“Healing Strings” by Manmohan Sadana

Healing Strings

Manmohan Sadana
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 978-9356206465
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (08/2022)

It is often said that rhythm and harmony have a way of finding their way into the inward places of the soul. In “Healing Strings” by Manmohan Sadana, readers are introduced to Raj Singh, an expatriate from India working in Japan. When an earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan in 2011, Raj, who was working at Trinity Advertising Agency, could only think of his wife and two daughters in New Delhi India, as he wondered whether he would see them again.

His life is thrown into further turmoil when he falls unconscious in his apartment and awakens to find himself in hospital. Medical tests reveal he is suffering from an autoimmune disease known as Takayasu Arteritis. The future looked bleak for Raj and Japan as a nation, as it was reeling from the devastating aftermath of the natural disasters. However, rebounding back was an intrinsic characteristic they both shared. As Raj struggles to navigate his journey marred with struggles, the vision extends to the nation of Japan and its people, as it also strives to recover economically.

Often, the most trivial incidents transform one’s life while the grandest of ventures pass into oblivion. When an antique Mandolin catches his eye in a local market, Raj ends up buying the instrument, a deed that marks the beginning of a new chapter in his life and possible healing.

Make no mistake, Author Sadana has written a five-star novel worth turning the pages and which displays the emotions and thoughts of the characters beautifully. Readers will enjoy moving in tandem with Raj and Ayana as their friendship is forged in the most trying circumstances of a country coming to birth in the aftermath of an earthquake and Tsunami. Their musical dialogue with their mandolins is an aspect that readers will be endeared to. It is a great work of fiction that explores relevant and complex issues such as the effects of natural disasters on humanity along with the struggles that come with battling rare afflictions.

Raj’s growth as a character is noticeable as he moves through the different seasons in his life. I particularly liked the moral compass that the plot took towards the end, accentuating the importance of the familial bond. Its unique and mesmerizing blend of Japanese and Indian culture, ambiance, and soulful music provide succor to the heart. Above everything, “Healing Strings” by Manmohan Sadana is an impassioned story that does not let go. It is certainly a unique find.

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