“The Lost Heifetz and Other Stories” by Michael Tabor


Michael Tabor
S&S Books, LLC. (2018)
ISBN  9780998677804
Reviewed by Jennifer Wilson for Reader Views (12/18)

“The Lost Heifetz and Other Stories” is a collection of twelve of the best stories I’ve ever read. I never thought I would enjoy another collection as much as I enjoyed The Bachman Books by Stephen King. It is my opinion that Michael Tabor’s imagination rivals King’s in each of these captivating stories.

From the first story of an amateur musician who meets a stranger, long thought to be dead, while browsing through classical music in a New York music shop, to the final story of an assistant professor who is fed up with the way the university’s political game is played until he learns how to play the game himself, I enjoyed every word. The writing is impeccable, and the narration rich in detail.

“Sir George and the Dragon” has a simple plot, with ordinary characters, but this tongue-in-cheek story will show you that there are many basic human emotions that we all share. In “What Really Happened to Dorian Gray,” the author breathes new life into a familiar story, telling it from the point of view of a woman scorned and making it completely believable.

“Memory Lane” completely shocked me with the plot twist and ending and left me wanting to read more about the history of the lead character. “The Show Never Stops” had me completely enthralled with the telling of the story of a famous theatre from the point of view of the most unlikely characters. I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite.

I believe that any one of these twelve stories could be turned into a full novel by this masterly author. They each stand alone as complete. I didn’t come away with the feeling that the story lacked any detail or substance.

Michael Tabor’s writing is intelligent. Scattered throughout each story are little facts about a variety of subjects. I love the fact that I learned a few new words from this book. Tabor writes with what seems like respect, for lack of a better word, for the language. Even when the stories take a satirical turn, they aren’t inauthentic.

I am amazed by his ability to develop such complex characters and settings in such a short amount of time. I was left at the end of each story, wishing that it was a full novel. Tabor takes you on a journey into the thoughts of each character, giving you an insight into their feelings that makes you wish you had more time to get to know them.

In all, I would highly recommend “The Lost Heifetz and Other Stories” by Michael Tabor. The variety of the stories within this book is amazing. There truly is something to appeal to everyone.

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