“Rabbithole” by Melissa Rea

Rabbithole (Nights of Alice #1) 

Melissa Rea
Melange Books, LLC (2021)
ISBN: 9781953735768
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (09/2021)

Okay… we’ve all read them. What seems like a multitude of books ‘taken’ from the incredible world of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” written so long ago and transformed by writers into some good, some really bad, and some really confusing novels. “Rabbithole,” however, is the first one I’ve ever read that establishes its own ‘voice’ right out of the gate and goes on to give readers a strong female lead, a ‘take’ that involves both the paranormal and contemporary worlds working perfectly with one another, and a brilliant plot, characters, and extensive wardrobe that puts this read into the category of erotica. And not ‘ho-hum’ or ‘blatantly dumb’ sensuality, by the way, but something new, fresh, and unforgettable long after you’re done reading it.

In “Rabbithole” we meet Alice Hightower. Although her childhood was not a banner one, to say the least, being abandoned, now at the age of 49 she is the CEO of a top-of-the-line, successful biomedical company by the name of Excellcardia. Her career couldn’t be going better, especially considering that her company is about to launch a cardiac device that will revolutionize the industry. Her love life is definitely not in the top tier, however; a topic she frequently discusses with her very own psychiatrist. Yes, after two divorces, Alice is cynical when it comes to men, marriage and love, and has her own menu of anxieties.

Very soon this incredible entrepreneur finds a fantastic time-travel portal that lies just behind her own balcony door. She dresses in amazing costumes and outfits that mysteriously show up in her own mirrored closet, steps through this portal, and is immediately transported to thrilling scenes, locations and time periods that are absolutely wild. (And well researched too, considering the wealth of details that the author offers up for each trip Alice takes.)

When Alice puts on a pair of bell-bottom pants and a cool shirt, she immediately finds herself on a 1970’s adventure that takes her on tour with a British rock band. When satin touches her skin back home, the portal allows her and readers alike to visit a Roman orgy. (Hail Caesar! LOL) And when an evening calls for the lovely ball gown that arrives in her closet, Alice is off to attend a stunning Venetian carnival.

This sexy treat engages all the senses. From sights to sounds to the very detailed scenes that focus on Alice’s own personal desires, the heat is well-written, memorable, and extremely lavish (in a good way) all at the same time. Watching Alice be those two people—the highly professional, conservative CEO who works like a dog to better her company; to the woman at night with secret desires that include twins by the name of Tweedle Dan and Tweedle Don, as well as pirates that are more than swashbuckling that she shares her passions with—both of these women know what they want and readers will love them both.

Another more serious storyline running alongside all of this adventure comes from the psychiatrist’s notes regarding Alice’s troubles. The plots are so well written, though, that the book makes for an exciting, erotic adventure that is definitely in the “must-read” category.

As a reader I say “Bravo!” to this writer who is a self-proclaimed amateur Casanovist. She has most definitely delivered an outstandingly fun read to the world.

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