“A Web of Deceit” by Gary D. McGugan

A Web of Deceit

Gary D. McGugan
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 9781999565671
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (02/2021)

“A Web of Deceit” is the latest novel of intrigue by Gary D. McGugan. It’s a global thriller that pits three dynamic rivals in a jet-setting, exhilarating trek across five different continents where the risks can be fatal but the payouts oh-so-rewarding.

McGugan sets the pace with his three adversaries right from the start: the FBI arrests Suzanne Simpson, CEO of Multima Corporation, on vague charges of money laundering; Fidelia Morales asserts her power as the new head of The Organization, a world-wide crime syndicate; and Howard Knight is a fugitive on the run from both The Organization and Interpol. It’s a race against time as a deadly global pandemic holds its own against anything mere mortals can inflict upon the world. Action-packed exploits through the financial world, the grocery industry, the global stock market exchanges, and the throes of organized crime give readers an in-depth look at the various sides of humanity even as the lure of power, wealth, and addiction take precedence over loyalty and integrity.

There is so much to like about “A Web of Deceit.” Perhaps most appealing to me is that two of the three lead characters are women – and not just any women, but strong, powerful, confident, self-assured women. Not everyone can pull off writing from the viewpoint of the opposite sex, but McGugan not only pulls it off – he owns it. He doesn’t coddle his female characters or rescue them – they earned their places in their respective organizations. I flippantly thought to myself McGugan should include a trigger warning in the front of this novel: Males intimidated by successful females may be uncomfortable with the characters in this story (teehee). All of McGugan’s characters are skillfully crafted with authentic traits, both desirable and unpleasant, that draw readers in to invest in their outcomes, come what may.

Gary McGugan writes from a place of authority and his experience in the corporate world jumps off the pages, as does his love of travel, apparent from the exotic global settings in the story. The writing is superb, in both the entertaining and artistic aspects. It’s a joy and a pleasure to read such well-written work and every detail is spot-on. The pacing, the imagery, the sensations, the emotions – all align to present a story of the highest caliber. In the simplest of terms, it’s just pure entertainment reading one of Gary McGugan’s novels and I always enjoy settling in with his latest work because I know I am in for an amazing ride.

Murder and betrayal,  high-tech cyber-crimes, good old-fashioned money laundering, romance, torture, and sex – there’s something for everyone in this high-speed thriller, and of the five novels I’ve read by Gary D. McGugan, “A Web of Deceit” is my favorite!

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