“Fired!” by Steven Mitchell Sack

Fired!: Protect Your Rights & FIGHT BACK If You’re Terminated, Laid Off, Downsized, Restructured, Forced to Resign or Quit

Steven Mitchell Sack
Legal Strategies Publications (2022)
ISBN 9788985790610
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (10/2022)

Author Steven Mitchell Sack is no stranger to employment law. With experience, knowledge, and insight into the termination, downsizing, and quitting process, he shares his wealth of expertise with readers of all backgrounds. Putting the confidence and power back into the hands of the employee as they navigate an often terrifying and emotional process.

Anyone who has worked in the business industry for a few years likely has a friend, or they themselves, have gone through a layoff, termination, or reduction in force. Working at a large corporation myself, we experience this every few years and it never seems to get less frightening or nerve wrecking.

However, “Fired!: Protect Your Rights & FIGHT BACK If You’re Terminated, Laid Off, Downsized, Restructured, Forced to Resign or Quit” puts the power and confidence back into the employee’s hands. Educating readers on examples, author Steven Mitchell Sack himself has litigated as well as the laws and process of getting employees everything they deserve. Sack aims to protect the employee and give those going through these experiences a fair shake. For instance, Sack details the need to be cognizant of the timing of these events. Is it just before your benefits were due to vest? Do you have commissions you’ve earned but have not been paid out yet? What about year-end bonuses? Are you eleven months into the year and now going to miss out on the year-end payouts? Is this a result of discrimination (over 40, minority group, or other protected class)? Is everyone receiving similar severance or are you being unfairly treated? These and so many more questions are brought up and answered as “Fired!” provides a comprehensive strategic guide to aid individuals during an otherwise difficult time. 

Sack helps to ensure employees are not leaving money on the table. As someone who would likely not think to hire a lawyer during a reduction in force, layoff, or other event, or even think to question a severance offered, “Fired!” not only educated me, but provided me details and insight into why and how I should go about reviewing end of work scenarios. “Fired!” encourages readers to take back the power and seriously consider the need to hire a professional, when you otherwise may not have considered it.

Author Steven Mitchell Sack wrote his first book while still in law school, so “Fired!” is not his first rodeo. His knowledge is palpable, and while the material can at times be dense, this is truly a handbook and guide to understanding the process and informing the reader. Employees considering hiring a lawyer should start here as “Fired!” allows readers to develop an understanding and provides a groundwork for determining if you may have a case.

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