“We’ve Got This” by Ritu Bhasin

“We’ve Got This: Unlocking the Beauty of Belonging” features Author Ritu Bhasin’s factual struggles with racial prejudice and self-acceptance. These struggles inspired her to become an accomplished expert in assisting people from distinct environments in creating a solid sense of belonging and finding inner satisfaction across their journeys in life. … More “We’ve Got This” by Ritu Bhasin

“Over the Fence” by Debbie Schrack

Over a decade ago, six-year-old Katie Figg was abducted outside her home, never to see her family again. Now at seventeen—forced to go by the name Eve Anderson—she endures torture daily at the hands of “Papa,” her captor. The tortured girl lives with Papa and his partner “Mama” in a dilapidated house infested with cockroaches, bars covering the windows, and a tall, impenetrable fence shutting her from the outside world. Eve’s sole reason for surviving is to care for Honey, the four-year-old daughter she had with Papa. … More “Over the Fence” by Debbie Schrack

“Root, Rise, Roar” by Dawn King

“Root, Rise, Roar: Transforming Trauma into Your Brave and Beautiful Life” unveils author Dawn King’s life episodes. She has risen from tolerating a fragile upbringing that saw her master self-protection strategies as a result of negligent parenting to becoming a renowned writer and inspirational figure for thousands of emotionally anguished victims, therapists, and coaches, as well as trauma-informed professionals. … More “Root, Rise, Roar” by Dawn King

“Stories About Sex and Observations on Women” by J.D. Bradley

It may seem strange to see a woman writing a review of a book with a title such as this and even stranger to find that the woman actually liked reading the book, but here we go. Stories About Sex and Observations on Women is an interesting read, at least for this woman, and I would recommend it to men and women alike.

As author J. D. Bradley states in his own synopsis, “I’m a man that has had sex with hundreds of women and it is not something I’m proud of.” This book contains numerous short chapters describing his various relationships and what he learned from them and hopes to teach to others. Within the different anecdotes, I have to say that there is some very good advice in here about what is important to do and what is definitely the wrong thing to do in any relationship. While he has included many of his different relationships, of various lengths of time, I am sure there are many more that are not included in this book. Through all of these tales, one thing comes through loud and clear… this is a man who actually reveres women and, although he has made many mistakes in trying to find that perfect relationship, he does believe in them and sees women as people who deserve only the best. I felt that, in his own way, Mr. Bradley was trying to point out what “the best” is even though he could not always provide it. … More “Stories About Sex and Observations on Women” by J.D. Bradley

“It Takes Two…And a Uterus” by Dr. Sarah Zadek

Author Dr. Sarah Zadek is a naturopathic doctor, focused on hormonal health at a fertility-centered clinic. Her near decade experience lends well to crafting a read that targets a larger audience in their own fertility journey. With topics such as the egg, the sperm, the embryo, diet, sleep, exercise, sex, stress, toxins, and more, this is an all-encompassing read for anyone desperately seeking more guidance. Dr. Zadek also shares her own personal path to fertility, and while the lifestyle choices may seem daunting at first glance, they are all strategies and changes personally made by her on her own route to becoming a parent. … More “It Takes Two…And a Uterus” by Dr. Sarah Zadek

“The Power of PR Parenting” by Marjie Hadad

It’s a fact of life that parenting is one of the most difficult things that a parent will do and experience; yet despite this outlook, it is equally one of the most rewarding experiences. Parenting can be a “hot” or touchy topic in certain circles, with everyone having their own beliefs based on past or current circumstances.

In “The Power of PR Parenting,” Marjie Hadad, an author, international public relations expert, mother, wife, and holder of numerous other titles, presents PR (public relations) skills practiced, performed, and perfected in various settings – on the job with clients and in a professional environment and at home among family and friends in a more relaxed environment. … More “The Power of PR Parenting” by Marjie Hadad

“Sound Advice” by Robin C. Abbott

Even though I am deaf, I chose this book to review because I was curious about the claim it espoused on how sound could help someone who was struggling with SPD, Autism, and ADHD. I was certainly intrigued! So I dove into the reading of this book in order to learn just what kind of therapeutic and healing benefits sound can play for someone in the neurodivergent spectrum. … More “Sound Advice” by Robin C. Abbott

“Saved by Hope” by Jenny Lowe

“Saved by Hope” is a brilliant genre-refuting book that chronicles the life of Jenny Lowe as she gives an account of her journey and that of her husband, James, with infertility problems. Almost all women dream of having a child of their own one day. However, realizing this dream is difficult for some women. Lowe’s heartfelt account details the couple’s experiences with this insidious struggle, fertility treatments, cancer, surgeries, and surrogacy. The book beautifully describes her courageous journey through pain, grief, joy, and hope as she experiences situations that change her mindset forever. … More “Saved by Hope” by Jenny Lowe

Meet the Author! A Conversation with Heather Shtuka, Author of “Missing from Me”

Heather Shtuka was an ordinary daughter, wife, friend and mother of three beautiful children.  In between all these titles, she went to school, played sports, made friends, skinned knees, had first kisses, butterflies, broken hearts, adventures, a career, a wedding and three uneventful but deeply moving births. A perfectly imperfect life, one of her own making.   Until February 17, 2018, when she received the notification that her first born and only son, Ryan was missing from Sun Peaks, B.C.  She waved goodbye to him only two months earlier as he left on his own to work a seasonal position in the ski resort, 9 ½ hours away, never imagining this would be the last time she would see him. … More Meet the Author! A Conversation with Heather Shtuka, Author of “Missing from Me”

“Missing From Me” by Heather Shtuka

Your son is missing.

As a mother myself, this is, irrefutably, my worst nightmare, but for Heather Shtuka, this was the sobering reality. On February 18, 2018, after being alerted by her son’s roommate that he hadn’t been seen since the night before, she and her husband made the nine-hour trip from Alberta to Sun Peaks, BC, to begin the arduous and heartbreaking task of searching for Ryan. Days turned into weeks, turned into months, but the parents’ resolve never wavered. Their supportive community of friends and volunteers tirelessly dedicated their time. But still, there was no solace—no Ryan. Heather would not grieve until her son’s body was recovered.

“Missing From Me” is a labor of love written by Heather Shtuka that chronicles the search and rescue efforts in the early days of Ryan’s disappearance, followed by the all-consuming grief that came afterward. Heather’s story is a sad one, but there are nuggets of joy throughout—a community banning together, unwavering support, and the legacy that a charismatic young man leaves behind. This is a book that you need to read. … More “Missing From Me” by Heather Shtuka