“The Reluctant Scot” by Liz Fogleman

The Reluctant Scot

Liz Fogleman
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN:  979-8727885819
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/2022)

Baron Reynaud Graehm is a Norman warrior who has Scottish roots. Because of lies and treachery, he is not interested in claiming his Scottish heritage or the lands which are rightfully his. Scottish widow Catriona Dewar prefers her independence and has no desire to remarry. Intelligent and well read, despite her poor vision, she is also a secret advisor to a Scottish Laird. This laird relies on her to the point that he wants to ensure that she never wants to leave. She is also deceived into believing untruths that directly affect how she sees herself. Fate changes the day that Reynaud and Catriona accidentally meet each other. Their mutual attraction is obvious to all. Whether good or bad, they have a series of adventures that keep pulling them together.

I loved this historical romance and really enjoyed reading “The Reluctant Scot.” The author Liz Fogleman created quite a cast of interesting characters and the character development is amazing! The hero and heroine are both likeable and I appreciated their intelligence. Fogleman did a nice job of providing information about supporting characters through their eyes. The supporting cast tended to be quirky and interesting. This includes the animals as well. Much of these scenes added a great deal of humor. There was a sassy cat and an overprotective dog that both melted my heart! Whether they be horses, cats, or dogs, they all contributed greatly.  

Fogleman creatively brought the settings alive, so I felt more as if I was watching a movie than reading words. The historical elements seemed to be well researched and realistic. The fashion, food, and settings were right on target for what I know about the era. It is clear that Fogleman has been well educated about these times.

The author carefully interwove history, intrigue, romance, and humor into a wonderful medieval adventure. I look forward to reading more historical romances by talented author Liz Fogleman! “The Reluctant Scot” would make an excellent selection to a reader’s group or a college level fiction course. It is sure to attract more readers to this genre.

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