“The First Olympians” by Graeme Falco

The First Olympians

Graeme Falco
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 979-8362220129
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (03/2023)

“The First Olympians” is an out of this world debut dystopian Sci-Fi adventure by Graeme Falco.

Gordon Onyango is desperately seeking an explosive apprenticeship on Mars at the Olympus Outpost. Generations of his people have resided underground, on this planet, since the earth experienced a cataclysmic event known as X-Day. His ancestors moved to Mars to mine minerals that were supposed to help save earth. His people are suffering because an evil AI known as The Foreman treats them like slaves. Limited rations and resources have made their quality of life horrible. Just as Gordon is achieving his goal of getting the coveted apprenticeship, he discovers that matters, in his underground world, are worse than he realized. Shortly after losing his mother to a horrific death, brought about by the enemy capturing her, Gordon joins a group leading an opposition. Events lead him to the discovery that things are very different in the outside world than his people believed. A special young lady also helps him see the truth.

“The First Olympians,” is an incredibly well-written science fiction story that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages. While the story initially appears to be directed at Young Adult readers, the author quickly captured my attention with the uniqueness of this story and his exceptional gift for writing. He provides intricate details that help bring the settings to life, whether they be in the underground oxygen-deprived tunnels or up in a rocket ship that is a technical masterpiece. I also found the characters relatable, whether they were likeable or not, I could understand what drove them to act as they did. The main characters had flaws as we all do, and their internal struggles were clearly timeless. Readers will easily relate to this story, despite everything taking place in the future. Corporate greed also extends well into this time.

I highly recommend “The First Olympians,” for readers of all ages. I would suggest that high school teachers consider this story as a suggested reading. In addition to capturing the interest of sci-fi fans, I think it will also spark an interest in students who aren’t normally fans of reading. Twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat while I felt myself cheering for the underdogs.

I look forward to reading future works by Graeme Falco and I hold out hope that there will be additional books to follow this one in a series. It is truly an impressive work, and I am not done with these characters yet!

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