“Brands Don’t Win: How Transcenders Change the Game” by Stan Bernard

Brands Don’t Win: How Transcenders Change the Game

Stan Bernard
Lioncrest Publishing (2021)
ISBN 9781544522319
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (12/2021)

Author Stan Bernard holds both a medical degree and master’s in business administration. With a resume full of professional and academic successes, it’s easy to immediately understand the cumulative experience that went into developing the model at the core of “Brands Don’t Win: How Transcenders Change the Game.” Having consulted with many Fortune 500 firms, working with companies across sixty countries, and holding the title of senior fellow at The Wharton School, it is fair to say Stan Bernard has extensive proficiency in honing and capturing an inclusive business
model for success.

Laid out in a pyramidal fashion, Bernard walks readers through the steps to make their business successful. Beginning with a company’s creation, moving to communications and marketing, and reaching champion status, the Transcender System is all inclusive of the techniques, criteria, and actions needed to win the game. Successfully gripping readers’ attention, “Brands Don’t Win” uses sixteen case studies of notable organizations to exemplify this system in an easy-to-follow fashion. From Apple to Nike, Starbucks, GEICO, and Halo Top Ice Cream, there are identifiable names to learn from as he applies transcendent thinking. Beginning with political campaign modeling, no stone is left unturned in proving the success of this model.

“Brands Don’t Win” is written in a way that shows what others have done successfully and provides readers the understanding and confidence to attempt it in their own business. Using both large corporations, and a lawyer looking for change using a $20 ice cream maker from Amazon, this guide makes success feel attainable by learning from those who’ve notably achieved success utilizing the model presented.

Bernard uniquely uses cases studies to model and portray his transcendent system. Each organization is accompanied by a diagram compiled by the author summarizing their agenda, messaging, brand, positioning, and competitors’ position. This quick representation provides readers a brief insight into the messaging and goals of each company studied within, allowing readers a quick introduction before moving into the substance of how each fits within the model’s pyramid.

Starting any business is not an easy endeavor, but “Brands Don’t Win” makes readers feel more assured in the process of transcending to success!

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