In the Chillest Land by Kathryn Hilliard Klos

In the Chillest Land
Kathryn Hilliard Klos
CreateSpace (2011)
ISBN 9781461195160
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (7/11)


Having read and loved “The Storyteller” which is the first book in this series, I was pleased to discover that “In the Chillest Land,” was even better.  It was also a treat to revisit characters who had felt special to me.  In this story, the focus is mostly on Garet, who leaves the safe planet Kansas to work for WorldGuard Warranty Insurance Company as an agent.  She doesn’t do this because it is her life’s dream; she does it so that she can keep an eye on what they are up to. It is fortunate that she does this because she discovers that they have a plan which will annihilate all Banli from the universe.

While working on a spaceship, Garet is assigned to watch over some Banli women and children.  The WorldGuard Warranty Company has hideous plans to use them in research.  Assigned to this task with Garet is Ani Kamala from planet earth.  Garet is surprised to discover that Ani and she were chosen for this assignment because they both speak Banli.  Because the Banli race is known for harvesting planets they are hated. Harvesting to them involves murdering, kidnapping, raping and eating humans. This does not make them popular with the people of the universe, however, both Ani and Garet have seen a different side to them and Ani is even able to offer more information that explains the history of these people and how they became this way.  She also knows a way that they all can live in peace together.

Forming “The Legion of the Feather,” the two women work towards finding a solution which will prevent the total destruction of a race and promote peace.  Some surprising characters join up with them.  Their plan is not easy, and their lives are in danger from Banli people who do not trust them.  But they also make friends and find love along the way.

“In the Chillest Land” is a story that will be enjoyed by all fans of science fiction.  The depth of feelings that the author inspired within me while I was reading was much more complex than in her first book, and I felt she did an excellent job in that one! While reading this one there were times that I found myself with goosebumps covering my arms because of fear, and other times I found myself laughing.  I recommend reading “The Storyteller” first and then this novel.  It will help the reader to understand what happened in the past and who these special people are.  I look forward to reading “On the Strangest Sea,” which is the third book in this series.

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