“The Paranormal Christian” by Richard D. Lewis

The Paranormal Christian

Richard D. Lewis
Zoran Press
ISBN 9781735626444
Reviewed by Mark T. Sneed for Reader Views (08/2021)

Okay. “The Paranormal Christian” by Richard D. Lewis is truly interesting. There are two ways to take the book. If you are open to the idea of a different perspective on parts of Christianity, spirituality and the paranormal, things that are beyond scientific explanation, then it might be a book for you to pick up.

As I am saying this, there may be a few who do not want to consider anything except what they were taught and that might mean avoiding this book. For me, I thought the title was catchy and I wanted to see what was inside. It was an intriguing read, to say the least. Lewis, the author, proclaims himself a Christian, firstly. He knows that there are going to be many who are triggered by his take on Christianity. I really enjoyed the personal stories of the author, stories included in the reading for a simple reason: some might criticize the book out of hand because it offers an alternative to Christian thoughts and beliefs. I also think he doesn’t want the book to appear to attack Christianity. Lewis does a good job of both.

All that said, “The Paranormal Christian” is well done. There are all kinds of parallels between the paranormal and Christianity and though it was a fun read, I have to admit that I read this book skeptically. I read it for perspective. I cannot say that I was reading the book hoping to be enlightened or shocked or transformed, but rather to try to connect the dots of things that intersected.

If you are open to considering or trying to understand the spiritual phenomenon and want to consider a different way of looking at angels, demons, spirits and much more, you should check out “The Paranormal Christian” by Richard D. Lewis. I loved the authors’ detailed explanations of things that might be seen as coincidental or paranormal or even incidental.

Overall, as I said earlier, I was skeptical when I began reading this book. At the end, I still was unmoved in my belief, but enjoyed the journey, finding the writing thought-provoking and insightful. A really interesting read and well-researched effort.

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