“The Testimony of a Villain” by Aaron G. Harrell


Aaron G. Harrell
Independently Published (2017)
ISBN 9780979889103
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (7/19)

“The Testimony of a Villain” by Aaron G. Harrell gives readers an incredible view of life and survival on the streets of inner cities. For many individuals life on the streets become a way to have some control over their life, power and a quick way to make money.

Manuel Doggett was the son of a successful man who owned and operated several auto mechanic businesses across several states; his mother was a manager at a local bank. By all standards, the Doggett’s were well off. His older sister Malisa was a responsible teenager and had very strong morals, was witty and very responsible. In 1968 his younger sister Tracy was born.

After a celebratory trip to New York, as a gift to Manuel for being accepted into sought after Milton Academy, the Doggett’s, tired and happy, safely relaxed in their home. It was during this period that Manuel’s family was brutally murdered and his older sister savagely raped. The only saving grace for his younger sister was Manuel placing her in a closet when he heard loud, angry voices and threats. Manuel and his sister go to live with their Aunt Karen, who lives in a low-income area and survived from paycheck to paycheck.

Harrell provides a realistic view of what it looks like to be consumed with hatred and an overwhelming desire to make those responsible for his family’s deaths. This intriguing read covers many social topics such as preferences given to the wealthy versus the poor; the power and influence politicians have over corruption, monetary gain and denial in the biggest way. I felt the author did a great job in depicting these issues without going into detailed information and putting the blame on any one race or incident.

I believe that the story as told could be anyone who feels that they have been robbed of their basic rights to live in a society without harm to them or their loved ones.

“The Testimony of a Villain” by Aaron G. Harrell is a crime story quite different from many I have read. I liked that he addressed many of society’s current issues which provides readers with the opportunity to consider their stance on these topics.

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