“Treasure of the Blue Whale” by Steven Mayfield

“Treasure of the Blue Whale,” by Steven Mayfield, is an energetic coming-of-age novel that is about more than a whale. It’s about treasures lost, treasures found, and treasures of the heart discovered. … More “Treasure of the Blue Whale” by Steven Mayfield

“The Senator’s Suitcase” by Mitch Engel

This isn’t the average fill-in-the-blank political intrigue novel. Really, at its core, is a story about family, character, and truth. They say the truth shall set you free, but is it a truth that Troy wants to know? Engel crafts this story with the right balance of drama, suspense, and mystery, putting you in the main character’s shoes from the beginning, wisely choosing first-person POV. … More “The Senator’s Suitcase” by Mitch Engel

“All Flowers Bloom” by Kawika Guillermo

“All Flowers Bloom,” by Kawika Guillermo, is a time travel romance novel that brings freshness to the genre. It’s about the undying love of one soul for another, and the various ways they encounters each other during the many lives they live. This unique premise sets the stage for an unforgettable poetic odyssey of past lives. … More “All Flowers Bloom” by Kawika Guillermo