“Along Came a Cowboy” by Bev Pettersen

alongcameacowboyALONG CAME A COWBOY

Bev Pettersen
Westerhall Books (2018)
ISBN 9781987835151
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (01/19)

In Bev Pettersen’s latest book, “Along Came A Cowboy,” readers find Allie McIvor, the somewhat social director and jack-of-all-trades at the Mustang Ranch in Montana. Allie ran away from life in the city and landed at the resort ranch not knowing anything about horses or ranching, but she works hard to appease a variety of guests, while also trying not to lose her cool with the haughty, standoffish cowboy, Carter Bass. Carter Bass, a former rodeo champ, is at the ranch to provide roping classes, as well as to compete in the Man Tracker competition, where cowboys try to track down contestants in a race of skill.

The contestants in the Man Tracker competition are kept secret until the last minute, as is the route they will use, and Sharon Barrett, the owner of the ranch who loves mystery and intrigue, has no qualms about using and abusing employees in order to get her way. Janet Baily, a gold medalist in the Olympics, and her partner Rebecca Smith, are selected as the contestants in the Man Tracker. Janet is absorbed in herself without any regard for how she treats others or concern for their feelings. Rebecca walks in Janet’s shadow appearing somewhat subservient.

Pettersen does an excellent job in the development of her characters while engaging readers with captivating narratives. “Along Came A Cowboy” caught my attention from the beginning, first with Allie and then later with Janet and Rebecca and their back-stabbing behavior. The author’s realistic storyline draws readers in with her easy-to-read, comfortable pace. If you think this is another cowboy romance, Pettersen adds some great twists that will stun you at the end. I enjoyed the chase and the cleanliness of this story as it has romance, mystery and murder without the fowl, sexual innuendo and language.

Having competed in cowgirl activities and competitions while living in Colorado, I found Bev Pettersen’s deep passion and experience in the race-circuit to add color and expertise to her writing. I highly recommend “Along Came A Cowboy” for those who love a good romantic mystery that will draw you into the story and keep you captivated from the first page to the last.

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