“Battle Angel” by Colleen Millsteed

Battle Angel

Colleen Millsteed
Tellwell Talent (2023)
ISBN: 978-0228888727
Reviewed by Stephanie Elizabeth Long for Reader Views (04/23)

Sorrow, heartache, and battling relentless demons can, unfortunately, tear a woman down. She can feel bogged down by the adversity that seems to come at her in all directions. But she must raise her fists and summon her inner strength to rise above and overcome her plight. This compelling collection of soul-stirring, empowering poems have been written to inspire you and pull you out of your proverbial rut. In moments of pure agony, do the most loving thing possible and wrap yourself in love, straighten your crown, and let these poems unleash the goddess within.

“Battle Angel” by Colleen Millsteed is an engaging collection of poems written with women in mind. Despite its dark imagery with mentions of the underworld, the poems are brimming with positive affirmations and profound metaphors acting as beacons of light when you fumble in the darkness. I didn’t know what to expect when I saw the cover, but as soon as I began delving into the content, I knew Colleen’s words would resonate with me.

Some of the poems brought me to tears as I was easily transported into the anguish that the author obviously felt while writing. However, other poems like “Broken, Imperfect, and Strong” lifted my spirits and celebrated resilience. The poem made me cheer, and a feeling of inner strength stirred me. While the writing emphasizes the importance of relying on yourself, Colleen highlights the value of having a tribe of support. She writes, “Her head snaps to the left as the sound of drumbeats roll, it’s the rest of her pack, joining her in celebration,” which I interpreted as surrounding herself with a like-minded squad—perhaps a best friend, sister, or female mentor.

Accompanying the exceptional writing, the pages are adorned with images of fierce and beautiful goddesses posed in empowering positions with weapons to show their fortitude in the face of strife. These goddesses stand tall, with sturdy legs and defiant faces, ready to take on whatever the world throws at them. I loved that the women commanded my attention and weren’t portrayed as weak damsel in distresses.

This book should be shared with all the women in your life. So often, women feel alone—wallowing in self-loathing, heartbreak, and feeling defeated. These poems create a sense of solidarity. What could be better than a collection of poems to ignite your soul and fill you with hope? This book may be what you need to get started. Read this five-star-worthy book and prepare to be inspired.

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