“We Were Once Warriors” by Jack Darrell Crowder

We Were Once Warriors

Jack Darrell Crowder
Outskirts Press (2020)
ISBN 9781977233448
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (11/2020)

Set in the late 1700’s, the American Revolutionary War was fought between the Continental Army and the British. The former British colonies eventually prevailed in victory but not without great loss of life. The aftermath of the war not only took lives, but ruined families. “We Were Once Warriors” by Author Jack Darrell Crowder not only goes into great detail about this deadly conflict but tells it from the perspective of a former war veteran, Sgt. Matthew Scott of the Continental Army.

A young man at the tender age of 24, Scott shouldn’t have seen so much death and destruction, but death and destruction he endured. His only wish was to return home to Virginia to his family and to marry his beloved Lucretia. Upon his return home however, Sgt. Matthew Scott encountered a series of events that were more horrible than the war itself! What could be so devastating that the young soldier’s experiences in war would pale in comparison? What happened? To whom? Why? For what reason and how? 

This is one of those works placed on paper that is very challenging! Not from the standpoint of its genre or subject matter, but to give it the respected review that it deserves. Yes, it’s that good! But I’ll try my best by starting with what every reviewer should look for…content, style, and engagement.

“We Were Once Warriors” by Jack Darrell Crowder is brilliantly set in this time frame for a reason. The main subject, Sgt. Matthew Scott, will cause you to feel the intensity of love, lost, wounds, and tribulations. The writing is smooth with great syntax. Gripping ups, intense downs, twisting engagements, and you definitely won’t have to “back flip” the pages to understand what you’re reading in the now! In essence, how much can you take? How do you love? What end would you go to for self-preservation?

The deep love expressed between the various characters in the book will captivate you, as well as the subtle animosities between various subjects! If you love nostalgic and mystery-oriented subjects you’ll definitely love the time period it’s cast in.

None of us are old enough living today to tell you about such times; this book will. I might also add that “We were once Warriors” and its genre classification isn’t an easy book to have written! It’s obvious that one would have to be a historian of such “classic” times to eventually render the ease in which it’s written. You may say, “I know nothing about the Revolutionary War, The British Rule, The Thirteen Colonies.” You don’t need to! One doesn’t have to know any details to enjoy this book; but you’ll learn a lot with the way it’s written. I love investigating author’s backgrounds and researching particular fact-based statements or declarations that aren’t necessarily pertaining to the narrative of the completed project/book. As a result, it’s evident this author is well-gifted with the knowledge of this era!

“We Were Once Warriors” by Jack Darrell Crowder is a great story of courage, love, war, and life. This book could even indirectly ask you to visit your own limits in life as it pertains to your love, or lack of!  Five stars!

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