“Everyday Mindfulness” by Melissa Steginus

Everyday Mindfulness

Melissa Steginus
TCK Publishing (2020)
ISBN 9781631610820
Reviewed by Jeni Tahaney for Reader Views (05/2021)

“Everyday Mindfulness” is more of a daybook than a traditional self-help book.  Author Melissa Steginus leads the readers through a multitude of mindful exercises to help them attend to their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  In the simplest of terms, it is about training the self to pay attention and live in the moment. 

Each day, for 108 days, the readers engage in an activity and are asked to reflect and write about their experiences within the pages of the book.  The author’s choice of 108 is purposeful.  The significance of 108 is explained as a number relevant for both self-enlightenment and at the cosmic levels of existence.  During this lengthy 108 day sojourn, the readers will explore 6 different facets of themselves: the physical self, the emotional self, the rational self, the spiritual self, their occupation, and their connection to others (called Networking).  The exercises range from deep breathing exercises to managing one’s time using a calendar and setting a schedule.  Some exercises take less than 5 minutes while others can be significantly longer depending upon the effort exerted by the individual.  In addition to inviting the reader to interact with the book, the author also has additional resources on her website http://www.melissaateginus.com/mindful for those who need a little extra homework at night.

This journey is definitely worth the time and effort, but it does take a commitment in order for the changes to be meaningful.  The title “Everyday Mindfulness” delivers just that, a different exercise every day.  The progression through the 6 facets from the physical self to one’s relationship with others is seamless. Many of the exercises serve as building blocks for future tasks, and the readers will find comfort in repeating a skill they have already mastered before learning something new.  During this hectic time of COVID-19, shut-downs, and vaccines, Ms. Steginus’s book is just the tool one needs to retrain the overwhelmed brain, salvage one’s sanity, and maybe not have a nervous breakdown.  Many understand the need to take care of themselves, but how many are actually doing that?  This book, with it’s one-step-at-a-time approach, is a great way to start one’s journey back to mental stability.  Isn’t that what anyone wants when they pick up a self-help book? 

“Everyday Mindfulness” by Melissa Steginus is highly recommended for the readers who need to take control of their lives one positive step at a time.

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