“The Recruiter” by Alexander Mukte

The Recruiter (The Rewired Series)

Alexander Mukte
Three to Five Publishing (2020)
ISBN: 9781952030000
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (06/2021)

Okay… when a reviewer starts out describing a book as an action-packed FBI crime drama that focuses on everything from cartels that remind you of the “Godfather” to corrupt law enforcement officials, what would you think? Exactly. You would think I was describing one of those ultimate fast-paced dramas that would make Puzo’s infamous Corleone family proud. But if I then talk about science fiction among the politics, car explosions and investigative reporting, what would you think? Yes, you’d then think the reviewer has read too many books or her brain needs rest. But… you would be wrong. Enter “The Recruiter,” the first book in The Rewired Series by Alexander Mukte.

Even though I am a bit on the loony side (LOL), this is the ultimate book that I can honestly say I have never read before! We meet Leslie, who is no moron, I’ll tell you that. She has a good head on her shoulders, even though there is that idealistic element within her heart. What Leslie also has is a boss by the name of Ori Clayborn. Ori has always come across as a great man, kind, a good boss someone can absolutely trust, and one who has goals set. Now, this sounds like a job worth having until… a bomb is detonated and everything in Leslie’s life seems to plunge into the depths of the immoral, unethical and most dishonest corners imaginable.

Now we have a reporter by the name of Jessica. She is an investigative journalist intent on uncovering the facts and unveiling the worst of humanity to the world. But when she receives an assignment that takes her to her birthplace, what Jessica finds is a whole new Ori Clayborn who has hidden secrets you will love to find out about.

So is Ori the man Leslie thought he was, or is Ori the boss who has just placed her in danger? And…here come your cartels, your political figures and law enforcement figures that are as disreputable as one can get. Where does this turn into sci-fi? Not a chance, readers. There are so many spoilers I could spill here, that I refuse to even give you a glimpse. This is one of those well-written, nuanced books that keep you guessing, keep you thinking as the writer incorporates many of today’s social issues into the tale, and introduces you to Ori…who is one you will never forget. This is an impressive read that almost feels like a collaboration of sorts, because there’s so many things going on and so many great characters, it feels like one brain couldn’t have possibly come up with all this. But (yay!) that’s exactly what happened.

The best part about “The Recruiter” is the fact that this is book one. I always love it when you read a book that causes your mouth to drop open at the surprises and know the whole time that the author has even more to say. Bring it on, Mr. Mukte. I am officially one of those “big fans” who can’t wait to pick up the next book.

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