inspirational, Abby’s story will stay with readers long after the last page. A caveat for readers: the writing is not for the faint of heart. Mimi took me through the gut-wrenching reality of living with a disorder that steals everything from a person, and, at times, it was overwhelming. Still, I dried my tears and kept reading, and I’m so glad I did. … More “Surviving Anorexia” by Mimi Louise

“Eternal Dark” by Rubie Woodland

Set sometime in the not too distant future, “Eternal Dark,” takes us into a dystopian world where the rich rule and the lower-class citizens are used in horrific ways. The government has taken complete control over the limited resources available for those without power. They struggle to survive in order to get food, medicine, and any kind of freedom. This puts them in a position where they must commit crimes in order to be able to take care of their families. Adults and children are often killed for minor infractions. They often have to face issues like slavery, human trafficking, sexual abuse and unethical medical experimentation. … More “Eternal Dark” by Rubie Woodland

“Real Texas Roadhouses” by Priscilla Audette

“Real Texas Roadhouses” by Priscilla Audette introduces readers to Justine, a woman lost after the accidental death of her husband and their son. Justine decides to go on a journey to Texas from North Dakota. She wants to rediscover herself as her marriage with a man several years her senior was more of a task-filled arrangement instead of a loving union. Justine ends up meeting a bunch of sorority sisters who routinely meet for reunions and becomes friends with all of them. These sorority sisters allow Justine to travel with them all around Texas and fill each other in on their lives. … More “Real Texas Roadhouses” by Priscilla Audette