“California Sports Astounding!” by Dan Cisco

California Sports Astounding!

Dan Cisco
La Jolla Shores Press (2022)
ISBN: 978-1737998112
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (09/2022)

“California Sports Astounding!” is a collection of sports trivia to appease the biggest sports buffs. Dan Cisco, aka The Sports Guy, moves through the days in the months of the year with a short write-up about a sport – better-known ones such as basketball, football, baseball, tennis, etc, as well as possibly lesser known or watched ones such as cross-country, rowing, parachute jumping, curling, skiing, etc., and informs the reader about a record made or how a sport or organization got started. Following the story from various historical points is where you learn some trivia with a question and answer about the write-up. Next he continues with a line or two of athlete’s birthdays, followed by a “Did you know?” paragraph with additional trivia information about an athlete. Each section concludes with a “notable birthday” of more athletes, followed by a “notable event” pertaining to an athlete or team.

“California Sports Astounding!” would make educational bathroom-reading material that could pay off in real money if competing in trivia at a sports bar, or when acting as a ringer with other sports friends. Each chapter has a “clever” title with a play on words related to the month’s name (e.g. February Fun, June Tastic, December Dynamic, etc). Each chapter includes between eight and fourteen short write-ups that highlight important and influential periods of time for sports.

Cisco’s reference list is extensive between the books, magazine articles, newspapers, and websites he pulled from to present all of the trivia and information. Every part of a sport or its team is mentioned at some point in the book – a favorite here is the last “did you know,” about the mascot for the Banana Slugs! Think about it, almost three hundred pages of trivia and information are at your fingertips with the swipe of a tangible or digital page! The format of the book contributes to a simpler time navigating and comprehending the material, allowing the reader the relaxation of knowing what to expect throughout each chapter/month.

When you complete “California Sports Astounding!” and are upset that you’ve reached the end, no fear, there are more facts and trivia at www.californiasportsastounding.com!  

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