The Aspen Grove by Jane Fulkerson

"The Aspen Grove," by Jane Fulkerson, is a western family saga in the tradition of a Louis L'Amour novel. Fulkerson writes about an Irish family, the O’Neal’s, who make their home and run their ranch in 1883 Colorado.

Interview with Christine Sunderland – Author of Angel Mountain

CHRISTINE SUNDERLAND serves as managing editor for American Church Union Publishing and holds a BA in English literature from San Francisco State University, Cum Laude. She is the author of six award-winning novels about faith and family, freedom of speech and religion, and the importance of history and human dignity. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and an amazing tabby named Laddie.

“Angel Mountain” by Christine Sunderland

“Angel Mountain” by Christine Sunderland is a captivating contemporary novel encompassing issues relevant in today’s world along with the timeless conflict of good versus evil, all wrapped up in a message of grace, love, and hope.

The Trumpet Lesson by Dianne Romain

“The Trumpet Lesson” is Dianne Romain’s literary fiction debut, a story that dives into the worlds of secrets, racial inequities, different cultures and sexual orientations, and coming to terms with the past. It’s about embracing and accepting friends, family, and change, and learning to appreciate what matters most. “The Trumpet Lesson” is a fascinating story that brings all these elements together as one woman discovers how to let go and start living.

People of the Flow by Ben H. Gagnon

“People of the Flow” holds the reader’s interest from the beginning. Irish lore is incorporated, as well as international sites that are similar to structures in Ireland. Very intriguing! If you are interested in Ireland, the Irish people, Irish history and legends, you won’t be able to put this book down. In fact, even if you think you aren’t interested in Irish anything, you might change your mind if you read “People of the Flow”.

Skyler’s Sophomore Soundtrack by Michael C. Barrett

Michael C. Barrett’s “Skyler’s Sophomore Soundtrack” is the second installment in the Little Bram Series. Skyler is facing her sophomore year of high school, but there are still more changes coming her way. Her arch enemy half-sister is now her best friend and confidant. She has entered into and suffered through deciding to end her first romantic relationship. Most importantly, Skyler learns to accept herself, her desires, and her family as the blessings they are and how to not crumble under the forces of peer pressure.

The Last News Vendor by Michael Mirolla

“The Last News Vendor” by Michael Mirolla is an uncanny plunge into the mind of a man (blissfully?) detached from the realities of a changing world. Obsessed with a one-legged news vendor, dissatisfied with his partner, and disconnected from his children, it’s the story of one man’s absurd plan for the next level of his existence – come what may.

The Armageddon Two-Step by Michael Loyd Gray

The latest novel by Michael Loyd Gray, entitled “The Armageddon Two-Step,” tells the story of Shelby Albert Goddard, a young man that rose from the ranks of a nondescript, nerdy high school kid that ran the “low hurdles,” to a young man employed by a secret government agency due to the fact he was “quite brilliant in sciences that he could not explain to his parents or anyone else.”

The Dung Beetles of Liberia by Daniel V. Meier Jr.

“The Dung Beetles of Liberia” by Daniel V. Meier, Jr. is about a young underclassman, Ken Verrier, trying to figure out his life. On the outside, Ken appears as if he has it all together – he is attending a prestigious college to obtain a degree in physics and has a very attractive and attentive girlfriend by his side. What not everyone may know is that Ken has had a traumatic experience take place that has caused him to rethink his life decisions and choose to shift his aspirations to different avenues in order to do some self-discovering.

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