“Smash and Grab” by Lori Matthews


Lori Matthews
Wild Coyote Press (2020)
ISBN 9781734450552
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (8/2020)

“Smash and Grab” is the second book in Lori Matthew’s Callahan Security series.  The series debuted with “Break and Enter” and promises at least one more, coming August 2020 titled “Hit and Run.”

In book two, we are introduced to brother number two of the Callahan Security Crew, Logan.  Logan is tasked with following Lacy to the Bahamas, where he quickly learns that Lacy has more than one secret up her sleeve. The steamy romance between these two lead characters makes for a pleasurable break in the non-stop action within.  Readers will not want to miss the irresistible individuals Matthews delivers as she drags you through beach front properties, jungles, and yacht parties. The conflict both within and between the characters is electrifying.

Author, Lori Matthews, cites her love for romance and suspense in her journey to becoming an author, as well as her desire to mash these two genres together as she began her writing career.  “Smash and Grab” is a perfect example of her success in creating an enticing blend of these fields.  As Matthews returns in this second book of the Callahan Security series she continues to deliver on her iconic scenery, dramatic flair for suspense and stifling romance.

“Smash and Grab” is strong enough to hold its own as a standalone novel.  However, as a lover of this series it is worth reading book one, “Break and Enter” to fully invest oneself in this killer series.  There are some weak story ties between this second book and the series debut that are worth understanding further as readers will easily fall in lust with the Callahan brothers and their, at times awkward, romantic conquests with the “heroines/damsels in distress” within.

This book is especially perfect for romance lovers, thrill seekers, suspense fanatics and anyone looking to escape to a tropical island.  Like “Break and Enter,” “Smash and Grab” immediately captures readers’ attention with its lush party scene, quickly breaking off as we tour the islands of the Bahamas through a series of heart pounding escapes.  The Callahan Security Series has quickly become a go-to favorite as it delivers on all-encompassing plot lines, stunning characters and action sequences that would make Vin Diesel blush.

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