“Garvey Feinstein: Hollywood Predator” by Julian Tryst

Garvey Feinstein: Hollywood Predator

Julian Tryst
Tellwell Talent (2022)
ISBN: 9780228869955
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (04/2022)

“Garvey Feintstein: Hollywood Predator,” is a satirical, yet still disturbing, story about a Hollywood movie mogul who used the casting couch to victimize women. As would be assumed by the title, the main character in this story is Garvey Feinstein. I can’t call Garvey the hero, nor do I want to call him the protagonist, because that would imply something good about his character. So, I will refer to him as “the main character.” In reality, he is more of an antagonist.

Garvey’s life closely resembles that of a notoriously famous former Hollywood Producer, with a similar name, who is now a convicted sex offender. As Garvey progresses through his life, the reader sees that he is not well liked nor does he have any redeeming qualities. He is repugnant. Once he becomes a wealthy producer, he operates solely based on feeding his urges. While he might have some talent in the movie industry, it is the pursuit of women that is his main focus. He manipulates women into accepting his abuse with the lure of a starring role in a movie. Despite this despicable behavior, he is able to entice other women, including two assistants, into helping him either with the abuse or with the coverup of it afterward. An angry, jealous boyfriend, of one of the women, sets a plan in motion to get revenge on Garvey. Little does he know he is opening up a huge can of worms.

The author of “Garvey Feinstein: Hollywood Predator,” has written an entertaining tale that clearly reflects what is happening in Hollywood today. Actually, what is currently happening in the world right now, because I just read an article about a similar issue in the UK. It is disturbing to realize that something so ludicrous is based on real events that are just as ridiculous. This is an interesting story to read because it really made me reflect on human nature. All of the characters involved are flawed, yet still entertaining. As with the real life situations, I found myself questioning why anyone would continue to interact with a man that is so loathsome. I also enjoyed the revenge plot against him. It was completely justified, even if the person doing it didn’t realize this fact.

There are graphic abuse scenes that some might find triggering. Readers should be aware of this. It is also a story for adults only. Overall, I found “Garvey Feinstein: Hollywood Predator,” to be an interesting read. I think readers who are looking for something a little different will enjoy this story. It is not a “feel good” tale by any means, it is just pure entertainment. I would definitely read more works by this author.

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