“Planet Earth Trumped: A True Fable” by Barry A. Dennis

Planet Earth Trumped: A True Fable

Barry A Dennis
Coexist (2020)
ISBN: 978-0963176677
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (04/2022)

In the year 2047, Portlandian Marcus spends a great deal of time reflecting back to “The Dawn.” The Dawn began November 2016, on election night. Marcus, his wife, and his friends were adamant Trump haters. As time passes, they continue to believe everything that the media posts about Trump. A chance encounter with a man who lives among the homeless, in an orange tent, gets Marcus to think about what the truth actually is and encourages him to think for himself. The man provides snippets of information that shows Marcus not all is as the media presents. Marcus begins experiencing cognitive dissonance. He also realizes that he can still be a Trump hater, but should encourage people to present what is the truth. This really ticks off his wife and his friends, because they don’t want to hear about anything that doesn’t support their beliefs. They want to silence the right, despite believing that freedom of speech should not be suppressed as long as the speakers believe the same as they do. Marcus is starting to awaken from being “woke.” Meanwhile, in the future, Marcus encounters a dangerous figure dressed in black, who first appears as a hologram, but slowly takes on a solid form. This figure uses threats to motivate Marcus to do his bidding, which involves presenting false data. The future has many twists and turns with lots of surprises for both Marcus and the fate of the planet.

” Planet Earth Trumped: A True Fable,” is a brilliantly written satire that takes a good look at the American political climate and how it has been evolving. Barry Dennis does a great job of poking fun at our American ways. Into this clever tale, he incorporates both behavioral and scientific concerns, by taking a good look at our current political, historical, sociological, religious, racial, scientific and economic issues. Yes, he covers it all! He backs up the information he presents with links to other sites that provide in-depth information. Readers who have hard copies of the book can still locate the links.

“Planet Earth Trumped: A True Fable,” is a must read for the people who probably won’t want to read it, even though they should. I highly recommend that everyone else reads it because they will enjoy the quirky satire.

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