“Three Things Matter Most” by Brett Atlas

Three Things Matter Most

Brett Atlas
Addicus Books (2021)
ISBN: 9781950091546
Reviewed by Chelsy Scherba for Reader Views (10/2021)

“Three Things Matter Most” by Brett Atlas will teach you the fundamental importance of managing your time, relationships, and money, in that order. Too often, we get to the end of our lives on earth and suffer regrets over how much time we wasted trying to earn more money while buying things we don’t need and sacrificing the people who matter most. Brett Atlas seeks to help you avoid that future by enabling you to prioritize and plan your life so that you can achieve the ultimate balance between success and fulfillment.

I enjoyed reading this book and found the contents helpful and encouraging. Mr. Atlas talks to his readers like he would a friend, gently guiding and coaching them, while also imparting truth and wisdom. The book is divided into three parts, Time, Relationships, and Money, making it easy to revisit the section that is most relevant to you. For me, the section on money was most valuable and gave common sense information as to how to avoid credit card debt and also reduce spending so you can invest in your future.

Throughout the book, nearly every chapter contained a brief personal story or an analogy that could be applied to the lesson conveyed. For people who enjoy sports, there was no shortage of sports references to help you picture the situation. The author also included stories about successful individuals who overcame impossible odds. The occasional parable, akin to the ones that used to circulate in chain emails, was also featured. My favorite stories were probably the ones in the “relationship” section because they involved humorous anecdotes of the author’s friends.

I also liked the author’s explanation of CLIP, an acronym for how to cultivate relationships and create good first impressions. Additionally, the author had “action boxes” with steps you can take right now to achieve your goals. It was also helpful that some information was given in bullet points at the end of the chapter for easy review.

This book should appeal broadly to nearly anyone who likes to improve their lives and optimize their futures. The author provides readers with an excellent resource that is simple to understand and easy to digest and implement. It will show you how to manage your time wisely and how to prioritize your goals so you can actually achieve them. And you can do all this without sacrificing your relationships. I’ve known many people who could benefit from these tools, so no matter what aspect of your life is currently lacking, you can use this book to achieve the balance your life needs to be happy.  

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