“Friendship Matters” by Rona D. Drinkard

Friendship Matters

Rona D. Drinkard
Pen Savvy Publishing (2021)
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (11/2021)

“Friendship Matters” is a contemplative and original story by Rona D. Drinkard. The story revolves around three female friends, Saisha, Euniqé, and Kandace. Saisha is a real estate agent whose long-time boyfriend, Lamont, breaks up with her and moves to another state to start a new job. She tries to give love a second chance while all along, hoping Lamont will come back. Euniqé, who is a widow and a psychologist, has only one interest, to take care of her son while also dealing with the trauma of her childhood. She meets a man enamored by her and faces a life decision she never considered making.

 Kandace, on the other hand, is a devoted wife and mother to two children and whose marriage has been on a rocky patch since the onset as a result of her husband’s indiscretions. Her love for style and interior decoration took a back seat when she married her husband and became a full-time mother. Faced with a painful revelation, Kandace has to decide whether to pursue her happiness or continue chasing after material things. This is a beautiful story of love, loss, betrayal, success, motherhood, and victory.

Being her debut novel, Author Rona D. has written an enjoyable tale. The characters are skillfully drawn and the depiction of the special bond between these three women is well executed. Friendship has been a proven anecdote since time immemorial. These three friends take this primary theme to a new level as they navigate through life’s highs and lows together. The whimsical sense of humor present in the book adds to the enjoyment of the book. Saisha, Euniqé, and Kandace’s perspectives on life make up the bulk of this novel. Luckily, the author manages to keep readers engaged by alerting us about which character’s viewpoint each chapter covers.

I enjoyed reading this book, however I found the plot to be quite predictable, especially Saisha’s and Euniqé’s storylines. That notwithstanding, I loved the settings and descriptions in the book and appreciated Rona’s ability to breathe realistic life into the characters. The contemporary themes explored in the story make this literary work of fiction fit for this modern time as well. “Friendship Matters” by Rona D. is a story told with humor, empathy, joy, and warmth. It is a heartwarming read that celebrates the beauty of friendship.

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