The Deep Water Leaf Society by Claire M. Perkins

The Deep Water Leaf Society
Claire M. Perkins
OPA Publishing (2008)
ISBN 9780982105610
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (11/08)


Claire Perkins lost her son Cameron to what the police called an overdose while he was being held in a local jail. She is stunned and is in a downward spiral dealing with anger, guilt and not being able to move forward with her life.

When finally being able to get enough strength to work on her loss and lack of faith in her son, Claire discovers that you can transform your life regardless of what the loss or issue is. Through many years of journaling, music and expressive arts she is able to come to terms with Cameron’s death. Ms. Perkins believes “we each come into this life having a plan for what we want to learn and accomplish.”

Through her own personal story, she shares this journey of growth with the readers. In each and every page she gives examples of journaling, interpreting dreams and how to use art to discover who we are and who we are to become.

Claire has questioned why God would let something like this happen as well as question if she was a good mom who did all she could do for her son. We all have asked these questions.

As a result of her son’s death and her own growth, Ms. Perkins developed the Deep Water Leaf Society to help others who have gone what she has gone through. Today, with over thousands of fans, Ms. Perkins has helped others heal and become at peace with their life. Not everyone will take the same journey as Claire did. She experienced dreams where her son talked to her and shared his love for her through music. Many times when she was questioning herself, a special song would play on the radio and she knew it was her son talking. In a very personal and sincere account, she shares her time with a medium that let her know her son was talking to her – she just needed to take the time to listen.

As a psychologist, “The Deep Water Leaf Society” by Claire M. Perkins is a book that I found would help you turn your life around.  You will learn more than you know about yourself and why you are here. And most of all it will let you heal.

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