“What is Present Reality” by Vipin Gupta

What is Present Reality

Vipin Gupta
Independently Published Imprint (2021)
ISBN: 9798592102868

Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (02/21):

“What is Present Reality” by Vipin Gupta is the second book in his series, “Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature.”  In this book the author goes in depth into ‘present reality’ by applying the modern scientific concepts on ancient Hindu philosophic and spiritual knowledge utilizing the strategic management methodology.  The author presents his concept of what reality is to awaken us and be enable us to manage our present life to produce a meaningful, positive legacy for the future. To accomplish his goal, Gupta walks us through the definition of present reality where the present is the result of different specific past realities influenced by cultural knowledge, which manifests plans for a future reality. This definition is presented within the Ancient Hindu wisdom context.

I found “What is Present Reality” easier to read than the first book, “What is Divine Energy,” as the subject was presented in a less technical format. The book is also broken down into chapters and subchapters and illustrated through tables which help visualize concepts and the author’s voice seemed a little simpler in order for readers to better comprehend. “What is Present Reality” is not a quick easy read. Readers must open their mind and sometimes re-read portions to understand what it is presented. However, as you keep reading, it gets easier. I recommend reading the front matter and preface before starting the first chapter to get basic knowledge needed to process what is coming.

Overall, the main idea I digested in this book is that the present reality is made from past realities affected through our consciousness. The combination of what manifested into a present reality which in turn will be also affected producing different possible futures. If you take that concept and apply the different entities, doctrines, and elements of ancient Hindu wisdom, the result is mind blowing.

In my opinion “What is Present Reality” by Vipin Gupta is a well-written must read for people who wonder about where they are in their life today and where they want to be tomorrow, because by understanding how present reality comes to be, they will uncover how to manifest the desired future instead of a future created and molded by their ancestors’ energies. Thus “What is Present Reality” by Vipin Gupta is a five-star guide to your desired future!

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (01/21)

In “What is Present Reality,” Dr. Vipin Gupta uses his experience in strategic management combining the concepts of science and divinity, as he explores our present realities’ scientific nature and the limits that it presents.

It is incredible to see ancient wisdom combined with modern science to gain a greater understanding of the concepts involving our present reality. In doing so, the limitations and boundaries that have been set forth by modern science are lifted and we are also reunited with the knowledge given to us by our ancestors.  “What is Present Reality,” is divided into eighteen chapters that are further broken down into subchapters. I found this to be helpful because breaking down complex information into more bite-sized pieces made it easier to comprehend. There are also two indexes, one in English and one in Hindi. Numerous charts and helpful graphics also allow the information to be presented in a more user-friendly manner.

 When I read Dr. Gupta’s writings, he makes me feel like he has tapped into this incredible source of knowledge and he is surfing along on waves of the energy emanating from it as he is reaching out to help his readers connect to it. There are moments where I feel like I am following along in the flow and am being given access to some extraordinary knowledge which was previous inaccessible. When something comes along and distracts me, I lose the flow and I feel a sense of loss.

“What is Present Reality,” is similar to his first book in this series, “What is Divine Energy,” in that the writings require your full attention so that you can absorb the meanings. I found it helpful to carefully read about the “Threshold Concepts,” that are described in the preface. It helped give me a better understanding of the material that follows. I also referred back to it several times while I was reading. Readers will also benefit if they journal their perceptions of the information being received and explore how it resonates with their beliefs.

The knowledge that I gained from reading this book helped me realize that if my present reality is created by my past realities and influenced by my cultural conditioning, I can help create my future reality by utilizing the information that is being presented now that I am aware of it. Dr. Gupta is helping us wake up so that we open our eyes and see our reality. In doing this we can manage our present reality so that we are able to live our lives in a meaningful manner. This will shape a more positive future for ourselves and the next generations.

“What is Present Reality,” is highly recommended reading for people who want to explore concepts surrounding their reality and utilize the knowledge gained to learned how to lead better lives.

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