“A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams” by Paul Kiritsis

A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams

Paul Kiritsis
Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2020)
ISBN 9781527546332
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (09/2020)

“A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams: Dreamscaping without My Timekeeper,” by Paul Kiritsis, is a non-fiction exploration of precognitive dreaming, a topic which doesn’t normally fall into science fact, but is still worthy of study, nevertheless. Precog dreams have been experienced and reported by people for many years, and have been documented in an anecdotal way, but deserve to be studied alongside other disciplines. Mental health professionals around the world can relate stories their patients have told them about these unique dream experiences. In this book, the author takes a closer look at the phenomenon, in a historical, philosophical, and neurological context.

Most of us have heard of precognitive dreams–where a person dreams of an event, say, a death in the family, or a tragic accident involving a particular person–and it comes true. Or someone dreams of symbols that they can later interpret in waking life to mean something significant. Not everyone has these dreams, and not everyone who has dreams of this nature are psychics or prophets. Of course, some people could be manufacturing lies for attention, monetary gain, or some other reason.

But this book isn’t trying to debunk anything, it’s taking an honest, clinical approach to the subject. The author simplifies complex ideas, making the reading interesting and fun, but educational and clinical too. I like that his studies lead to ideas we all may have pondered at one time or another: Do we live a pre-determined life, or is it just random? Is it possible to know what the future holds, and can our dreams tell us what that future is? Do the things we dream about mean anything?

This is an irresistible deep dive into a subject that many are interested in yet are skeptical of. Kiritsis brings precog dreams closer to scientific fact, and treats the subject with respect, objectivity, and open-mindedness. Fans of paranormal research and works like “The Dead Zone” and “Brainstorm” will love, “A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams:  Dreamscaping without My Timekeeper,” by Paul Kiritsis.

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