“Forever in a Knight” by J. Ryenae

Forever in a Knight

J. Ryenae
Mahogany Pen Publishing LLC (2022)
ISBN: 979-8986564029
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (01/2023)

In this latest offering by J. Ryenae, readers are introduced to Autumn, a young medical practitioner, and daughter to a powerful and infamous drug lord in the streets of Miami. The book begins when she receives a call from her father, Sebastian Knight. Nothing in the world can fill the vacuum in her father’s heart after his wife’s demise, except to give his children a satisfied and fulfilling livelihood. He has managed to bring up two of his sons under his umbrella, but Autumn’s attitude towards him stands flawed. She had had enough of the gangster environment surrounding her childhood and had opted to move to Tampa in anticipation that her nursing career would soar uninterrupted by his father’s syndicate.

Unusually, her father’s call today sounded more of a threat than a request, for her to attend the family’s annual breast cancer event in memory of her late mother and a wild storm and flat tire threaten to sink her hopes of arriving home safely this particular evening. Stranded by the side of the road and in the middle of a storm beside her new sleek Mercedes, a towering masculine figure is quickly drawn to her direction by her well-shaped figure and striking beauty. A deep attraction and chemistry between the two is undeniably begging to be let out after an exchange of words and expressions. Readers can only hope that she realizes who the admirable man is and what he represents soon enough.

Suspense, mystery, secrets, treachery, simmering romance and action make up this impeccable work byJ. Ryenae.Voyeuristicin all the right ways, this mafia romance hurtles along at an even pace, delivering well-hewn protagonists that pull readers into the underbelly of the drug cartels, exposing a high octane world with the lush descriptions that evoke vivid imagination that little know about. At the core of this inferno, a unique love story comes to life that sets hearts aflutter.

“Forever in a Knight” is an imperious yarn that stirs up a lot of desire and passion through its bewitching drama, edgy scenes, and thrilling straight talk by its characters. Its bluntness places it on the top charts for the best erotic thrillers there are. The author has carefully revealed potential brawls and scuffles in a manner that sticks readers to the edge of their seats in anticipation and apprehension.

Kidnapping, torture, and graphic scenes are, however, some of the themes that stand out in this novel, so sensitive readers may want to keep off this one. That notwithstanding, J. Ryenae is a gifted storyteller that deftly captures the extent of the human soul, both in its wickedness and goodness. Altogether, “Forever a Knight” is a salacious read that has a unique sense of urgency.

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