“Strategy Quest: The Executive Guide for Finding Business Opportunities” by Paul A. Sacco

Strategy Quest: The Executive Guide for Finding Business Opportunities

Paul A Sacco
Tellwell Talent (2020)
ISBN: 978-0228808459
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (04/2022)

“Strategy Quest: The Executive Guide for Finding Business Opportunities,” was written by Paul Sacco, who is the president of Propheta Lucro Management. In this work, he clearly and effectively explains how the strategic mind works with regards to business. This includes discussions about strategic intuition and strategic thinking. Not satisfied with the current approach towards focusing on business analysis rather than strategic mindset, Sacco leads readers on a strategy quest where they can learn more effective and innovative ways to help their businesses function. Sacco shares his knowledge and experience to help guide business executives from management into leadership roles.

He explains the process of setting valuable strategic goals along with a vision for success. In this process, he includes a great deal of business, economic, psychological, and historical information. He provides useful charts and graphs, interesting quotes, and also a list of 70 works cited. This guide also offers a wealth of useful information and interesting examples that readers will find helpful to use in setting their own business strategies. Valuable examples are given using companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Costco, Tesla, Sears and even Ford to demonstrate what does and doesn’t work. Using these real-life examples, with whom readers are familiar, really helps illustrate the key points.

The first thing that attracted my attention when I saw “Strategy Quest,” was the vibrant illustration on the cover. It immediately let me know I was in for some interesting reading. I appreciated that the material was well organized in a manner that was clear and concise. Using real-world examples of well-known businesses also added a nice touch because it was interesting to see examples of what was working or not working for them. The latter was especially evident in the discussions about Sears. I also found the discussion on utilizing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment to be fascinating. I personally know of a company who utilizes this information when making hiring decisions. I enjoyed being able to read an in depth discussion that further explains the personality types and how they function in business.

Overall, I felt the book flowed nicely while it imparted a great deal of information. I can’t imagine anyone in business that would not find it helpful. It will also play a role in helping businesses that were impacted by the pandemic get back on their feet. This is the perfect time to read it.

“Strategy Quest,” is a helpful, innovative resource for executives who are interesting in creating a successful business vision and a strategic mindset. It should be required reading for college students who are pursuing Business Administration, as it would be nice for them to start their careers with this knowledge!

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