“Satan Fully Exposed: Come See His Darkness” by Pastor Randy Pitts


Pastor Randy Pitts
Outskirts Press (2018)
ISBN 9781478799696
Reviewed By Susan Violante for Reader Views (1/19)

In his book, “Satan Fully Exposed: Come See His Darkness,” Pastor Randy Pitts provides his opinions about why God created mankind, what our purpose is here on earth, and why we live alongside Satan and his agents.  Relevant scriptures provide the basis for these claims centered on the pastor’s own interpretations.

Pastor Pitts states that although we have been given approximately 8,000 scriptures to live by, we are only receiving education and knowledge on less than 1% of those topics from Church. “Satan Fully Exposed” provides information on over 900 of those scriptures. The book is divided into three chapters: Demons and Darkness, Satan, and The Prehistoric Angelic Conflict, covering topics such as a thorough explanation on demons and what they are, racism, killing vs. murder, and the spiritual truth.  He warns against Satan and “fake” pastors, deception and fake “healing” and how Jesus destroys Satan’s efforts.

This book is clearly geared toward the fundamental end of the religious spectrum, leaving no room for individual interpretation. Though the Pastor quotes numerous scriptures in his writing, his interpretation is heavily biased in deep-seated misogynistic views.  For instance, on page 2 he states that, “Female pastors are not called by God.” To me, this actually begs the question, how does he know that? The answer, as declared by the author, is that he has been approved by God. The condescension is not limited to female pastors however, but anyone it seems with an opinion different to his.

As someone who enjoys learning different religions and spiritual points of views, I was disappointed in Pastor Randy Pitts’ views as I found them to be close-minded and showed little to no respect for other Pastors or beliefs. There are many respectful ways to expose a particular point a view or belief, unfortunately I found the author’s writing style did not reflect any respect for anything other than his own views.

The author has penned numerous books and they are heavily promoted throughout the pages of “Satan Fully Exposed.” The author many times refers the reader to one of his other books for explanations to any number of given topics. This comes across as self-serving to the author and off-putting to the reader. Rather than promoting his other book throughout, I would like to have seen a list at the end for “Further Reading.” As a book reviewer focusing on the book as a product, I found it to be repetitive, and in need of professional editing.

Overall, I feel that “Satan Fully Exposed: Come See His Darkness” by Pastor Randy Pitts will appeal to a very limited audience.

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